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Re: Photo TR: Canobie Coaster's World Adventures

Fri Feb 22, 2019 12:03 pm

The vehicles already spin, so I don't know how much value would be added making the ride trackless. Really that whole park is crammed in there pretty creatively. Gerstlauer really had their work cutout getting Galaxy Orbiter to fit.

Re: Photo TR: Canobie Coaster's World Adventures

Fri Feb 22, 2019 12:11 pm

Six Flags Magic Mountain

I apologize in advance, but this update won't have many photos. With limited time at a park this huge, I was too busy riding coasters to take many photos.

Every time I visit Six Flags Magic Mountain, I fully expect that I’ll need a Flash Pass. It seemed especially likely on a sunny 70 degree weekend day. But the coaster gods were on my side and the park was relatively empty.

It did require me to make some concessions. For the most part, rides were a walk-on but there were a few exceptions. Twisted Colossus was running at half capacity so that ride had a 60-90 minute wait all day. Fortunately my Diamond Elite skip-the-line passes worked like a charm there. YOLOcoaster had a 30-45 minute wait, but I’m not willing to skip that ride.

I did skip Goliath though. As far as hypers go, it’s at the bottom of the barrel. But it’s still a hyper. However, it was only running one train and posting a 2+ hour wait all afternoon. The other ride we skipped was CraZanity. It’s a fun ride, but I have a similar flat back at SFNE.

Our first stop was X2. Even with a Flash Pass, X2 was a tedious 30-40 minute wait back in December due to one train operations. Fortunately X2 was back to two trains and even better, it was just a one train wait. I have never seen X2’s line that short, so I was ecstatic.

I was even more interested to see my buddy’s reactions on X2. Every other time I’ve been to SFMM, no one in my group wanted to ride X2 with me. Since it would be his first time on X2, I graciously offered to take the outside seat, knowing full well it was the bumpier of the two. But he wanted the extra freedom.

X2 had both of us laughing like preschoolers. The whole concept of the ride is absolutely insane- a vertical drop with a 360 degree flip, a zero-G roll mixed with a back flip, some sort of side flip, and ridiculously forceful raven turns. Without hesitation, he proclaimed X2 as his favorite ride ever.

So naturally we went back around. This time I took the outside and while it was noticeably bumpier, I am willing to look past it simply because of how unique and ambitious X2 is. Much to my shock, my buddy actually preferred the outside seat since he thought the bumpiness added to the ride, so there was zero conflict on any subsequent rides. It’s not perfect, but it’s truly breathtaking. 9.5 out of 10

I was also happy to see Viper reopen after its rehab. Now I really like Viper, but I only ride it once per visit simply because of the rest of this park’s lineup. The first half is very forceful. You have a snappy first drop followed by three loops that had me seeing grey. Arrow loops are very underrated in this department.

I could see others complaining about the second half, as the MCBR brings the train to a complete halt. This causes the second half to drag. However, I love the unintended effect of the batwing and corkscrew having really funky hangtime for an Arrow looper. 8 out of 10

Tatsu barely had any queue, so we decided to wait a few extra trains for the very front. Outside of Flying Dinosaur, this is my favorite flyer. The ride’s placement on the hill is what makes this ride. Well that and the absolutely bonkers pretzel loop. All pretzel loops are awesome, but the Tatsu’s is gargantuan in size and you can feel the additional G-forces. 9.5 out of 10

Superman was also closed during my fall visit, so I was interested in reriding it. Luckily we rode it earlier in the day since both sides were operational. This allowed us to board in 20 minutes. Later in the day, the posted wait was an hour. Plus it allowed me to finally get my credit on the right side. :lol:

Superman’s launch isn’t the most forceful, but it lasts forever. You reach a point where you keep thinking you can’t possibly accelerate anymore, yet you keep doing so. I remember all the old Discovery Show channels showing Superman giving ridiculous hangtime. Maybe it’s just me, but I couldn’t feel it. I never really do on vertical spikes.

That being said, I did appreciate the sheer height of the ride and the amazing view though. Plus by riding in the front row (or back row, reversed trains are confusing), we got one heck of a breeze speeding back towards the station. 7 out of 10

Not only was the coaster open, but the Superman midway was open too! It's the small victories in life.

