CoasterBoy Vlog and Trip Reports

Update: Disneyland Paris Disneyland Park!
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CoasterBoy Vlog and Trip Reports

Postby DBru » Sun Aug 05, 2018 9:26 pm

Hello friends! In May of this year I took my first international roller coaster trip to Europe, where I visited 4 countries and 11 amusement parks in two weeks. I thought it would be really fun to document my trip by Vlogging, and in the mean time I fell in love with the process, so the CoasterBoy Vlog was born!

The CoasterBoy Youtube channel will be dedicated to my adventures visiting parks and riding coasters around the world. I will accompany each video post in this thread with a brief photo trip report and attraction reviews. Please follow along with me on my journey and enjoy the ride!

1. Disneyland Paris Walt Disney Studios Park
2. Disneyland Paris Disneyland Park

Coming Up
3. Holiday Park
4. Tripsdrill
5. Europa Park
6. Phantasialand
7. Toverland
8. Movie Park Germany
9. Walibi Holland
10. Efteling
11. Walibi Belgium
12. Holiday World (HoliWood Nights)
13. Kings Island
14. Cedar Point
15. Dollywood


Disneyland Paris Walt Disney Studios Park - May 2018

Ride Reviews:
RC Racer: This was my first Intamin Surfrider coaster. The ride looks really great in the Toy Story area but it runs a super short cycle and the big over the shoulder restraints seem unnecessarily restrictive to me. I'd love to try a version with the spinning seats, though!

Tower of Terror: This version of ToT seemed identical to California Adventure's, pre-renovation...leaving this one with the shortest, least intense drop sequence and weakest dark ride element of the bunch. Regardless, it's still one of the most thrilling attractions Disney has to offer.

Rock n' Roller Coaster: I actually enjoyed this version more than Florida's! The theming inside the main showroom was more extensive, the lighting sequence was awesome, and the soundtrack was a medley of Arrowsmith songs opposed to one (varying) song each ride. While I'm glad Disney built these more thrilling coasters, I do wish Vekoma had come up with a more interesting track layout to fit into the boxes. The Premiere spaghetti bowls are so much more twisted and interesting...but I suppose it would have been difficult for early millennium Vekoma to come up with something more intense that wasn't also bone-shattering. Ha

Armageddon: This ride/show was...not what I was expecting. Unfortunately. lol. Watch the Vlog for more details on this one!

Ratatouille: Wowza. This ride is incredible. The way the trackless vehicles dance around each other is fascinating and the scope of this attraction in general is just insane. I can't recall seeing set pieces or screens on any other ride in the world that are comparable to those on this thing. Hopefully this ride is a great sign for the direction Disneyland Paris is headed in.

And...that's it. :lol: There really isn't much to do at the Studios side of Disneyland Paris right now, but that will be changing in a HUGE way in the next few years with the addition of Frozen, Star Wars, and Marvel lands! As the park currently stands, it doesn't warrant another visit--but I may have to return in 5 years!

Ah, Hollywood...aren't I trying to get away from you?

RC Racer is an Intamin flat ride that I will absolutely be adding to my coaster count.

J.J. Abrams would be proud...

Despite the Dollar General facade, this version of RnRC is pretty darn good!

This limo ride was more fun than the entirety of my senior prom.

This hotel really needs to renovate. They've been having elevator issues for decades.

I love the theming on the Tower of Terror rides! (But I like the drop sequence on Guardians of the Galaxy even more...)

Watch Ben Affleck eat corn on the cob > ride Armageddon

Epcot ain't even ready.

Thanks for watching and reading! The Vlog is a work in progress that I plan on improving as I learn. Please like, subscribe, and offer any suggestions to help! Disneyland Paris coming soon!
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Re: CoasterBoy Vlog and Trip Reports

Postby Canobie Coaster » Tue Aug 07, 2018 7:14 pm

I didn't watch the vlog, but I read through the write-up and looked through the photos. Great report!

Wow I didn't realize they skipped the giant guitar for Rock "n" Roller Coaster on the outside for the Paris version. But I'm glad the inside is better at least.
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Re: CoasterBoy Vlog and Trip Reports

Postby DBru » Wed Aug 08, 2018 7:21 pm

^I was really surprised when we walked up to it, too! It looked much more "temporary" than Florida's version...and I guess it was! Ha


Disneyland Paris Disneyland Park- May 2018

*All onride video taken with ride operator permission*

Ride Reviews:
Big Thunder Mountain: Wow. This version is incredible. Not only does the whole ride area look majestically gorgeous, but the coaster's station is on the mainland while the majority of the ride takes place on an island. So while the main coaster portion is "more of the same" Big Thunder Mountain family fun, the ride begins and ends with twisty, high speed, seemingly never-ending underwater tunnels. We totally weren't expecting this and it was one of the surprise highlights of the trip (along with another mine train coaster coming up...)

Indiana Jones et le Temple du Péril: as one of the first looping coasters by my favorite manufacturer, I had been excited to try this coaster for a while. I loved the idea of a highly themed outdoor Disney looping coaster. If you don't know much about this coaster, it would appear someone at Intamin rode a Pinfari Zyklon ZL42 and decided it would be perfect for Disneyland Paris lol. In other words, the ride isn't great...but it is fun. Especially at night when the fire theming elements really spice up the environment. Also, I'm a total backseat rider--but on this one, I'd totally recommend the front row for some fun pops of airtime and a smoother ride!

Pirates of the Caribbean: very well-done version of a Disney classic. This version has two nicely sized drops and great sets. My only negative about this ride is that both drops are very well-lit, so you don't get the surprise of the Disneyland (California) version.

Space Mountain: more details in the Vlog, but we rearranged our trip to be able to ride this. First of all, the steampunk exterior of this Space Mountain is striking. I much prefer this aesthetic to those in the American parks. The interior theming is probably the weakest of the versions I've done (though my friend claimed some effects weren't working for our ride), but the layout itself is by far my favorite. Probably my second favorite Disney coaster. The ride features a "cute" launch into a fun drop, 3 inversions, including a unique cutback element, and a mid-course lifthill. It is a bit rough, but with the new Vekoma trains, that doesn't matter too much.

And again...that's it. :lol: While some attractions were down for rehab or just down for the day(s), the Disneyland Paris resort is quite lacking in the rides department. They have some of the best versions of the rides that are available, but I definitely won't be returning until the substantial expansions are completed.
Here's our group in front of the GORGEOUS Disneyland Hotel
Water makes everything better! Too bad you can't find it to drink for free anywhere in Europe...
Disneyland Paris is celebrating 25 years this season!

...who else is surprised they've lasted this long? ;)
Big Thunder Mountain loads on the mainland...
...and then travels underwater to this island! This version of the ride is awesome. Almost worth the visit alone.

Indiana Jones, on the other hand? Not so great. But still worth a ride! (I mean what else are you going to do?)
The castle here is incredible as well. One of the 7 Wonders of the World.
Space Mountain is by far Disney's most intense coaster, but it was still super popular with families. More of these Disney, please!
The Newport Bay Club wasn't very impressive inside, but the exterior and balcony views were beautiful!
Water makes everything better! Too bad you can't find it for free to drink anywhere in Europe...

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Re: CoasterBoy Vlog and Trip Reports

Postby NCC1701-E » Wed Aug 22, 2018 4:26 am

Im really looking forward to the next update.
really love Reports from people who visit a Park for the first time. =)

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Re: CoasterBoy Vlog and Trip Reports

Postby ThemeParkJunkie51290 » Wed Aug 22, 2018 10:01 am

Amazing report! =) I would love to visit the European parks one day!

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