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Re: Bluestreak's 2018 Photo TR Collection!

Tue Oct 09, 2018 12:01 am

Nice pictures at SFoG.

Re: Bluestreak's 2018 Photo TR Collection!

Mon Nov 19, 2018 10:09 pm

Could it be? I'm actually adding an update to this thread! Obviously since this trip was 5 months ago already (WOW Time flies!) I won't be able to provide my exact ride counts but otherwise hopefully memory serves me well with Lake Winnie, Dollywood, and my August New England trip so that I'll be able to give you guys a good rundown of each park!

Anyways onto Lake Winnie. This was Thursday of our trip after going back to SFOG for a couple hours in the morning for more rides on Twisted Cyclone and Goliath. Unfortunately, our heads were still bothering us and we couldn't fully enjoy Goliath. I fully believe this is one of the best B&M's out there and hopefully someday soon I'll be back to try it out again. I think we were able to get around to pretty much everything in the park again thanks to small crowds. We noticed on our way out of the park in the early afternoon that it was filling up quite a bit. I believe there was a festival of some sort that weekend that was getting started that night.

Anywho, a couple hours later and what was probably an unhealthy amount of Advil we arrived at Lake Winnie, relatively headache free.

I've known about Lake Winnie for most of my life. I knew they have an older woodie, (for some reason I was thinking 1920s though. I'm confusing my Cannonballs :lol: ) some carnival-esque flats, an old log flume and maybe a waterpark? Otherwise though I pictured a small rundown park only a step up from Conneaut. I had no reason at all to think this but for some reason this is what I pictured in my head. The nearly empty gravel parking lot and less than stellar park entrance didn't do much to change this idea, but once inside the gates I realized I was totally wrong about this cute little park in Georgia.

No you're not greeted by any mega coasters or anything of that nature, you're greeted by a bright colored park surrounding a beautiful lake and plenty of rides the whole family can enjoy. The first order of business was obviously Cannonball. Up until I got in line I thought this ride was made no later than 1930, so I was slightly disappointed it's from the 1960s. Obviously not the ride or the park's fault but it took away the nostalgia of the ride. But, after a ride on it, I didn't really care about the age anymore. It still has buzz bars and still runs like brand new. Not a whole lot of airtime but enough, especially in the back. We rode this quite a few times including some laps without even getting off right before the park closed.

While on Cannonball we noticed that Lake Winnie is also home to a pretty stinkin big waterpark that seemed to be the big draw here. It also looked to be almost brand new. It was nice to see that the park has been getting some money put into it.

My idea of Conneaut was completely shot to hell by this point and I was already blown away by the park and its charm, but what could make it even better? No not a Giga-RMC-Intamin-Aquatrax. No not some big sparkly B&M. No, what made this park for me was the 1920s log flume. I love log flumes like mad to begin with and all the nostalgia I missed at Cannonball was in tact and chugging along here at the Boat Chute. This thing is as classic as they get. You load, go through a long, slow, super dark, almost creepy tunnel. Then turn a corner, go up a small, hardly inclined hill and then drop down into the water with a splash the perfect size for a hot summer day in Georgia. God I loved this thing.

Now ok, I might be getting a little ridiculous with the Boat Chute but to me it really personified all the great things about Lake Winnie. It quirky, cute, and a ton of fun, just like the whole park is. Obviously don't be making a trip to Lake Winnie on its own. But if you're in the area, make a stop, even just for a couple hours. You won't regret it.

So as the park got ready to close and the voice of who I can only imagine to be a late former owner came over the PA and wished us a goodnight and thanked us for coming, we got ready for some more driving and two full days at Dollywood.... and hey, our headaches were gone! Must've been the magic of Lake Winnie. Thanks for reading, and don't be afraid to leave a comment making fun of me for my love for the log flume :lmao: On to the pictures!
Of course my dang finger ruins the first picture
The Lake Winnie
Our visit was right after the accident on this so it was closed, from my understanding we didn't miss much
There it is
Love these drop towers.
Steep lift for a mouse.
About the best view of Cannonball you can get
My favorite pic from the day
Another favorite
Nice and new
Quirky, cute, and awesome. Also of note you can just walk straight into the Lake. All that is stopping you is a little sign and a voice on your shoulder telling you to not be stupid.
Love these old dark rides
The next few pictures are from the skyride. I asked the ops beforehand if it was allowed and they looked at me as if to say "why wouldn't it be?"
That's all from Lake Winnie. Dollywood next!