My buddy had never been on a suspended coaster, so he was caught completely off-guard by Ninja’s violent swings towards the end of the ride. I love those final swings by Jet Stream, but the ride does take a while to get up to speed. That’s something where Vortex and Bat don’t have an issue. 6 out of 10

Note the progress on West Coast Racers as of January 27.

As mentioned, the skip-the-line passes were absolute saviors at Twisted Colossus. Interestingly, Twisted Colossus wasn’t even listed as an option on the Flash Pass board for the day, so I was shocked our skip-the-line passes were even valid for the park’s awesome RMC.

Back in December I seriously debated if Twisted Colossus was better than Steel Vengeance. I must have been high on Flags Famous Chicken Strips or something. :lol: Twisted Colossus is still a world-class ride, but the intermission mid-ride is a major downside compared to the non-stop nature of Steel Vengeance.

The halt in the middle does allow riders to experience the first drop twice. The ride is littered with abrupt and forceful ejector air with the strongest moments occurring on that first turnaround. The entries and exits to that turnaround are among the best airtime moments on a RMC. 10 out of 10

Scream is a ride that would be a star attraction at most parks. At SFMM, it’s just another coaster. That being said, I always ride it at least once and it is a solid floorless coaster. The parking lot setting is Six Flags at its finest, but I prefer to focus on the barrage of inversions. Now while I enjoy this ride, is it wrong I sort of prefer Viper? 8 out of 10

Twisted Colossus Double Up.jpg
The parking lot theming is top notch. Prestine lines and plenty of cars.

As a whole, I didn’t have an issue with SFMM’s operations. Dispatches were tolerable, most rides were open, and the staff was friendly. The one issue I had all day was at YOLOcoaster. It was the shortest queue I had ever seen for YOLOcoaster; we started near the end of the tent.

Anyone who has ridden YOLOcoaster knows there’s that awkward plaza between the first and second part of the queue that intersects with the exit. Unfortunately, the park was not monitoring this so people were immediately getting off the ride and getting right back onto the second part of the queue. Meanwhile the employees weren’t allowing us to proceed into the second part of the queue until it shortened.

I know YOLOcoaster usually has assigned seating, but I figured I could try requesting the front row. We were told the front row queue was too long, so instead we were assigned row two. Except the messed up part was that the front row queue actually had the shortest wait. Instead I had to wait an extra 3-4 cycles for the second row plus a 10-15 minute breakdown.

These operational hiccups aside, YOLOcoaster is an absolute rush. The juxtaposition of the slow, hangtime filled inversions and fast launches makes for a neat ride. And then you have that bizarre top hat that delivers two major pops of ejector air, one over the top and another when you engage the brakes on the way down. 9 out of 10

Yes having a big drop into a brake run sort of stinks, but this is more of a ride than Ka or Dragster.

I just love how they have a picture of monks riding the Scandia Screamer (RIP).

In the last hour, we made a lap getting a reride on X2 and hitting the three looping coasters we had missed. The first was the New/Classic Revolution. Outside of the loop, which naturally delivers, Revolution isn’t the most forceful coaster. But it does have a wonderful setting through the woods. 7 out of 10

In classic Six Flags fashion, there were conflicting signs out front if this was the New or Classic Revolution. Which is it?

I thought it was a Christmas miracle getting good rides on Riddler’s Revenge and Green Lantern (Great Adventure’s, not that lawn ornament at this park). But Riddler’s Revenge again delivered a comfortable and intense ride. I feel like I’ve finally cracked the code how to properly ride these B&M stand-ups. For me, the key is to have the OSTR bottom out on my shoulder so I can avoid headbanging. 8 out of 10


My buddy was blown away by Batman. To me, it’s one of the best clones out there. To him, it felt completely unique. He had ridden Great Adventure’s Batman clone a few years ago, but that was while they had the backwards train. Batman was absolutely hauling, even more so than usual. My legs felt like they were about to explode as we surged into the brake run. 8.5 out of 10

We finished the night with one last ride on Twisted Colossus. Even though the queue was only 1.5 switchbacks deep, I believe it took us 30-40 minutes to board the front row of what ended up being the final train of the night. As an added bonus, we got a half duel. I would have loved to have ridden Twisted Colossus more than twice, but it just wasn’t feasible with that queue.

While we only had time for one lap on most coasters, we had a fantastic time. My buddy proclaimed it as the best amusement park he has ever visited. While I won’t go that far, it does have the best coaster collection outside of Cedar Point. For that reason alone, it is one of my favorite parks. Plus they’ve been revitalizing different sections of the park with each new addition.

