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Re: Bluestreak's 2018 Photo TR Collection!

Fri Jun 08, 2018 6:27 pm

Time has not been in my favor so no coasterstock report for the time being. I'm sure you've all seen the behind the scenes photos already anyways.
My big trip of the summer starts tomorrow. The itinerary is as follows:
Saturday June 9th: Kings Dominion
Sunday June 10th: Busch Gardens Williamsburg
Monday June 11th: Kings Dominion/Carowinds
Tuesday June 12th: Carowinds
Wednesday June 13th: Six Flags Over Georgia
Thursday June 14th: Six Flags/Lake Winnie
Friday June 15th: Dollywood
Saturday June 16th: Dollywood
Sunday June 17th: Kings Island
Monday June 18th: Kings Island
I'm super excited. This is the biggest trip we've ever done and it's filled with world class parks and rides, plus two parks I've ever been to which are Six Flags and Lake Winnie.
The plan is to type up reports upon returning to our hotel at the end of each night.

Re: Bluestreak's 2018 Photo TR Collection!

Sat Jun 09, 2018 8:51 pm

Hey I'm actually staying on top of my trip reports.... At least for now.
Kings Dominion Day 1:
Driving through Fredericksburg on I95, there was a ton of traffic, as per usual. The area felt crowded. That, and it was a Saturday in the summer made it seem obvious that Kings Dominion would be packed, so we didn't expect much.
Getting off the highway we quietly prepared ourselves to lay eyes on a completely full parking lot.... But... We didn't. The parking lot was maybe a quarter of the way full. I didn't believe it. I thought there had to be more parking somewhere that we weren't seeing or like 72827 busses of tourists and school groups and the like hiding. But there wasn't. The park was miraculously empty, and many of those who were there found themselves in the waterpark on this 90+ degree day.

So off we went to Twisted Timbers trying to make sure we didn't end up missing out on rides on it like we did back in April. We got to the ride, and still not believing that the park was actually that empty, expected an hour wait in front of us. Not so. The line was only in the station and within 15 minutes we were sitting in the front seat.
After an amazing ride back in line we went, except this time we sat in the back row. Another amazing ride.

Having ridden Steel Vengeance over 20 times, I can confidently say that this ride is obviously no Steel Vengeance, but that being said it's still an absolutely brilliant ride. It's almost like a mini steel vengeance with some of the same elements but smaller and not as intense​.

After this we decided it was time to make a lap around the park. Not encountering any lines at all, we got on just about everything. Very productive day at Kings Dominion.

One down side was that Volcano was down the whole day but that was to be expected. With the other three amazing coasters this park has, it wasn't a huge loss. Especially after riding it a few times back in April.

Ride ops were above average. Friendly, courteous, and great at getting trains out quickly. Par for the course at Cedar Fair parks.
Food can use some improvement, but the Mac and cheese place is still amazing. Really great amusement park food.

Our day was cut a little short by a large thunderstorm, but that didn't put a damper on our day at all. Overall a great day to start a long trip.
Busch Gardens tomorrow. Hopefully the weather cooperates.

Twisted Timbers 2x
Drop Tower 2x
Grizzly 2x
Racer75​ 3x
Drop Tower 2x
Apple Zapple 1x
Windseeker 1x
Flying Eagles 1x
Antique Cars 1x
Flying Ace 1x
Anaconda 1x
I305 2x
Backlot 1x
Boo Blasters 1x
Dominator 1x
Avalanche 1x

Thanks for reading and here's some pictures... Hopefully.
My kind of station
You're welcome Bill.

Re: Bluestreak's 2018 Photo TR Collection!

Sun Jun 10, 2018 8:29 pm

Busch Gardens time. After our surprise visit in April in the rain/sleet/snow/I don't know but this really sucks, we were really ready to return to Busch Gardens and the beautiful weather made it a wonderful day.

The weather was in the low 90s all day and it didn't rain until right before the park closed. It wasn't crowded at all and we got plenty of rides in.

The park itself is obviously above and beyond beautiful. I can't even imagine the time and effort Busch Gardens puts in to make the park look as amazing as it does.

Invadr is really a fun ride. Yes it is clearly toned down from other GCIs, it still has a wild and out of control feeling that I've come to love from riding GCI coasters.

I still don't get Alpengeist. I really want to love the ride, and my usual taste in coasters would make one think that I would love Alpengeist. But I just don't. I don't know why but it just doesn't do it for me. Oh well.

Griffon and Apollo's Chariot are still amazing. The more I ride Griffon the more I like it better than Valravn.

Verbolten, Nessie, and Tempesto were all fun as usual, but I still don't understand the "comfort" collar on Tempesto but whatever.

Another huge standout at Busch Gardens is the food. It's just absolutely amazing and slightly cheaper than a lot of amusement park food.

The more I visit this park, the more I realize how much I love it and definitely think it's one of my favorite couple amusement parks. It's always a good day at Busch Gardens.

Light crowds made for a ton of rides. Here's the scorecard:
Apollo's Chariot 12x
Griffon 3x
Alpengeist 1x
Le Scoot 1x
Tempesto 1x
Nessie 2x
Verbolten 1x
Battle for Eire 2x
Invadr 6x
Skyride from France to Germany 1x
Escape from Pompeii 2x

That's all from Busch Gardens. Tomorrow is Kings Dominion in the morning then a drive to Carowinds for some evening rides on Fury!

