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Re: Photo TR: Canobie Coaster's 2018 US Adventures

Thu Apr 05, 2018 9:45 am

^ Thanks! Glad my experience on the school newspaper pays off for something.

Why do I have a feeling Mt. Olympus has go karts that are equally as fast but on more poorly maintained tracks? Based on the reviews I've heard from that place, I just picture multilevel tracks littered with potholes.

Re: Photo TR: Canobie Coaster's 2018 US Adventures

Thu Apr 05, 2018 9:59 am

Let's be honest here. That cat is better than 90% of ride ops out there!

Re: Photo TR: Canobie Coaster's 2018 US Adventures

Thu Apr 05, 2018 12:08 pm

Great report! The cat thing is hilarious. :lol:

Re: Photo TR: Canobie Coaster's 2018 US Adventures

Thu Apr 05, 2018 12:57 pm

SharkTums wrote:Let's be honest here. That cat is better than 90% of ride ops out there!

Thanks! The cat even went ride to ride. How's that for productivity?



coasterbill wrote:Great report! The cat thing is hilarious. :lol:

Thanks! I remember seeing a cat strolling around Splashin' Safari last year but that cat lacked the work ethic of Fun Spot Cat.

Re: Photo TR: Canobie Coaster's 2018 US Adventures

Mon Apr 09, 2018 7:25 pm

Fun Spot Orlando

While I prefer the Kissimmee location, I couldn't spend a week down in Florida without visiting Fun Spot Orlando at least once. Unlike my rushed November visits where I was in and out in less than an hour, I had 4-5 hours. That was plenty of time to rack up my White Lightning ride count, try all the crazy go kart tracks, and experience all the flat rides.

Fun Spot Sign.jpg
I had fun. I was at Fun Spot. If you don't have fun, shove some Fun Dip in your face until you start having fun.

But my visit began with me committing one of the cardinal sins of amusement park visits (unless the park is named Knoebels)- arriving at the park on an empty stomach. I was expecting nothing more than a few food stands, but the park actually had an impressive food court located below the massive SkyCoaster nonetheless.

Because apparently the temperatures were considered frigid (60 degrees...Floridians :lmao: ), the diner was pretty busy relative to the rest of the empty park. The burger I ordered was actually really good and the portion of fries was gigantic; it was actually a struggle to finish. I sat by the bar wearing my shorts and a t-shirt watching a meteorologist on tv freak out about the chilly conditions predicted for the rest of the week.

I don't think I'll ever get a burger this good at Six Flags.

All loaded up on grease, I decided to start with the park's star attraction, White Lightning. For a coaster less than 70 feet tall, White Lightning absolutely hauls through the course. The Yankee Cannonball is comparable in terms of height and length, but the coaster crawls over the final bunny hills. Meanwhile White Lightning doesn't have a single slow spot.

For what is essentially an out-and-back coaster, White Lightning boasts an impressive amount of laterals. The twisting first drop will pin you to the side of your seat and every other hill seems to mix in laterals as well. And like all good out-and-back coasters, White Lightning also has several good pops of air.

I got just short of a dozen rides scattered across the train. I think I preferred the front, but it's a fantastic coaster in every seat. 8.5 out of 10

White Lightning First Drop (Night).jpg
How was this the only photo I took of White Lightning?

Complimenting White Lightning is the Freedom Flyer, which is currently Orlando's only VR coaster (and I hope SeaWorld keeps it this way). It's rare to find a VR coaster that is a total walk-on. Did I consider it? For a second, but why would I choose it over a front row view. The front is particularly awesome on Freedom Flyer. With the low-resting lap bar, you feel completely open.

While White Lightning is wild and speedy, Freedom Flyer is graceful. I absolutely love the ride's placement over walkways. For the most part, the ride isn't very wild, but the last helix at ground level pulls some pretty impressive Gs. 6 out of 10

Freedom Flyer Overview.jpg
How do you theme a ride with freedom in the name? Stick a flag on it.

Freedom Flyer Finale.jpg
Not quite Goliath's helix of death, but this is pretty forceful for a family coaster.

