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Re: bert goes to Texas Theme Parks (mega thread)

Wed Mar 27, 2019 12:57 pm

ytterbiumanalyst wrote:Yeah, I don't really expect any Six Flags park to be at 100% this early in the season. And lol at Madonna.... Six Flags always seems to treat shows as an afterthought anyway, so I'm just impressed they got that much right.

two points to keep in mind tho:

1) SFFT is a year round park now. so they've been open since Jan - and yes, that means that ride refurbs have to happen while the park is open (that's why Gully Washer and the Train have been down -- tho both reopened early. . and why Hustler is in pieces). Don't get me wrong, I'm impressed at how much was up and operating. If Supes hadn't shat the bed on Sat, it would have been open too. No idea what was up with the Disc-O (Hurricane Force 5) tho.

2) SFFT is well known as a "show park". I think it's the premier show park in the SF chain.
So it was a loss that they haven't been running shows thus far in 2019 (not after Christmas, even tho Holiday in the Park decorations were still up. . after 12/25 shows were down). Mardi Gras had live bands (on temporary stages), and parade, but no shows.

So I'm glad to see some of the live shows are slowly coming back. As we hit April/May, and they begin to open daily, I fully expect they'll be using all 6 theaters (2 indoor full theaters (Zaragosa & Rockville), 3 outdoor (Los Festivales, Crackaxle, Kidzopolis), and 1 indoor (Sangerfest Hall) stages.. not counting the large outdoor they only use for special occastions/concerts (Diamond Lil's amphitheater))

Re: bert goes to Texas Theme Parks (mega thread)

Fri Mar 29, 2019 3:59 pm

Bert where did you get the ride photo frames? Are they from the ride photo website and you can select them when downloading the on-ride pics? The photo of you taken by the staff member with the real camera is so unbelievably awful, clearly they had the wrong settings selected LOL! That little path you found sure looks pretty and definitely provides some nice views of the rides. I had no idea the train went through a tunnel flanked by waterfalls - how pretty!

Re: bert goes to Texas Theme Parks (mega thread)

Fri Mar 29, 2019 5:32 pm

TBpony414 wrote:Bert where did you get the ride photo frames? Are they from the ride photo website and you can select them when downloading the on-ride pics? The photo of you taken by the staff member with the real camera is so unbelievably awful, clearly they had the wrong settings selected LOL! That little path you found sure looks pretty and definitely provides some nice views of the rides. I had no idea the train went through a tunnel flanked by waterfalls - how pretty!

heya Liz. .good to see you back posting again! hope all is going well (and belated Happy Birthday).

yep, the photo frames for the rides are on the website - I have them scan onto my card at each ride, and then the next day "download" the pics. once they are visible, the ride specific pics, have frame options (generic, no frame, six flags frame, character frames, and a themed to that specific ride frame). You can also add "Stickers" or "logos" to any picture before saving to your own computer.

Wonder Woman and Bug's Rapids have just one option, but Iron Rattler, Goliath, and Roadrunner Express seem to have two :)

I purchased the 2019 season photo pass, back in 2018 when they kept dropping the price. it was so cheap, it was nuts not to pick it up. . tho as we can all see, not all of the "professional" pics are what would be considered "Professional".

but I did get my fave pic in years out of it during our mid Feb visit. . and with the ride pics I get every time? yeah, was a great deal.
best pic we've gotten in years, courtesy of Six Flags Photo Pass

Re: bert goes to Texas Theme Parks (mega thread)

Mon Apr 01, 2019 10:11 am

Hey, thanks for the bday wishes! Unfortunately things have been a little hectic to say the least. Now ski season is officially over :( so it’s back to coastering and chatting with my friends at TPR :)

We went to Utah to ski in Feb and I’m still sorting thru the 500+ photos and over 20 hours of GoPro footage but will have an album on FB soon. Ok this is your thread - enough about me!

I also have the photo passes for CF and SF parks since overall it’s a steal of a deal. However, I always have my SO download the pics and he never mentioned the frame options to me. I’ll have to take over that task! Thanks for mentioning it.

The photo of you and Nick is a framer for sure and more than makes up for that cracked out overexposed one from your last visit LOL. I never actually thought about the professional (erm, “professional”) photogs at the park entrances and such and their pics going on the photo pass. Ought to take advantage of that this year! You’re full of good info!!

