Six Flags to operate Frontier City again

P. 4 - New Kids Area for 2019 Announced!
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Re: Six Flags to operate Frontier City again

Postby Kemotblue » Tue Apr 02, 2019 9:47 pm

The map has errors the Map key is wrong the symbols don't match. It weird seeing the Six Flags style of Map. I did see some minor changes to the map besides the few errors.

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Re: Six Flags to operate Frontier City again

Postby Kemotblue » Sat Apr 06, 2019 9:20 pm

Opening day 2019! There was so many changes to the park in just 3 months. So many changes to every square inch of the park. Six Flags and EPR dumped A lot of money into the park. The entrance has been completely redone to a Six Flags format. Security metal Detectors, Then Ticketing, then Entry. It has separate members entrance that if you are there before opening you get early access to the gift shop and if DB is open that coaster, The main street area of the park. Timber Town is coming along they did get some of the rides open so there will be kiddie rides available for the young ones who can not ride the larger rides. The food service areas have been redone to handle better traffic flow. Just a great layout. The arcade has been moved into it's on area in Fort Frontier. Lot's of infrastructure work and refreshes to rides, buildings etc. and I was amazed Six Flags took the theme-ing up too Knott's Berry Farm level theme-ing. The details I love that give a park it's charm. The staff, management have done an amazing job around the park. They added some very clever elements. Like Uncle Bart in the outhouse who likes to share his relief with guests in the passing. last year Renegade Rapid Queue area got some amazing Theme-ing. This year the exit got the treatment as a Fish bait, canoe renting fishing village. WOW! they added in a open grassy area a Mystery Invisible horse ranch. it's Just little theme-ing touches around the park. The shows and this is one of those show parks had more money pumped into the productions. With more lighting and effects. Lot's of shows through out the day. So much has been added to the park. I know that I had my caution flag up because of how the park was treated by Six Flags last time it was managed by the company. Well that caution flag came down after 3 months .Six Flags has done so much I am truly amazed with Six Flags and the staff and managers at Frontier City. They done a lot of hard work and it shows to me.

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Re: Six Flags to operate Frontier City again

Postby mary.pesik » Sun Apr 07, 2019 6:59 pm

I'd like at least 10% of Frontier City and Great Escape to be themed to Looney Tunes and DC. Brain Drain to be themed to Grid (Cyborg's arch-nemesis) and some other stuff. Great Escape needs Pandemonium turned into Cyborg Hyper Drive and Batman, Superman, Harley Quinn and The Joker rides. La Ronde is the one that needs DC theming honestly, I'll get to that in a bit.
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Re: Six Flags to operate Frontier City again

Postby ytterbiumanalyst » Sun Apr 07, 2019 9:35 pm


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Re: Six Flags to operate Frontier City again

Postby Kemotblue » Thu Apr 11, 2019 9:43 pm

Season Pass/ Ticket holder security entrance

Membership Entry note: They still need to put up the signage

Membership Entry past security

membership season pass sales and processing new area in the gift shop. It was moved from Guest Relations that was housed next to Quick Draw.

Membership services and "Go Fast Pass" sales. The new Skip the line program already used at Six Flags parks that are not branded as a Six Flags park.

A new Six Flags shirt that I I like because of the actual park Rides silhouetted on the graphics.

I finally got the time to get my Frontier City pictures uploaded from opening weekend. I been busy keeping up with OKC Thunder on how and where they land in the playoffs. Can't wait for Sunday Getting Portland is a great match up for Thunder.

Now back to Frontier City opening weekend. As you already know Six Flags took over the management of the park the middle of last season. That season ended on January 6th of this year with an amazing Holiday in the Park. The park has been closed exactly 3 months in that time the changes and money spent in the park in their off-season was mind boggling. I never seen a company dump so much money into a park in a off-season. I have been impressed with what was done to every square inch of the park.

The most noticeable changes was the entry it is more secured with metal Detectors added and laid out like the larger Six Flag Parks. As you know Six Flags started a season pass Membership program with different levels that offer you more bang for your buck. Depending on how often you visit the park. They have a membership level that fits your needs or wants. This can be used at any Six Flags Parks. I normally visit Over Texas 4 times in a year and Fiesta Texas atleast once a year. Since Frontier City will be my home park. I opted into the highest level membership. Diamond Elite which pretty much the company rolls out the red carpet for you. There is a seperate entrance for all levels of membership. That entry is adjacent to the season Pass and ticket holder main entrance. That is right of the Diamond Elite/Preffered parking lot. That is sectioned off from the rest of the parking lot.