As I learned from my Kissimmee visits, the go karts at Fun Spot are a must. Orlando offers 4 tracks. All have insanely fast carts and there's enough variety between the tracks to justify experiencing them all.

Conquest was my personal favorite. If you read my Kissimmee review, you know that I loved the Vortex for the massive drop of death. Conquest may have a taller drop. It isn't quite as steep, but it's still dang steep for a go kart track. It also adds to the experience that the park has a sign encouraging you to "just go for it" atop the hill, so naturally I floored it and got more terrifying go kart airtime. 9 out of 10.

Conquest Overview.jpg
If they built this in California, it would be among the best rides in the state for airtime.

Commander is probably the favorite among park-goers judging by the queue. And I can see why. It's the longest and most involved track. The layout is impossible to memorize, but it includes a nice mix of twists and turns. It also has an impressive drop by most go kart standards, but just ok by Fun Spot standards. 9 out of 10

Commander Station.jpg
Fun Spot has ruined go karts at every other FEC out there.

I also rode the two other tracks- Quad Helix and Thrasher. Quad Helix was fittingly named and was mostly made up of a massive helix (7 out of 10). But Thrasher was another winner. This one was an entirely flat track, but I have never seen so many wipeouts before on a track. The turns are impossibly tight, so when you mix in Fun Spot's ridiculously fast go karts, you create the perfect recipe for uncontrolled skidding. 9 out of 10

Throughout my visit, I also mixed in several flat rides. Space Invader is the park's screamin' swing. Usually these are one of the best flats out there, but I have to be honest, I think this one is the weakest I've come across. While all of the others I've been on reach a max swing beyond 90 degrees, I think this one stopped at 90 degrees. It still provided some air, but not as much as the one down the road in Kissimmee. 6 out of 10

But the park redeemed itself (at the time at least) for being home to the world's best paratrooper. Enthusiasts in Atlanta should be celebrating the arrival of this attraction since it's a seriously awesome ride. I can't think of a faster paratrooper and I certainly can't name one that travels in reverse. It's quite the experience speeding backwards only to have the gondola abruptly swing outwards. 9 out of 10

Paratrooper RIP.jpg
You will be missed Paratrooper.

The park is also home to a rare Enterprise. While this one ran a very short cycle, it more than made up for it with the cushioned seats. I recall Lake Compounce's having unpadded seats (unless I, as Roger Clemens would say it, misremeber). The combination of forces and lack of restraints, truly makes enterprises one of the most intense flats out there. 8 out of 10

I also snagged a ride on the park's Tilt-a-Whirl. It didn't run any better or worse than your average paratrooper, but it did have those modern G2 cars without the seatbacks. I don't have a preference if they're there or not, but I do prefer my tilt-a-whirls to be themed to turtles (a la Story Land) or turkeys (a la Holiday World). 5 out of 10

Along with Head Rush 360, which is slated for the Paratrooper's old spot, the park is also in the midst of erecting one of those Moser drop towers. While the height may not seem impressive, the Moser towers actually have a solid kick to them. Heck I just rode a 20 foot one at a local carnival last week and it had more forces than some S&S towers. If there are no kids around, I don't feel all that guilty riding these things.

Drop towers look weird without the topper. My poor peeps in Roller Coaster Tycoon should have caught on before they were launched off the top of the tower.

Last but not least, I also rode the park's Revolver. No I didn't straddle a gun. But the park is one of the rare ones out there that doesn't have wheel in the name of their Ferris wheel. It was well-worth a ride to get some aerial shots of the park's go kart tracks. The mess of track in all directions reminds me very much of those congested, stacked highways you see around major cities. 6 out of 10

Revolver (Front).jpg
The Ferris Wheel that's not called the Ferris Wheel.

I also considered riding the Bumper Boats. I really did. Usually I could care less, but I almost felt it was my civic duty to show Floridians 60 degrees isn't that cold. But in order to do that, I would have been the only person on the ride which just looks sad. :lmao:

Bumper Boats.jpg
I thought 60 degrees is acceptable weather to ride a water ride.

Bumper Cars Alone.jpg
I considered riding the Bumper Boats. I really did. But riding bumper boats alone just looks sad. I mean look at this single rider on Grona Lund's bumper cars.