Re: bert goes to Texas Theme Parks (mega thread)

Sun Apr 28, 2019 2:14 pm

As noted in the SFFT thread. . Nick and I went to Fiesta yesterday (he was willing to go with me, since he forgot that Thurs was my Birthday and scheduled a Dentist appt. that morning - meaning we couldn't go out to eat that night after he had a procedure, and so we had to do my Bday dinner on Wednesday. So he felt bad, and was able to 'guilt' him into going with me for the first nice weekend in several weeks.

Knew it would be busy, but it was SLAMMED.

Combo of GORGEOUS Day (High 80's and sunny, after a bunch of nasty weekends in a row), School Choir Performances (so TONS of groups of bands/choirs in the park), and Opening Day of the Whitewater Bay Land (preview for Members from 12-3, then general entry from 3-7) meant for a packed, packed day.

we got there around 12:30 and stayed until about 5.

Didn't ride any coasters, and instead wandered around, people watched and stuck to things with short waits (which did NOT include food lines).

Zoom Jets
Up Up and Away
Pirates of the Deep Sea
(me, while Nick sat. . this had no line at all, still. . think folks just don't know it's there, despite the park creating a photo op now near Rockville High)
and the Carousel.

it was enough and we had a great day.

Also checked out the new ChopSix food place, the bar, the progress on Joker: Carnival of Chaos!, the refreshed Hustler, and I took a stroll thru Whitewater Bay on opening day.

weird in that NO characters were out. maybe just too crowded for them today.

on to pics.. adding more specific comments beneath them.
yep.. lot is full.

They tried to direct us to the section way back on the right, behind the waterpark, but as we know better, instead told them we wanted to park closer to the exit, and parked near the security booth.

(still far back in the lot, but at least on the side near the exit making less walking for Nick, and easier to get out later).
a peek at preferred parking near waterpark - this lot was completely full too
(Park had opened at 10:30, and this was 12:30 or so).
we noticed a LOT of busses in the parking area when we pulled in, and there were large groups of kids in matching shirts milling around the entrance.

Turned out it was a Choir/Band performance - rewards trips. . so we saw groups from all over the Country here in the park. They looked like were having a great time, and for the most part were pretty well behaved (lots of chaperones, and had nice conversations with a few at different points thruout the day while waiting in food or drink lines)
First stop? food.
Nick wanted Chicken Strips, so I told him to get in the line as we passed it, and I went on to see if ChopSix was open yet - and it was.
REALLY nice job with the sign. love the dragon holding the lanterns, and bet it looks great at night.
we didnt' stick around until dark today, so didn't get to see it.

is this signage copied at other SF parks for the ChopSix restaurant?

It's a good location for it (near the train station in Crackaxle), and there was an abundance of seating (a large chunk of it covered by a big barn structure). they did a good job here, as easily found a spot to sit and eat, despite how crowded the park was.
speaking of crowded:
about a 40 minute wait for food due to the crowds of kids, all with vouchers. which was only slightly longer than the wait Nick had at Totally Kickin Chicken (which was about 25 minutes). He got his food and met me by ChopSix. . and must admit, tho I had the salad (which was prepackaged), the food was pretty good. The fresh food others were getting around me, looked really good too.

Small menu with only 4 hot options (3 of them versions of chicken, and a beef with broccoli). which came with a choice of Fried or White rice or Lo Mein (tho everyone I saw getting the plate had both rice AND lo mein. . so either the menu is just a little misleading and the choice is only on rice? or they were doing it wrong.

only other option is a cold salad (which I got), that had sesame chicken on it and a teriyaki dressing.

Sides were basically: Egg Rolls.

but as noted, what I had was good, and it was on meal plan. MUCH better than Panda Express ever was.
we sat on a bench in the shade across from ChopSix with a nice view of Rattler's drop.
post eating, was time to let the food settle, so joined the large crowd at the train, and took a lap of the park.
such a pretty park, and a gorgeous day. not a cloud in the sky.
what's this I see coming up behind Superman? any work done on Joker: Carnival of Chaos?

They have completed pouring the Foundation, and Footers, for Joker.

This is gonna go up FAST now.
slightly different angle.. was attempting to point at the concrete footer.. LOL. .sorry.