When entering the after the turnstiles you enter the gift shop which has been changed with a new lay out. That is one of the largest changes at the park. The gift shop has been reconfigured for the new area that houses the parks Season Pass/Membership processing and sales area. It's laid out like a sales office. There is new merchandise in the gift shop as you guest it Six Flag merchandise has been added to the park. One of the new shirts I actually like it displays all the taller rides you find at the park.

Once you enter the park to your left of the ramp is the all new membership service booth and the parks all new "Go Fast Pass" the skip the line program new this year. Six Flags uses this pass at Great Escape, La Ronde and other non branded Six Flag parks. The rides they offer this pass on right now is the Coasters, Brain Drain and Renegade Rapids. This location is also the area you will pick up your dining plan cups. Some of the buildings got some refreshes on main street. The most changes was Ft. Frontier they went back to making this the main hub of the park. It has had a lot of changes to the layout. The food Service area has been changed with more tables added in the building. They added a Icee stand in one corner where the old arcade redemption area was located the other corner what housed Santa Clause for HITP is the new home for the Caricature artist. No Gazebo tent with a bench. It's a more themed permanent home. They added a new eating establishment it been there they just didn't use it at all last season. This new place is where you buy loaded nachos BBQ or Chicken Nacho. The arcade moved back into it's old home where it used to be in the 90's and early 2000's. It now connects the Pizza Place with the main area of Ft. Frontier. The arcade they added two new Birthday Party rooms. Besides that they brought back a popular show but instead of it being in the Opera house they put it on the Ft. Frontier Stage. That show is Shake Rattle and Roll. Some of the other areas like the candy store which added Six Flag Branded merchandise like their popular Coaster Candy Brand which takes up a full wall in the candy store. The smaller gift shop is now the Bargain Sale gift shop.

The main walkways around the park and rides have gotten refreshes and some areas interactive theme-ing was added to the park. Like Uncle Bart in his outhouse. Rides Tornado and Sidewinder got Refurbished and look like brand new rides. The log ride got a new queue area layout and with Theme-ing elements added to the log ride. Renegade Rapids Exit this year got a new exit with a large theme-ing layout that makes a boring exit much more appealing and fitting for the park. Silver Bullets queue are has changed to allow for the new "Go Fast Pass" entry to the ride. Building's have been rebuilt and fresh paint. Some new games like the very popular paint ball game. That was introduced for Fright Fest and HITP now has a permanent home where the ladder climb game was added to the park.

The park has upgraded all the sounds systems in the park and in the shows. They have a new Hot Rod Country show in the Opera House which has an awesome set with added effects and lighting. The gunfight show
Crack Axle Canyon amphitheater stage received some upgrades and changes as did the show. Like their Fright Fest show it now pushes the "PG-13" limits. The Magic show they added some new illusions this season. The Two Johns Saloon Magic show is more of interactive magic show with comedy. If you have Diamond/Diamond Elite level membership you will get early access seating for the shows. That is two of their lengthier shows. It is 10 minutes prior to the shows. Reserved area in the Opera house the first two rows. The gunfight show you get early access before the rest of the guests are let into the Crack Axle Canyon Amphitheater.

Food wise the park added Dole Whips and Soft serve Ice Cream, Red Velvet Funnel Cakes , ICEE brand. They also brought back the once popular Souvenir Refillable popcorn bucket. That has been absent from the park for the past 2 seasons.

I can't forget about Timbertown construction which six flags is not doing cheaply. They are completely refreshing the area with new walkways most of it a new permanent concrete that is stained to look like a dirt surface. They took out most of the asphalt walkway in the area. This day the Coaster and Ferris Wheel and Frog hopper have been constructed. The rides they did have complete like the Plane ride, swings and kiddie Train had new signage and was open for guests as was the play structure and the tea cups. The whole area should be completed in the next few weeks. They have an opening day schedule of Memorial Day but I was talking to a manager they expect it to be done a few weeks before the Holiday weekend. The photos I took I have to break them up because there is so many of them.