If I only have time to visit one Fun Spot park in a trip to Florida, I'm going to pick the Kissimmee location. Mine Blower is the primary reason, but I really think that park's collection of rides, while smaller, is superior to the Orlando location. Still White Lightning and the go kart tracks make this more than worth a stop in a trip to Orlando.

Re: Photo TR: Canobie Coaster's 2018 US Adventures

Wed Apr 11, 2018 7:48 am

Coney Island- Free* Admission Day

When Coney Island announced free admission on opening day a few thoughts ran through my head. At first I thought it was a scam. I mean technically the park is free admission every day; it's the cost of the wristband that will burn a hole in your pocket. The person in the PR department truly was an evil mastermind if that's what they meant. But upon closer inspection, I realized the park really was offering free wristbands*.

* Technically each wristband required a $5 donation to the Girl Scouts of America. But really are you going to object when they're normally $70, especially when all of the proceeds go to the Girl Scouts and charity?

Free Admission.JPG
If you thought bring a friend free days brought heavy crowds, I present the next level- free admission.
Free Admission.JPG (163.21 KiB) Viewed 4146 times

The offer sounded amazing. Too amazing. I was honestly terrified just how crowded Coney Island would be. I've seen just what lengths people will go to for free pancakes at IHOP of National Pancake Day when they're only saving a few bucks. Here, the savings per person was equivalent to 65 items on McDonald's dollar menu.

But the real reason I wasn't planning on attending was that I had a schedule conflict. March 24 was Six Flags Great Adventure's opening day. Or I should say that it was supposed to. Unfortunately one of the rare snowstorms that actually missed Massachusetts this winter dumped 8-10 inches on New Jersey, delaying Great Adventure's opening until Easter weekend. We were already planning to visit a friend in New Jersey and I wasn't going to be cheated out of some coaster rides, so Coney Island it would be.

This would be my third visit to Coney Island, but my first time driving there. Every other time I've taken New York's amazingly efficient subway system. I fully expected to be bent over a barrel and shown the 50 states while paying for parking, but I honestly didn't mind in exchange for the dirt cheap wristbands. Yet miraculously I somehow found free parking. So almost free wristbands and free parking? This seemed too good to be true.

Parachute Tower.jpg
Unlike Gwazi, this SBNO ride is actually something I'd consider iconic.

We started down by the Thunderbolt. We only had to wait about 5 minutes for our wristbands. The process was quick and painless...as long as you asked for a wristband. If you didn't ask for a wristband, they were more than willing to sell tickets for the normal rate. I saw plenty of people tricked into paying $10 per ride on the Thunderbolt or the Cyclone over the course of the afternoon.

Well since we were by the Thunderbolt, we decided to start there as the wait was only about 10-15 minutes. I know this coaster seems to be maligned by a majority of coaster enthusiasts. Yet in 2016 I rode it with two others on the US TPR trip and we all loved it. There were some bits with noticeable shuffling, but overall it was a fun and very intense coaster. Would lightning (err thunder) strike twice?

I'm not going to lie, I became nervous once the restraints were secured. I remembered them being tight, but this took stapling to a whole new level. My legs felt trapped between a panini press without the heat on this cold March day. The vertical lift was particularly sweet on this day. One, the sun wasn't shining directly in our eyes like it has a tendency to do on vertical lifts. Two, the adjacent Brooklyn Cyclones baseball team was in the midst of a game. I got so sucked into the one pitch I saw that I forgot about the leg-numbing restraints.

The train crested the drop and I was treated to a nice pop of air. I did feel a trim kick in that I don't recall being there on my ride in 2016 though. The rest of the ride did have a pretty consistent shuffle to it, but the lack of real OSTR's (those jokingly useless comfort collars are barely noticeable) ensured the coaster never became uncomfortable. That allowed me to enjoy the good hangtime on the inversions and nice airtime on the bunny hills.

Well thunder did strike twice as I again enjoyed Thunderbolt. Either the cold weather, the new trim, or maybe a combination of both didn't have the coaster running as fast as my 2016 ride, but Thunderbolt was still a nice steel coaster. For such a compact coaster, Thunderbolt really has a little of everything if you can look past the shuffling. 8 out of 10

Thunderbolt Overview.jpg
It's truly impressive how varied Thunderbolt's elements are despite it's slender footprint.

