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Re: Grsupercitys quest for coaster credits

Fri Apr 05, 2019 9:14 am

grsupercity wrote:Sadly the VR was not working.

I believe that's the first time I've ever seen those words in that order. :lol:

Re: Grsupercitys quest for coaster credits

Fri Apr 05, 2019 11:24 am

^ :lol:

^^ Ninjago really is quite the workout. After 4-5 straight rides on the California one, I felt vindicated from going to the gym for a week.

Re: Grsupercitys quest for coaster credits

Fri Apr 05, 2019 11:48 am

ytterbiumanalyst wrote:
grsupercity wrote:Sadly the VR was not working.

I believe that's the first time I've ever seen those words in that order. :lol:

I was hoping to ride with and without the VR since the wait was nonexistent. I heard it was one of the better ones

My wife enjoys Old Town so I got to ride my beloved Mine Blower again. That is a very solid ride for such a small park. First time riding it with a full train. It hauls through that course!

Re: Grsupercitys quest for coaster credits

Mon Jul 22, 2019 7:07 am

So being the crazy coaster enthusiast that I am I made the long trek from Michigan to the Mile high city of Denver. I left my house at 3:50 am to catch a direct flight to Denver. My plan was to fly in early in the morning then go to Elitch Gardens and Lakeside and then fly home that night. Elitch Gardens was never on my immediate list of parks to hit next. But with the rumored closure I did not want to miss a chance to visit this park. That is what lead to a crazy day of 2 flights and 2 parks in 21 hours! Let me tell you of the good bad and the ugly.

I landed in Denver around 7:30 MT with plenty of time to find my way around and get my rental.I got to Elitch about an hour before opening. I was one of the first cars in the parking lot which resulted in free parking! I really liked the enterance to this place. The massive entry building is nice and the main street area looked very nice and well kept. Main Street ended at there Ferris wheel and it looked nice. I was dissapointed to find out that Side Winder and Half Pipe were closed. Those are the 2 coasters I was most looking forward to. I have never been on an Arrow shuttle coaster. I have been on the other Intamin halfpipe though at MOA and I thought it was a blast. So since they were in op I headed straight for Twister 2. I managed to get a couple rides on it. Very good in the front seat. Boomerang was nice. All though this is one of the loudest ones I have ridden I also found it one of the smoothest. I enjoyed it and as always that backwards loop is awesome and intense. At opening the place was dead. Weirdly it seems like half of Denver showed up a couple hours after opening. At this point I grabbed a rapid ride pass and headed to MeowWolfs dark ride. Thanks to my wrist band I got right on. This ride was way over hyped and unfortunately I was let down by it. Fun and Interesting but It just wasn't my thing. Crazy thing is my next credit at this park was my last credit at this park. My mind got erased. I enjoy a SLC. I hold my head forward and have a fun intense ride with no head banging. I get spoiled by how much better Thunderhawk is over this Mind Eraser. I had zero head banging but it felt like someone was hitting me in the back with a 2x4. But with the 2 other coasters down and not having a kid with me I missed 3 credits at this park. They did seem to have a nice flat ride collection. All in All I enjoyed my time here. Very nice looking park with only a couple old six flags worn down areas. When did Six Flags sell this park? I still can't believe a park that gets that busy might close down. I really hope they take there best rides and slides and relocate. Huge open areas by the airport. Side note this place is pretty much giving away merch. I went to the counter and they gave me a bunch of sweet merch for 1 dollar each. I regretted not getting more. Plus they rounded down on money for all my food. That along with free parking and I am sure this place is losing lots of potential money....Anyways

I then ventured down the road to Lakeside. That place was sketch in the best way possible. I bet this place looked amazing in the 1960s when it was new. So many neon signs. This place could be so great with a little TLC. So many classic rides with some newer ones sprinkled in. I went straight to Cyclone and got a zen ride which was funny considering Elitch the same day was packed. This ride along with Wild Chipmunk scared me. Not omg they are huge scary rides. Like this place looks like they don't maintain there rides and the chipmunk is gonna blow an upstop wheel and derail lol. Cyclone was a meh ride. It had a cool tunnel and I am sucker for hand brake. The layout for an old Cyclone did not have the pops of air I was expecting. I much preferred twister 2. Wild Chipmunk on the other hand was the greatest thing ever created. I have never had such a thought of why am I riding this in my life. Sketch in the best way possible. Best ride of the day. Dragon was closed and so was the little coaster. This place was dead except a few kids rides. I would love to see these 2 parks merg since Elitch needs a new home. I did the gliders since they looked old I figured they would snap. Nope. I could not find any sort of gift shop for this place so no merch here. The new old pinfari was not open yet

Then headed back for the airport. 3 hour flight home. After another hour diving and my over 20+ hour day was complete. It was a last second trip and I do not regret a thing. Good luck Elitch
The views at this park are surreal. Downtown Denver, Mountains, Mile High stadium and Pepsi Center

Re: Grsupercitys quest for coaster credits

Mon Jul 22, 2019 8:11 am

Nice report! I hope to make it out there in the next year with Elitch's eventual closure happening. I'm glad Twister II was ok in the front since that looks like a coaster that could be quite rough.
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