Re: Bluestreak's 2018 Photo TR Collection!

Tue Nov 20, 2018 12:39 am

Nice report!

You missed out on some of the most intense laterals out there on Wild Lightnin' but the real treats are Cannon Ball, Boat Chute, and their flat ride lineup. Did you happen to ride Conestoga? That magic carpet ride gave some of the craziest sustained air I've experienced considering the very minimalistic restraints.

Re: Bluestreak's 2018 Photo TR Collection!

Tue Nov 20, 2018 1:59 am

Some great pictures of Lake Winnie. I loved that park when we went last year. Very underrated.

Re: Bluestreak's 2018 Photo TR Collection!

Tue Nov 20, 2018 8:02 am

Canobie Coaster wrote:Nice report!

You missed out on some of the most intense laterals out there on Wild Lightnin' but the real treats are Cannon Ball, Boat Chute, and their flat ride lineup. Did you happen to ride Conestoga? That magic carpet ride gave some of the craziest sustained air I've experienced considering the very minimalistic restraints.

Thank you! I did not. I definitely regret not doing so especially after I read your report from Lake Winnie. Hopefully I'll be back sometime soon to try it out.

ytterbiumanalyst wrote:Some great pictures of Lake Winnie. I loved that park when we went last year. Very underrated.

Thank you and I absolutely agree. Just goes to show you don't have to be a big park to be awesome.

Re: Bluestreak's 2018 Photo TR Collection!

Tue Nov 20, 2018 3:26 pm

Dollywood! We spent the next two full days at Dollywood which would be Friday and Saturday. We figured the crowds would be manageable on Friday but Saturday was likely to be packed because not only was it a Saturday, it was also the first weekend of their summer celebration. Because of this, our plan going in was to do as much as we could Friday and then expect to be waiting in lines most of Saturday, taking our time and enjoying the amazing atmosphere Dollywood provides. This was until we found our how dirt cheap their Timesaver pass is. I believe for the unlimited pass that includes Lightning Rod it was only like $45. Since our home park is Cedar Point, we're used to seeing prices for fastlane well over $100 so this was a huge steal and a crime if we didn't buy it to get the absolute most out of our Dollywood visit. And boy did we.

Friday was fairly empty as expected, so we got plenty of rides in on everything, including Lightning Rod which was still running when we were there before shutting down for a couple months. Good timing on our part. Lightning Rod and all other rides were running pretty much the entire time we were there which was nice to see since we've had bad luck with Lightning Rod, Mystery Mine, and Firechaser Express in the past.

We had been on Lightning Rod before but it was still opening year and it broke down a lot. This time though it was up and launching with two trains all day, both days. I think our total was something around 20 rides between the two days we were there, thanks in no small part to the Timesaver passes. The ride itself is still just as amazing as when I first rode it. The much talked about "pothole" at the bottom of the first drop was definitely there and noticeable, but when the rest of the ride is as good as it is, it's hard to justify saying that the pothole takes away from the ride experience. That being said though I'm itching to get back down there and ride it in its smoothest state. On Saturday night we got probably 10 rides on Lightning Rod in the dark. This thing is a whole different animal at night since you really can't see a thing so those crazy twists and turns before the bonkers quad-down come out of nowhere, no matter how familiar you might be with the ride. Lightning Rod night rides are right up there with the nighttime experiences rides like The Beast and Voyage provide.

Thunderhead is another great ride at Dollywood. I've heard many call Thunderhead rough,and while it absolutely feels like a wooden coaster, it's not rough by any means. For sure one of early GCI's best coasters. Mystery Mine is another ride commonly said to be rough. Again, the ride definitely has some personality, but its far from unridable in my opinion. And that second drop and the inversions following it is one of my favorite elements on any of the coasters I've been on.

Wildeagle and Firechaser Express are both totally solid coasters and something that the whole family can enjoy. Wildeagle also has a 50 inch height requirement that allows some younger kids to get a ride on it. Wildeagle to me, is what wingriders should be, a nice smooth ride that is just simply fun. And if you're hellbent on getting good forces out of it, the backseat provides some great whip over the first drop and some of the inversions. My only issue is with the restraints. If the vests didn't lock it wouldn't be a big deal, and I don't notice them on the ride, but while sitting outside the station waiting to get off they become very uncomfortable. Especially on a hot, humid sunny day. Other than that, a great ride. Firechaser is also a great ride. Sure it seems like a glorified family coaster but I think it's fun for everybody and it has great theming too.