Thunderbolt Lift.jpg
I remember when this was originally announced with an elevator lift...

Thunderbolt Loop.jpg
Even with the thigh crushing restraints, you can still feel plenty of hang-time on this slow loop.

Thunderbolt Overbank.jpg
Note the smiles. Honestly I don't think this ride is all that rough. Sure it shuffles, but then again my car does that driving down the highway as well.

Thunderbolt Airtime.jpg
In 2016, this was some of the strongest ejector air I had ever experienced. The combination of the trim and/or the cold weather sapped these hills of their strength, but the airtime was still pretty darn good.

We followed that up with our lone flat ride of the day, the classic B&B Carousell. 9 times out of 10, a classic carousel is superior to the modern ones. It's hard for me to go against history, provided it is well maintained. The pavilion looked fantastic and the horses were beautiful, but something was missing.

I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but as I heard the reving of the motor, I realized what it was. There was no music. Now I'm a sucker for band organs, but I understand not all parks have those beauties. Those that don't typically have a recording, which is a decent alternative. But here it was uncomfortably mute. I'm not sure if it's usually like this, but in a way it felt sort of ominous. 5 out of 10

I think Luna Park clicked the mute button on their carousel.

We decided to make our way towards the Scream Zone area. The full queue of the go karts we passed served as a reminder that the (almost) free wristband was bringing people out in droves. As we reached the Scream Zone, we saw a queue spilling out onto the boardwalk. Was that for a ride? No that was the line to buy tickets. It looked like the 10-15 minute waits to start our day would be a thing of the past.

All the rides in the Scream Zone had full queues. It was definitely tempting to hit the Slingshot or Zenobio (Skyscraper) since they're rare inclusions with a wristband, but those lines easily looked to be 1-2 hours long because of their putrid capacities.

It pained me to skip this, but I'll take the 2-3 Cyclone rides I got in the same time I would have waited in this queue.

That narrowed our choice down to Soarin' Eagle or Steeplechase. Now I actually enjoy volares (I'm not kidding, I really do), but my girlfriend absolutely detested the one we rode at Canada's Wonderland so we went with the Steeplechase. This queue moved at a snail's pace due to the single 12 person train. We passed the 30-40 minute wait people watching, which is an easy thing to do at Coney Island. The highlight were the four teenage boys who went twelve rounds slap fighting ahead of us.

Soon enough we were fortunate enough to have been assigned the front row, which is always the money seat on a launch coaster, even the smaller ones like Steeplechase. But before we could enjoy the launch, we were treated to another case of extreme stapling as the operators gave 2-3 firm shoves per rider.

The cold took 1/3 of my breath away, the kidney punch from the restraint stapling took another 1/3 of my breath away, and the launch took the final 1/3 away. The launch had far more zip than any 40 mph launch has the right to be. The rest of the ride is pretty repetitive, but the descending figure 8 pattern is significantly more enjoyable because of the seating arrangement. 6 out of 10

Somebody sure seems to be having fun.

With the crowds multiplying like clones at a Six Flags park, we made the legendary Cyclone our top priority. We were greeted by a full queue, but the line flew. It couldn't have taken more than 20-25 minutes. Dispatch times rivaled those of Knoebels. I'm not even exaggerating when I say this, but I really think they had something like 12-15 crew members on the platform loading and checking restraints. With that many people, dispatch times better be fast!

Cyclone Station.jpg
This is staffed better than the RMV.

While they weren't assigning seats per say, they were forcing you to move to the end of the platform. For our first ride, we were seated in row 3. We sunk into the cushy trains, pulled down the single position lap bar, and were treated to a middle-of-the-pack wooden coaster. It was smooth, had some strong laterals on the turns, and even a few pops of air. It was a good warm-up for the airtime buffet that was about to occur.