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Re: Six Flags to operate Frontier City again

Postby JG-77 » Thu Apr 11, 2019 9:49 pm

Thanks for the update! Really glad to see that Six Flags seems to be giving this park real attention, at least based on these first couple of reports.
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Re: Six Flags to operate Frontier City again

Postby Kemotblue » Thu Apr 11, 2019 9:57 pm

The layout of the food service has been changed it laid out like the larger Six Flags parks in their main dining areas with multiple registers and a pick up area for faster more efficient service.

The new Caricatures artist studio he used to be housed under a canopy tent. It's a better themed set up for the artist.

The new Icee Stand and Dippin Dots booth.

The new loaded nachos restaurant in Ft. Frontier the establishment has BBQ and Chicken Chicken Nachos.

The new arcade area in Ft. Frontier

The new arcade area in Ft. Frontier

New party rooms added to the arcade there is two of them

Here is some more photos from opening weekend The Next set is the new Ft. Frontier layout

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Re: Six Flags to operate Frontier City again

Postby Kemotblue » Thu Apr 11, 2019 10:16 pm

Here is photos of Timbertown Construction I will have more hopefully next week the weather this Saturday is supposed to be cold and rainy day. Which most likely the park will close for the day.
The Rio Grand is re-themed to "Bucky's Whistle Stop Depot"
This looks like this will be a booth to pick up photos. I'm assuming for the new Kids coaster Frankie's Mine train.
The new Rocky's Ranger Planes l which replaced the Dragon Ride. Same type of ride just a new theme.
The is ride used to be the Tom's Tom's but now is rethemed to Bubba's Honey Swings. Now the Owl Tree House which you see in the background has been rebuilt. It was a toddler play structure but now it's an all age play structure.
El Ranchero I'm not sure what this will be the Barn doors have been permanently shut off with a new smaller door. I'm thinking maybe some type of snack stand or gift sales window.

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Re: Six Flags to operate Frontier City again

Postby Kemotblue » Thu Apr 11, 2019 10:34 pm

The new priority seating for Diamond and Diamond Elite member rules.

one of the Reserved seating signs there is a park employee who checks for a Diamond/ Diamond Elite membership card.

The main new show this year is Hot Rod Country. It's a jukebox mix of different country music styles.






photos of the popular Shake Rattle and Roll shows that is on the Ft. Frontier Stage




one of the new magic tricks in the Two Johns Saloon Magic Show. This show is very interactive with the audience and if you want to embarrass a family member I recommend catching one of these magic shows in the Two Johns Saloon.

The following pictures is some random photos of the shows. Also photos showing the Diamond/Diamond Elite Reserved seating rules.

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Re: Six Flags to operate Frontier City again

Postby Kemotblue » Thu Apr 11, 2019 10:57 pm

Silver Bulets New "Go Fast Pass" skip the line entry.

Silver Bullet entry has been moved to the left side closer to Steel Lasso.

The new Exit for Renegade Rapids.

Renegade Rapids new Exit

Renegade Rapids new theme exit area with Music The Music was not playing on opening day because the ride was closed. They normally open it up the at the end of the month when they normally open up Wild West Water Works.

The canoe rental theme area of Renegade Rapids Exit

Tornado was refurbished with a new paint job. The newest I seen this ride.

Best Of the West Cafe new "Six Flags' style Layout

The Snack Booth added in Best of the West Cafe

The new exit for Renegade Rapids which looks like the ride got a new Exit control box.

A new green sign with a rather funny saying in Brain Drain's queue area

This is a new interactive theme element. Uncle Bart he shares his Restroom issues. There is a lot of flatulence and funny sayings from Uncle Bart. The Outhouse sits along Renegade Rapids Road in front of the Crack Axle Canyon Train Station.

Log Ride had some Theme Scenes add to it's first turn in the back ground. That Water wheel looks like it had work done on it that it may actually turn with a new Canal built entering the bottom of the drop to the log ride.

The Paintball game was added in a different area during Fright Fest and HITP it was so popular the park made a new permenant home in Game Junction. It replaced the ladder climb game.


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