The true unsung hero of Dollywood is Tennessee Tornado. Yeah, it's a super short ride, but that first drop in the backseat is outstanding. The rest of the ride is extremely forceful and a total blast. Before this trip I had never seen Tennessee Tornado run two trains but the park was so crowded on Saturday that they actually put the second train on for a couple hours in the afternoon. I hope I took a picture because I doubt I'll ever see it again :lol: .

Outside of the rides, what can I say about Dollywood that hasn't already been said? The park is beautiful, the staff is exceptional at their jobs and super friendly, the food is great, and the park obviously has their eyes towards further expanding their ride lineup with the 2019 addition.

After Dollywood we hit Kings Island and then headed home. No Kings Island report since I am there so often but it was another good visit. Leave your comments, look at the pictures, and look forward to the beginning of my New England trip reports! Thanks for reading!
So blank back in June, now a bunch of ride pieces and a lift hill are sitting here
Very solid addition with amazing views
Come on it's not that bad
Wow these are really out of order
That blasted finger
God. Bless.
Thank you dirt cheap timesaver for so many LR rides!
Dang it... Finger get out of the way
Thanks for reading!

Re: Bluestreak's 2018 Photo TR Collection!

Tue Nov 20, 2018 4:16 pm

Great report!

I agree 100% about Lightning Rod at night. It's out of control and there isn't a sliver of light on the backside of the mountain. It was especially magical at Christmas when you crest the quad down and see all the lights below.

Re: Bluestreak's 2018 Photo TR Collection!

Tue Nov 20, 2018 7:00 pm

I see you left out the part about how Mystery Mine is the best ride at Dollywood, but otherwise great report.

Re: Bluestreak's 2018 Photo TR Collection!

Tue Nov 20, 2018 7:59 pm

ytterbiumanalyst wrote:I see you left out the part about how Mystery Mine is the best ride at Dollywood, but otherwise great report.

Haha I never said it wasn't, I'm just saying Lightning Rod is fantastic. ;)

Re: Bluestreak's 2018 Photo TR Collection!

Sun Mar 03, 2019 11:01 pm

Alright time to start my report from our trip to New England. We took this trip from a Monday night through the following Saturday sometime in early August, I forget which days exactly. The plan was to drive about halfway from our home in Cleveland to Great Escape Monday night after work, drive to Great Escape early Tuesday before driving the rest of our way to our hotel in Springfield, MA about 10-15 minutes away from Six Flags New England. The plan then for Wednesday-Friday was to hit Quassy, Lake Compounce, and Canobie Lake Park in the afternoons before heading back "home" to Six Flags at night. Saturday then was to travel home, hitting Seabreeze in Rochester, NY and Waldameer in Erie, PA (the only park we had been to prior to this trip). It was a lot but we made it work and had a great time.

So Monday night I got out of work at around 8pm and we were off for hotel that was actually only about 20 minutes from Darien Lake. Had Darien Lake been officially a Six Flags park at this point we would have stopped since we have passes but it was not to be this year.

Tuesday morning we were up early and on our way to The Great Escape. I've always heard that this park is very different from standard Six Flags parks as far as appearance and I couldn't agree more. When looking at their ride lineup it is obvious this is different from your usual Six Flags offerings. No Goliath, or Batman, or Superman. Just a very nice visual park with some mid-sized thrills that make it great for family getaways.

Obviously, as coaster enthusiasts, we were here for really one reason only. Comet. I've only ever heard fantastic things about Comet, and given its historical significance, We were eager to try it. Upon entering the park (beautiful entrance might I add) we made a beeline down the very far from standard six flags looking midway towards Comet.

Comet is located in a weird part of the park. It is quite literally over the river and through the woods (fitting for the park formerly known as Storytown) to get to the ride as you cross over a river and through the woods that hold part of the waterpark to get to the ride that sits up against the foothills of the Adirondacks. We could see it back there as we passed by the closed bobsled coaster. I had read that that ride almost never operates and was prepared to not ride it, its a shame that we didn't get to ride it but at least it wasn't Comet that was closed.... Uh oh.

We finally made it to Comet and while the two trains were on the track, there were no ride ops to be seen. Only a couple mechanics and a sign proclaiming that Comet was currently closed. Well crap.

We were happy to see that there were mechanics there working on it so we figured we'd hit the few other credits in the park and come back, expecting it to be open by then.