Anyone familiar with the Cyclone knows just how critical it is to ride this coaster in the back. If you ride in the back, you will wonder just how something like this was designed in 1927. After another 20-25 minute wait, I'd say an angelic choir sang out but we were at Coney Island. We heard an ambulance and some dudes rapping in the street. Nonetheless we were at the back end of the platform and secured the money seat, the very back row. :br

As any good boyfriend would, I didn't tell my girlfriend what was about to happen. It made her reaction all the funnier. The scream of pure terror as we were completely ejected out of our seats on that first plunge was perfect. A similar scream was heard on the ride's other drops, and there were a lot of them. A majority of them provided, at least, a pop of air. The drop before the third turnaround and the tiny little hill before the fourth turnaround in particular give two of the ride's strongest airtime moments.

It's impossible not to come off the Cyclone laughing. At one point, the Cyclone was my number 1 coaster. It's still a fantastic coaster, but it now falls just outside my wooden top 10. Everything about the experience combines to make the Cyclone one of the most memorable coasters out there- the history, the couch-like trains, the roomy lap bars, the crew, the crushing laterals, and the terrifyingly steep drops. Just make sure you get the back. 9 out of 10

Cyclone Entrance.jpg
Everything about this coaster just fits in Coney Island. The entrance right off the street, the one-of-a-kind trains, and the ride's wild intensity (in the back row).

Cyclone drop.jpg
In the front, the coaster is a cute classic. In the back, you'll be treated to some serious OMFG ejector air.

Cyclone Turnaround.jpg
And the minimally banked turns and lack of seat dividers really let you get acquainted with your seat mate.

We decided to head over to the main Luna Park area and quickly realized we made a grave mistake. It was almost impossible to navigate. It honestly felt as difficult to traverse as Disneyland is during Fantasmic. While I wanted to ride a few of the flats like Air Race or the Brooklyn Flyer, we had absolutely no clue where the queues began. Even if we could find the starts of the queues, it was apparent the wait wouldn't be short. My girlfriend and I both agreed we would rather spend that time queuing for a coaster.

Brooklyn Flyer.jpg
That's a lot of people.

Air Race.jpg
Where even is the queue line even start for this?

We were thirsty so we decided to make our way back to the car for a drink, but not before stopping at It'Sugar. Now I had absolutely no intentions of buying candy. But even I was impressed by some of this store's merchandise. Tell me another store where you can buy a plush bag of cheese puffs or "liquid filled" camel balls.

Cheese Puffs.JPG
Someone on My 600 Pound Life really needs to get this instead of a teddy bear.
Cheese Puffs.JPG (94.66 KiB) Viewed 4146 times

Camel Balls.JPG
Would you put camel balls in your mouth?
Camel Balls.JPG (66.18 KiB) Viewed 4146 times

We also passed the El Dorado Bumper Cars on the way. If they were included on the wristband, I'd ride them in a heartbeat. Turning a standard set of bumper cars into a rave? Sign me up! But it would have felt weird to pay more for a single 5 minute ride on a set of bumper cars than all the coasters I could ride in 6 hours. Someday I will ride these bumper cars. Someday I will ram all those Yankee supporters out there.

El Dorado Outside.jpg
The facade just screams Coney Island.

El Dorado Inside.jpg
And the inside has all the makings of a rave.

We did make one last pit stop on the way to the car in Nathan's. Now I got my obligatory Nathan's hot dog in my first visit to Coney Island in 2012 and it was just ok. For a Nathan's, the place is incredible. All of the hot dogs I've had at their other mall locations are either soggy grease pits or shriveled up like a raisin. For that reason, I abstained. If I were to have ordered anything, it would have been the frog legs because where else would I get to order something like that? My girlfriend meanwhile got the obligatory hot dog and shared the same sentiments as me. It's decent, but not a must in a future visit.

Joey Chestnut can eat 70 of these things in 10 minutes. I probably won't consume 70 hot dogs in the next 10 years.

Nathan's Menu.jpg
The frog legs were tempting. But how fresh would frog be in New York City? Hmm...

After fueling and hydrating up, we made one last loop around the attractions. We considered a second ride on the Thunderbolt, but the line stretched to the edge of the boardwalk. We also considered a ride on the Wonder Wheel, but skipped for the same reason as the bumper cars.

Without any sort of opening day promotion, Deno's was laughably overpriced compared to its neighbor offering the $5 wristband.