Really my biggest gripe against the park now is the hours of operation. Yes it’s awesome that the park is now open 365 days (assuming none of those 365 days have rain), but I just wish the park was open longer than 6-7 hours. Even with no queues, you really can’t do everything in one day.

Re: Photo TR: Canobie Coaster's World Adventures

Fri Feb 22, 2019 1:53 pm

It is not wrong that you prefer Viper. I think it's a great old Arrow with the intense transitions of a classic Schwarzkopf, even though it can be a little rough at times (I found it very smooth in the front seat)

But great trip report as always!

Re: Photo TR: Canobie Coaster's World Adventures

Fri Feb 22, 2019 2:38 pm

Thanks! I actually can't remember if I've ever ridden Viper in the front. I think I always pick the back car.

Re: Photo TR: Canobie Coaster's World Adventures

Sat Feb 23, 2019 2:02 pm

Put me in the camp of preferring Viper over Scream as well. It is much more forceful, unique, and better-placed (scenery wise). And you can brace for the rough parts on Viper and avoid head-banging if you're the right height, but on Scream, you can't do anything about a ride that runs on octagonal wheels.

Glad you had a good day. I'm going sometime during the week of March 11-15, so I'm hoping I will luck out with crowds and not need a Flash Pass.

Re: Photo TR: Canobie Coaster's World Adventures

Sat Feb 23, 2019 2:31 pm

I've never had anything more than a mild rattle on Scream but it was running well last month.

Re: Photo TR: Canobie Coaster's World Adventures

Mon Feb 25, 2019 10:46 am

I prefer Viper over Scream too. I love that first drop in the front row!

Re: Photo TR: Canobie Coaster's World Adventures

Mon Feb 25, 2019 11:03 am

Sounds like I really need to try Viper up front the next time I visit then.

Re: Photo TR: Canobie Coaster's World Adventures

Tue Feb 26, 2019 4:00 am

Gunstock Mountain and the World’s Largest Arcade

I’m a pretty bad New Englander. Until two years ago, I had never gone skiing. And until last weekend, I had never gone tubing. If I’m going to live in a snow-covered freezer for a quarter of the year, I figured I should at least make use of one of the advantages.

We ultimately decided to visit Gunstock Mountain. There were tubing places closer to my apartment, but Gunstock offered a trump card over the others- a mountain coaster. I always forget I can ride these in the winter months. Instead I always think Fun World’s indoor Orient Express is my only coaster option in New England in January-February. :lol:

Gunstock sold tubing blocks in two-hour intervals. In theory, that should limit crowds. However, the tubing hill had a 30-40 minute wait. Did they oversell tickets? Possibly. But there were two culprits I saw- unsupervised children who refused to relinquish their tubes and the fact that Gunstock wasn’t checking anyone’s tickets.

We visited on a day after it had rained. When temperatures plummeted into the teens, the hill froze over. This resulted in some wildly fast conditions. They were so fast that they weren’t allowing double rides unless you had two small kids (another factor that may have contributed to the wait).

While my initial ride was fast, something seemed off. It almost felt like I was dragging a sack of bricks. All of the other tubes breezed past me, including little kids. Unfortunately Gunstock failed to mention there was a difference between the tubes and I grabbed a red tube.

Blue tubes with a black bottoms are the fastest; the bottom was slick as ice and smooth as a baby’s bottom. Blue tubes with white bottoms and red tubes are slow. Upon closer inspection, the bottom surface of these tubes felt like sandpaper.

My two subsequent rides were much more enjoyable. I comfortably overshot the runoff area and careened into the inflatable barrier at the end. That’s when you know you built up some serious speed. :lol:

In icy conditions, we flew down the hill.

Honestly our biggest mistake wasn’t riding the Mountain Coaster more. Unlimited rides on the coaster were included with the two hour tubing time slot. However, it seemed like most people seemed hell bent on tubing so the coaster line wasn’t more than 5-10 minutes. Better yet, Gunstock had no qualms letting people wait an extra minute or so to avoid slower traffic.

As far as mountain coasters go, this one is probably towards the bottom. None of the turns made me feel like my sled would careen off the track. However, there were 2-3 dips that delivered tiny pops of air and it was neat riding one of these in almost total darkness. 7 out of 10

Mountain Coaster Station.jpg
Other than a little light on the front of the car, the course was in complete darkness.