But my finger is now pointing at the "funhouse" queue for the ride (will get another view of it from the front in a little bit, but here you can see the "carnival" rooftop.
for some strange reason, Kidzopolis was D-E-A-D.

maybe because all the kids were in the waterpark section, and the older kids who were there with the bands wanted to ride coasters?

but I noted how empty the Kidzopolis rides were .. even tho not planning on riding the Roller Skater. As noted the other week, it's a really nice setting, over water, but it's still just a basic oval ride.
Iron Rattler doing it's thing, from the Train Station exit.
it's a little warm, and for some reason (again, maybe most of the crowd here today was simply too young to drink??) it wasn't very crowded. so we went in to Fiesta's main "bar"
$12.50, which is a little (ok, a LOT) steep.

but at least you can taste the Jack in it.
I wanted to get a picture of the tableside drink menus, but they weren't out. Couldn't find a waitress to ask, so either they discontinued that, and everyone now has to order at the main "bar".. . or they simply don't mess with it on super crowded days as too hard to keep track so folks don't order drinks and walk out.

who knows.. . these are a nice offering tho ($5 is a bit steep, but cheaper if you do it as a floater, so noted for my next visit).
over at the main ordering bar, they have several things available on tap.

i'm not a huge drinker, and SFFT is no BGW.. but still, nice to see some options.
the train we had gotten off of a bit earlier. . as we are walking towards Kidzopolis/the upcoming DCUniverse section
lovely, lovely park.. even when crowded
and Gully Washer was pulling a 2 hour line (Easily). . . they were loading rafts slowly too. . .
but the hidden "squirters" are still there.

nice to see it running so well after the refurb. people were getting off it SOAKED.
stopped to get this pic, I've never taken before.

way in the background, behind Batman, Poltergeist is running thru it's track.
(that too, was posting an easy 1 1/2 hour wait)
but as noticed from the train, the rides in Kidsopolis were empty. Seriously, Zoom Jets were walk on.

so I got Nick to ride it with me.
whee! (and as usual, when taking a pic like this, there's ALWAYS a kid behind us who will stare directly into the camera. . .LOL.. cropped the pic so I'm not posting her)
these are the complicated controls for Zoom Jets.

no really.. Nick had trouble figuring it out.. LOL

(push button in and hold to go up, release button to do down. hint: the steering wheels don't really steer).

oh man.. looks like Bug's is drained?

Yep, Bug's Whitewater Rapids (Flume Ride) was down - looked like for refurb, as the flume was drained.
Wave Runner (Scrambler) was down too.. tho both are noted online as down, so maybe refurb for that too?
since Nick was controlling the jet, I sat in the back seat and took pictures.

the ride does offer some nice centrifugal forces.. . so laughing while going around in a circle.. whee!
and since Kidsopolis was dead, and the operators didn't care?
we went over and rode this too.
these USED to be Strawberries, if I'm not mistaken. no idea what the heck they are supposed to be now. . .they are all kinds of weird colors.

SUPER short cycle, basically up, then back down. but we giggled like loons the whole time, since it was such stupid fun.
from the pathway, can see the other side of Joker: Carnival of Chaos site.

from this angle (along with Superman), you can see them working on the "funhouse" queue for the ride.
no movement AT ALL on the re-theme of Whirlygig. . the pad is still sitting empty with only the remains of the "stalk" there, while the chassis still is over by Batman.
Hustler refurb looks fantastic, all bright colors, and running wonderfully. . tho in a typical SixFlags move, they didn't refurb the 8-ball that spins in the center of the ride. So that looks all dingy while surrounded by a vibrantly refreshed ride.
so so pretty
whee!.. we're in a giant pool ball!
getting off Hustler, noticed this photo op now set up by Rockville high.

good to see them advertising this, but they really need someone out there pimping the ride - it had almost NO wait (once again staff is holding the line outside - for Flash Pass to cut in - but once they release to let folks in, the inside queue is empty. so in total I waited about 6 minutes for this.

Nick was starting to poop out and didn't want to ride, so he waited on a bench on the boardwalk for me and even commented on how quickly i was back.

oh..and the animatronic pirate in the queue? the mask is already starting to come off, and bunch up around the character's chin. it's really creepy looking, and wish i had taken a picture!

ACTUAL conversation from the 2 little girls (maybe 7 or 8) behind me in line:

"excuse me.. do you know if there's a ride in here? or is it just walking thru?"
me: yes, there's a shooting ride, it's right around the corner
"is there a charge for it?"
me: no, it's part of the park that's included with admission. you'll like it, it's fun.
"is it scary?"
me: no, it's not scary, it's a fun ride
"oh, because that guy back there (points to animatronic) was scary!!!"

of course we had to ride the Carousel.

tho it was so crowded, I couldn't get on my rabbit :( (the group on front of us in the queue made a bee-line to that part of the carousel and hopped on the rabbit).

So instead I rode a pig.

but Nick rode with me, and the lady on the horse next to us was kind enough to snap this pic for me.
this woman.

yeah, that's how she rode the whole cycle!

and the Six Flags staff did not catch it, nor say anything to her.

never seen anything like it on a Carousel ! (she was "watching" the kid she's facing, but was on her phone the whole ride.
me on a piggo.