Off we went to their surprisingly well themed ghost town. The buildings actually looked great and the complete lack of anybody in the whole section of the park really drove home the ghost town feel! Jokes aside, the area did look very nice and there were plenty of people there, they were just in the waterpark and standing by Comet hoping for it to open.

Canyon Blaster was the first coaster we hit in the park. Nothing special, just a rather short mine train coaster that was really smooth. One of my favorite mine trains.

After a ride on the log flume right next door we went back toward the front of the park, catching a ride on Steamin Demon on the way. It's an arrow, it loops, it corkscrews, you get the drill. Moving on....

Over to Boomerang, catching rides on the park's drop tower Sasquatch and the Larson loop. After riding the standard boomerang (that had a really really nice looking queue), we went back towards Comet thinking it would surely be open by now. Right? Wrong. Same deal as before. Well at least the mechanics were still there and working. The only issue was it was already getting late. It was probably 3pm at this point and the park closed at 7.

We explored the rest of the park grabbing a bite to eat (good beef bowl, above normal six flags quality food) and hitting a few flats. It became obvious that we were out of things to do so around 4:30 we went back to Comet and just sat. Hoping somehow they get the ride open in time to get just one lap before the park closed. We waited...

and waited

and waited

you get the point.

Finally there was life. The mechanics came in from the brake run where they were working and went to the station. We heard a buzzer and the lift started up. Off it went, empty, but there was life. A couple test runs later a very nice mechanic came out to tell us and the few other people who had also gathered that they just had to wait for the ride crew to show up and do their daily tests and the ride would open. I applaud that mechanic for his honesty with us, otherwise if we saw them leaving we would've probably followed suit and gotten a head start on our drive to Springfield. Finally about 5:10 the crew got there, did their tests and we were ready to roll.

We were alerted by the op who opened the gate for us that the even though the park closed at 7, Comet would close at 6 for a private event. No matter. It seemed we had nearly an hour almost to ourselves anyways so into the front seat we went thanks to being first in line. Seatbelts buckled and lapbars pulled down, it seemed we were only seconds away from finally riding right?!?!? Wrong again.

As the ride ops finished checking the seats, there was a phone call. There was lightning in the area and obviously, Comet couldn't operate. We exited as if we had actually ridden but actually all we had done was sat in the seat. We went back to our spot at the closed again entrance. The skies got darker and darker, although it never rained and we only heard a couple rumbles of thunder. At about 5:45 we heard another phone call and Comet was open, for real this time!

Front seat again, lapbars checked, "all clear" and off we went. There was no stopping us now. Up the extremely fast lifthill we went and through the outstanding, smooth, airtime filled ride and into the brakes. An outstanding ride for sure. It feels like a classic, without compromising modern smoothness. Airtime all over the place. 10/10 for sure. We had just enough time for another lap, this time in the back. I preferred the front but the back was great as well. Bottom line, we got on Comet.

We still had an hour to kill so we hit Canyon Blaster and Sasquatch one more time each, shopped a little bit and went on our way.

I must commend Great Escape for staying true to their family park roots, even though they are owned by one of the largest amusement park corporations in the world. The park looks absolutely stunning. No, its not Busch Gardens level but for a small, forgotten Six Flags park it is wonderful and really charming.

It is unfortunate that we only got two laps on Comet, but the ride was amazing and the park was good enough that I can totally see myself making a return trip in the future. If you're in the area, stopping in for a few hours is well worth it.

After what ended up being a great day, we went on our way to Springfield so we could get some sleep before going to Canobie Lake Park the next day, the sleeper hit of the trip.

Thank you for reading, enjoy the pictures and please comment! I love reading and replying to your comments!
View from the parking lot
Over the bridge we go. This would be a theme at both six flags parks this trip
Steamin Demon welcomes you
Finally at the entrance
Are we sure this is a Six Flags?
Cute mainstreet
It's a boomerang
New ride for 2018... Fun little ride
Not a surprise... looked fun though
Still closed...
Fun little ride as well
But Comet :(
Still waiting...
Yay a credit!
Ghost town
And another arrow
Log flume station
More arrow
Always love S&S towers
This was my first Larson loop. Surprisingly fun! Much better than the carnival versions.
A boomerang not named boomerang.
Back to Comet... It's still closed
Finally!!!! Wait first a brief delay for lightning
Goodbye Comet. I'll be back some day.
Another ride on Steamin Demon can't hurt right?
It hurt.
That's all from Great Escape!
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