Here's some pictures, don't be afraid to leave some comments!
2 months ago I took this same picture and it was 40 degrees
Happy 40th Nessie!
Don't get it but it's still a beautiful ride

Re: Bluestreak's 2018 Photo TR Collection!

Sun Jun 10, 2018 11:25 pm

Great reports of Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens!

I didn't realize the park added the 40th anniversary details on the front of Nessie's trains. That's a really nice touch and I'm glad the park appreciates their historical coaster.

Re: Bluestreak's 2018 Photo TR Collection!

Tue Jun 12, 2018 6:50 am

Nothing of note yesterday so no real report.
Rainy. Drive. Rainy. Today is a full day at Carowinds before driving to Six Flags Over Georgia.

Re: Bluestreak's 2018 Photo TR Collection!

Tue Jun 12, 2018 8:18 pm

Checked into our hotel literally across the street from Six Flags Over Georgia with a nice view of Goliath from our room.

Today was a great day at Carowinds. It was actually the most crowded I've ever seen it but still, Fury and Intimidator were 15 minutes or less. Everything else was actually slightly longer (waited 30 minutes for Goldrusher!!!!!) than we're used to but it was still a fun day.
We mostly focused on our favorites since we really only had today at Carowinds thanks to a storm washing us out on Monday night. No Nighthawk, Cobra, Vortex, Etc this trip.

Fury is still just amazing. Definitely a top 5 coaster.
Intimidator was way better than I remember it last year. The trims didn't seem as heavy and it's right next to Diamondback, which I adore, in my rankings.
Afterburn is also still really fun. Very smooth and forceful, and I really love the new mist affect in the bottom of the batwing.

Construction is moving right along on next year's project. Looked like they were beginning to put in some footers. Whatever it ends up being, I'm sure Mack is gonna knock it out of the park.

Operations outside of the big 3 were meh but friendly workers.
We didn't eat outside of Harmony Hall for any of our 3 meals. The selection in there is great and all very very tasty.

So all in all, even through it was an abbreviated trip to Carowinds (last year we spent 3 days there) it was a lot of fun. On to Six Flags Over Georgia tomorrow which is a new park for us!

Scorecard for the day:
Fury 9x
Intimidator 5x
Afterburn 2x
Carolina Cyclone 1x
Hurler 1x
Drop Tower 1x
Skytower 1x
Carolina Goldrusher 1x
Windseeker 1x
Zephyr 1x

Unfortunately the pictures don't want to upload tonight... I guess I'll try tomorrow along with the six flags pictures. Ugh. Technology.
I had a few cool pictures of the storm from monday I was excited to share too. Oh well. :roll:

Re: Bluestreak's 2018 Photo TR Collection!

Wed Jun 13, 2018 7:21 pm

This is from Monday before the storm
Fury never reopened
Seems vaguely familiar

Re: Bluestreak's 2018 Photo TR Collection!

Thu Jun 14, 2018 6:37 am

Six Flags Over Georgia day 1:
We have never been to this park before, but knowing it's one of the original six flags parks, and one of the bigger ones in the chain, we knew it would definitely be a fun park to be at. And we weren't wrong. The rides were fun, the staff was nice, and the park had some of the best landscaping we've ever seen at a Six Flags park.

Crowds were super light so we got on everything very easily. Never waiting more than 10 minutes for anything, even twisted cyclone.

A lot of rides were breaking down all day but luckily it didn't really affect us too much.

Most of the rides were a lot of fun.
Twisted Cyclone reminded me of a very small scale Steel Vengeance. A lot of the same elements but in a very small ride layout. For what it is, it is an amazing ride. I don't know how RMC does it.

Goliath has a very interesting layout, but unfortunately we were feeling headaches already and Goliath only added to it. Not that it was rough but there was a noticeable rattle at the bottom of the first couple drops. Again, I think we were overly sensitive since we both had nasty headaches. The last 3 hills through the trees are a lot of fun. Super strong air time there.

We had always heard that Georgia Scorcher was the best standup coaster. It delivered. Very smooth throughout and it had a very fun twisty layout.

Mindbender was also a lot of fun. Super super smooth classic coaster.

Also of note is that while the park opened at 10:30, they opened the gates a little after 10 and let us ride Cyclone and Scorcher early.

Scorecard for the day:
Goliath 3x
Twisted Cyclone 7x
Acrophobia 2x
Mine train 1x
DDD 2x
Justice League 2x
Superman 1x
Blue Hawk (yuck) 1x
Batman 1x
Sky buckets 1x
Bug Bunny on the High Seas 1x
Wonder woman 1x
Joker funhouse coaster 1x
Log Jamboree 1x
Mindbender 1x
Scorcher 2x
Monster Mansion 1x
Six Flags Railroad 1x

I'm probably forgetting some flat rides.... We sure got on a lot!

No pictures because my phone is being a pain. Hopefully tomorrow with Lake Winnie.

Re: Bluestreak's 2018 Photo TR Collection!

Thu Jun 14, 2018 9:01 am

Great photo of Carowinds! That sky definitely looks ominous.

Bummer you weren't able to fully enjoy Goliath. That's easily one of the best B&M hypers.

Re: Bluestreak's 2018 Photo TR Collection!

Thu Jun 14, 2018 10:05 pm

Six Flags Pictures! Lake Winnie report coming tomorrow after we're done at Dollywood!
Love love love these trains
Very cool
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