Coastercowboy's Early Summer Roadtrip

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Re: Coastercowboy's Early Summer Roadtrip

Postby Coastercowboy » Sat Jul 14, 2018 8:45 am

On the way back to Texas, we figured we would hit a couple of Six Flags parks that we had not been to yet. First stop was;

Six Flags Great America -

Since my photos from here on out were lost, I will just hit on a few observations and review the rides we were able to experience.

The park was a lot busier than I expected it to be on a non-holiday Monday. I couldn’t believe how many large groups of teenagers were in the park. I went in knowing that to get everything ridden I may have to break down and get a Flash Pass, which I eventually did later in the afternoon. The park also was closing at 8:00pm so the time was against me as well.

The Dark Knight – Indoor mouse coaster that was very mediocre in just about every way. It was different with the entire ride being enclosed and the theming was alright. Even the kids were not too into this one. We hit this first due to the low throughput. 4/10

The Joker – Similar to the one here at SFOT. Not a real fan of these. They just don’t do it for me, for whatever reason. I think I got 3 spins and mercifully it was over. Waited about 10 minutes. 4/10

Batman: The Ride – We always like these B&M clones, and it was cool to ride the first one. It was smooth and intense. Two things I look for in these inverts. Front row ride was a 3 train wait. 7/10
Little Dipper – This is the parks kiddie wooden coaster. You don’t find too many of these around, so didn’t mind this ride at all. Plus there is some cool history with this ride. For a kiddie coaster this wasn’t half bad. I actually would rather ride this than Joker :lmao: .

X-Flight – My second wing coaster in a week. I really enjoyed this one as well, just not as much as GK at Cedar Point. Pretty compact layout that did have some decent theming. It was smooth, although I thought there was a bit of rattle. Nothing jarring or uncomfortable but I didn’t think it was as smooth as GK. I did like the two near misses that you fly through, one vertical, one horizontal. I thought those were the best elements on this one. We did wait about 35 minutes for this as it was starting to get more crowded. 8.5/10

American Eagle – This was a pretty decent wooden coaster. Really impressive to look at due to the size. The ride was fine, nothing mind blowing. It was mostly smooth, although the last helix was a bit rough. There were a few pops of airtime as well. Long ride, which was appreciated since it seemed like we walked halfway back to Chicago to get to the station. They were only running the red side. About a 20 minute wait due to the slow operations. 6.5/10

Viper – Really enjoyed my ride on this. Liked the twisted layout. Delivered some good laterals through the turns and some nice airtime. It was not rough at all. This is a seriously underrated coaster in my opinion. Rode this one in the back. 8/10

Raging Bull – So I may catch some flak for this but I thought the Bull gave a great ride. The first drop was outstanding and there was some really nice floater air throughout. The restraints are great and make the ride even better. Yes, the MCBR trims were noticeably on, but I still loved this ride. Something like this is what I always imagine Titan at SFOT could have been instead of the positive G machine. I rode the front and back on RB and enjoyed both about equally well. Second best coaster in the park. Waited about 10 minutes both times as by this point I had the Flash Pass. 9/10

Whizzer – This classic Speedracer model was an underrated hit. This was so different with the bobsled type cars and the odd spiral lift. It had carried some good speed throughout the ride. I really enjoy the classics and hope this stays around for a long while. 6/10

Superman: Ultimate Flight – This was my second flying model ever and first B&M. I had ridden Stealth at California’s Great America and remember that being OK. I have to say this was about the same, although it was a more comfortable ride. This is another model of coaster that I guess I just am not a huge fan of. Nothing wrong with it just not worth going out of my way to ride. Glad I had the Flash Pass for this. The wait was at least 90 minutes but I was on in 5 minutes due to the Flash Pass dumping you right in the station. 5/10

Sprockets Rockets – Great America’s other kiddie coaster. It was short, only running 1 cycle around. A little bit of theming as well. It was not terrible.

Demon – I put this ride off as long as I could. I approached this ride with much trepidation due to some of the reports I have read on this thing. I am not a dedicated hater of arrow loopers, but I am a big hater of bashing my head on a ride, so I was concerned. I figured as long as I ride defensively it would be alright. How wrong I was. During the first part of the ride, I was actually starting to feel like I would make it through without any pain. The theming was actually pretty good with the tunnels and lights (and the theme song). It wasn’t even that rough. Everything was fine until the first corkscrew. And (cork) screwed I got. As the train jerked violently, the side of my head was thrown into the OSTR (even though I was braced for it). I actually thought I may have broken my jaw or had a concussion, or both. Seriously, I cannot remember hitting an OTSR harder than on this ride from hell. Thankfully this was a walk on so I didn’t waste too much time getting thrashed. 2/10 – only for the theming and the weird song.

Goliath – This was an outstanding (albeit short) ride. This thing packs a lot into its small footprint and shorter track length. The elements are exciting and they come seemingly non-stop. The air-time was ejector and it was fabulous. The zero-G stall was awesomeness. Definitely one of the best wood coasters that I have ridden and top 15 overall for me. Still behind Outlaw Run but not by much. While waiting there was an issue with the restraints so that turned a 10 minute wait into a 30 minute wait, so I only rode this once, in the front. 9.5/10

Vertical Velocity – I debated whether to ride this as it was getting near to close. I figured I might as well get the credit, even though these are not my cup of tea. The launch was forceful and I like the inverted aspect of the trains. The twisted spike was a good too. I am not the biggest fan of shuttle coasters but for what it was, it was good. 5/10

I really didn’t get the opportunity to ride much other than the coasters due to the time constraints and having the family with me. I will always try to get all the coasters but if it means I have to death march a park, especially with my family, I just won’t do it. It is not that important.

We did ride the bumper cars and Justice League: Battle for Metropolis together. While I was riding a few of the coasters the kids wouldn’t go on, they rode Condor, The Lobster and the Carousel, which looked terrific.

The food was actually not bad. Mostly, it was typical Six Flags fair, however the Italian Beef was very good as were the street tacos.

The park was definitely not the best looking Six Flags park, but it was clean for the most part. A couple of areas did stand out. The theming in the Southwest Territory was pretty good as was the entrance plaza, with the fountain and carousel. Maybe it is just me but the park felt oddly small. It seemed to me that every corner of the place was packed with rides, stands and buildings and not much in the way of open/shady spaces.

All in all, it was great visit. This park has a couple of terrific coasters and bunch of pretty good ones. There was plenty to do and I wish that we would have had more time to enjoy some other things in the park. Definitely will try and plan a return trip in the future.


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