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Re: Question about Six Flags dining pass

Mon Jun 11, 2018 9:57 pm

We upgraded to Diamond Elite from a gold season pass in May. Since we already had 2018 Premium dining passes loaded to our old SP, they simply moved it over to our new memberships upon cancellation of our old passes. We were refunded the full purchase price of our old gold passes in the form of park currency. Not a bad deal!

One caveat I did discover with the premium dining: as it is not a 'membership' dining plan, but a 2018 dining pass, it does not work at 'foreign' water parks. Although our DE memberships worked just fine for admission when we visited Hurricane Harbor in Arlington, our dining pass did not work there since it was purchased in Georgia, which was the previous situation with season passes. Our dining passes worked at SFoT and SFFT with no issues. All is well that ends well though as a supervisor at that Hurricane Harbor went ahead and gave me my meal anyway.
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