First trip to Cedar Point

Planning our first trip
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Re: First trip to Cedar Point

Postby coasterlvr » Mon Apr 16, 2018 1:54 pm

prozach626 wrote:
robbalvey wrote:I seriously don't understand why people would choose to wait HOURS IN LINE when they can also choose to NOT wait hours in line.

You also eliminate the factor of unpredictability.

every time i've gone, without fail, i've also had to deal with the unpredictable weather. that's always killed a number of hours from my visits. fastlane makes up for that.

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Re: First trip to Cedar Point

Postby anonymouscactus » Mon Apr 16, 2018 5:25 pm

I go to the park frequently (and have on occasion sprung for FL+), and agree that if you aren't a local, and especially if it's your first ever trip, to get it for at LEAST one day. Yes there are ways to avoid lines but you have to have an active plan and go on rides in a certain order, and frankly if you are on vacation, you shouldn't be worrying about all that and FL+ allows you to wander around and ride and rest and eat as you please. I go all the time so I don't mind having a plan since I can't afford it every visit, but I can't stress enough you should budget fast lane for at least one day. All 3 if you can! I wouldn't recommend buying it ahead of time, as weather and other conditions can change crowds dramatically during certain parts of the year.


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Re: First trip to Cedar Point

Postby robbalvey » Mon Apr 16, 2018 9:06 pm

<deleted several more stupid posts in this thread>

I seriously cannot handle the stupid posts and stupid advice any longer. And seeing that the original poster hasn't even logged into the forum since he posted asking for advice, I'm just going to lock this thread, hope they get the advice they are looking for and keep people from steering others in the completely wrong direction to begin with.

This post was originally made in the "Ask Alvey" thread but I moved it here thinking that other people who frequent the park more would have better advice.

That was a mistake.

There is a REASON why people pay us money to plan amazing vacations. And that reason is we aren't going to give people FUCKING HORRIBLE advice that will make their day at Cedar Point suck.

Thread locked.
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