At the end of our two hours, we very well could have stuck around but our moral compasses told us better. Instead we drove to Fun Spot. No, not that that Fun Spot. Get those images of Mine Blower and White Lightning out of your head. We aren’t crazy enough to drive 25 hours after a day of tubing.

Just 10-15 minutes from Gunstock Mountain is Fun Spot, the Guinness World Record holder for the world’s largest arcade. In terms of footprint, the facility is impressive. It comprises two different buildings, one of which is three stories tall.

So I feel like they sort of cheated to get the title as the world’s largest arcade though. In terms of square footage, it’s definitely the largest arcade I have visited. However, there’s a ton of empty space. Most arcades I’ve visited have games shoulder to shoulder like an airline’s economy seating. Fun Spot was like a first class suite. Some game rooms literally had nothing in the center.

Fun Spot Exterior.jpg
You know you're in New Hampshire when paved parking is an attraction.

The one exception is the retro arcade room. If you’re a fan of retro arcade games, you should grab some Vaseline and a box of Kleenex. It’s lined wall-to-wall with classics- retro pinball machines, Donkey Kong, Galaga, 1980s IPs, and the list goes on and on.

And unlike most newer arcades, the prices are still ridiculously cheap. Most games required only one token. $5 was all we needed to stay busy for an hour. We probably only played 10% of the games in that room, but it was an absolute blast. Yes I love the playing Red Dead Redemption on my HD TV, but it’s nice appreciating what was available before PlayStation and XBOX.

Two of my personal favorites were probably the Hercules pinball machine and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Hercules is a comically oversized pinball machine. It’s like playing with a golf ball instead of the little metal ball. Then I love Indiana Jones and I was dying at some of the text boxes like “You have failed to rescue the caged children. Mola Ram is pleased.”

Retro Games.jpg
I felt like I stepped back in time.

Donkey Kong.jpg
I had never played Donkey Kong so I corrected that.

Indiana Jones.jpg
"You have failed to rescue the caged children. Mola Ram will be pleased."

Frisky Tom.jpg
Well that sounds promiscuous.

Hercules Pinball.jpg
You had this hulking pinball machine.

Playboy Pinball.jpg
Or you could play Robert Kraft's favorite.

In terms of redemption games, Fun Spot is definitely lacking. If you want to win 2000 tickets and walk home with a giant teddy bear, this is not the arcade for you. But if you love retro games, Fun Spot is a must.

They also have a gigantic bowling alley. For New Englanders, they have candlepin. For tourists, they have 10 pin but I don’t know why you’d ever want to play that. You get one less ball and can’t get nearly as much velocity. :lol:

They also had a really neat mini golf course. There was no attendant, so balls were dispensed from a vending machine for $5 a piece. As I’ve said in other reports, I love mini golf courses with obstacles and Fun Spot’s fit the bill. Most holes were themed to classis New Hampshire structures like train stations, churches, and schoolhouses.

But I was porked by one of the last holes. I was just barely ahead of my girlfriend until we came across a hole with a His hole and a Her hole (that sounds wrong). The Her hole is a perfect straightaway, on which she got a hole-in-one. The His hole jutted off to the side and required you to hit this tiny slanted wall. Needless to say I missed and I still put an asterisk next to her victory.

Mini Golf Overview.jpg
It's impressive they fit an 18 hole mini golf course in there.

Mini Golf Dispenser.jpg
Self service.

Mini Golf His and Her.jpg
I was doing so well until this hole.

If you’re traveling between Canobie and Story Land/Santa’s Village, chances are that you’ll pass near this arcade. They’re open quite late on weekends, so it’s well worth a stop if you love classic arcade games.

Plus you can also get a photo with the best named road ever, Rollercoaster Road. I thought my girlfriend was BSing me when she said we were turning onto that road, but that’s how you get back to the highway from Fun Spot.

Rollercoaster Road.jpg
If I were ever going to swipe a street sign, that would have been the one.

Re: Photo TR: Canobie Coaster's World Adventures

Tue Feb 26, 2019 6:07 am

Nice! I love retro arcade games. So glad there is a barcade less than .75 from my house.

And I loved playing Indiana Jones back in the day at my local arcade. "Soon Kali Ma will rule the world."
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