Nick's body was giving out (since he *refuses* to appear weak and bring his cane with him for walking long distances. . .so I sat him on a bench in the shade in Los Festivales, and I went ahead to checkout White Water Bay on opening weekend for the season and get some pics.
Fiesta really does have a fantastic water park "land" - it's HUGE, probably the biggest section of the whole park.

even tho we're not really water park people, i'm sure we'll come hang for the lazy river, or the wave pool.

not on opening weekend tho..it was packed.
of course, it's so big, the crowd tends to spread out, so it never LOOKS super packed, but trust me.. it is (this is right at the entrance)
looking at folks in the lazy river, from the bridge over it into the main waterpark section.

should mention if you've never been to White Water Bay - expect to do a lot of walking (as noted, it's big, and spread out), and also expect to get your steps in - LOTS of steps/bridges to move around, and that's not counting the steps to get up the platforms to the individual slides.
looking off to the left for some slides, and the "kiddo" section
looking off to the north for the group raft slide
remember what I said about steps?

Still haven't gotten to the wave pool/tornado/water coaster area - that's still up ahead, this is the section of the waterpark to the left
looking up the lazy river from the bridge that would have led me to the stairs in the pic above.
the freefall slide complex
finally moving ahead ..can see tornado now.
in here, the food lines are even longer than out in the main park (the Tidal Wave Cafe is behind the Texas shaped wave pool)
looking out over the wave pool, to see the Water Coaster on the other shore of it.

(and a kiddo looking directly into my camera.. oh well).
the new-ish cabanas they have built overlooking the wave pool (that can, of course, be yours for a few hours if you're willing to spend some $$$)
the "launch/drop" slide complex behind the wave pool.
they got me with this shirt on the way out! it was being advertised in the front of one of the stores, as a Passholder special -- and sure enough, with my pass scanned, the $18 shirt, was only $8.

I don't really have any Fiesta Texas shirts (other than Wonder Woman), and I really like the design on this, so went ahead and grabbed one.
the "professional" pic of Nick and I from the front of the park.

better photographer than my last visit. . LOL

Re: bert goes to Texas Theme Parks (mega thread)

Sun Apr 28, 2019 2:30 pm

Great TR Bert! Looks like you and Nick had a great time there, even with all The Crowds. :wink:

Also, I noted you caught a couple in your Tidal Wave Cafe photo! Lookin' right back atcha!

And the woman ahead of you on the carousel is an idiot.
They See You! Nice shot of them, actually. (o;
CoupleSFOT.png (192.68 KiB) Viewed 959 times

Re: bert goes to Texas Theme Parks (mega thread)

Sun Apr 28, 2019 2:56 pm

yeah.. I noticed those two.

oh, should mention too, since Whirlygig is still down, and no line for Taz' Texas Tornado (the kiddo version), we tried to ride that and were denied!

there was no one waiting, and the lady told us that we were only allowed to ride if we were with a child, so if we wanted to find a child to ride with, we could.

it wasn't a weight thing, as we were planning on riding alone in separate seats anyways, as there was no line.

very strange - and even weirder is that she told us the adult swings are "over by Superman". . and looked SHOCKED when I told her Whirlygig has been sitting in pieces for months at this point, hence we were going to try riding the smaller version.

oh well.. just weird.

Re: bert goes to Texas Theme Parks (mega thread)

Mon Apr 29, 2019 10:21 am

Seems like every Six Flags park is getting a Chop Six now. Great update!

Re: bert goes to Texas Theme Parks (mega thread)

Mon Apr 29, 2019 2:57 pm

Canobie Coaster wrote:Seems like every Six Flags park is getting a Chop Six now. Great update!


yeah, I truly was impressed with ChopSix. it was just as good as the chicken strips (at Totally Kickin Chicken - which has been the tastiest food option in the park, tho the Sangerfest Halle food court has options, they're mostly mediocre).

I'll be eating ChopSix as 1st choice for meals on visits in the future.

Re: bert goes to Texas Theme Parks (mega thread)

Tue Apr 30, 2019 5:34 pm

nice. .I did the survey (that I always get after a visit), and I had left a comment noting how filthy the area under Zoom Jets was, and that although one didn't see it if just walking by, it was disgusting when sitting on the ride.

(I asked the operator about all the trash down there too - bottles, napkins, drink cups).

got a nice little "thank you for letting us know" form letter response.
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