Instead we finished with back to back rides on the Cyclone and we were lucky enough to have received the back car both times. Though it wasn't without a bit of good fortune on our last ride.

There was a group of six behind us that threw an absolute tantrum when someone cut them in line. One of the dudes, who was wearing a cheetah print shower cap (you couldn't make this up), climbed on top of the railing and started a verbal shouting match with "wannabe Martha Stewart." I'm against line cutting as much as the next person, but usually I'll start with the volume at level 10 instead of immediately starting at level 100.

The six behind us successfully thwarted the line jumper, but they then proceeded to push their way past us on the ramp entering the station. We didn't bother saying anything for two reasons. One, I really didn't want to start a brawl. Two, I realized it resulted in them being assigned the middle car and us receiving the back row. I guess I'll just chalk that up to karma and we were rewarded with another breathtaking ride. It's truly impressive how well this 90 year old coaster runs. It has the perfect balance of smooth and wild.

Cyclone Lift.jpg
Whatever you're doing to maintain this classic, please keep doing it Luna Park.

Despite much higher crowds than usual (anyone who passed kindergarten would realize the crowds "free" admission would bring), we both enjoyed our time at Luna Park. Honestly I enjoyed having the cheap all-inclusive wristband and waiting maybe 20-30 minutes per ride as opposed to forking over $10 per ride with a zero minute wait. The latter is the normal conditions on a summer day and the costs rack up quickly when you want to reride the Cyclone.

Visiting Coney Island is an experience. I think we rode just 7 rides in 6 hours, but that also included a good chunk of time walking the boardwalk and checking out shops. So I'd like to thank Great Adventure for closing on a sunny 45-50 degree day to make our wonderful visit to Coney Island possible.

Re: Photo TR: Canobie Coaster's 2018 US Adventures

Wed Apr 11, 2018 8:54 am

^ Hey, my back yard! :D

Great report. I've been there on weekends when I thought it was crowded, but nothing like what the lure of $5 wristbands does to people. Definitely glad you got to get some rides in, especially multiple in the back of the Cyclone, and you sure can't beat the price! Offhand, you mentioned free parking -- what did you end up doing? Street parking, or did they actually open up the Keyspan lot for free?

And yes, I can confirm the B&B Carousell usually has traditional music going. Unfortunate that wasn't the case for you.

Speaking of carousels, if you ever find yourself down this way again and don't mind taking a brief detour, I can't recommend Jane's Carousel out in DUMBO enough, right on the water's edge near the Brooklyn Bridge. Absolutely beautifully preserved classic carousel enclosed in a modern glass structure. My family and I have been out there many times; we had our wedding photos taken there, and my daughter's first birthday party was there as well. Definitely check it out if you haven't yet.

Re: Photo TR: Canobie Coaster's 2018 US Adventures

Wed Apr 11, 2018 9:05 am

coneyislandchris wrote:^ Hey, my back yard! :D

Great report. I've been there on weekends when I thought it was crowded, but nothing like what the lure of $5 wristbands does to people. Definitely glad you got to get some rides in, especially multiple in the back of the Cyclone, and you sure can't beat the price! Offhand, you mentioned free parking -- what did you end up doing? Street parking, or did they actually open up the Keyspan lot for free?

And yes, I can confirm the B&B Carousell usually has traditional music going. Unfortunate that wasn't the case for you.

Speaking of carousels, if you ever find yourself down this way again and don't mind taking a brief detour, I can't recommend Jane's Carousel out in DUMBO enough, right on the water's edge near the Brooklyn Bridge. Absolutely beautifully preserved classic carousel enclosed in a modern glass structure. My family and I have been out there many times; we had our wedding photos taken there, and my daughter's first birthday party was there as well. Definitely check it out if you haven't yet.

Thanks! It was indeed the Keyspan lot. The gates were up, which was a very pleasant surprise.

For the B&B Carousell, I'll definitely give it another try on a future visit. It really had all the makings of a great carousel minus the music, so that would really make it shine. While on-ride audio on a coaster isn't a make or break thing for me, audio on a carousel sure is.

While I have never visited Jane's Carousel, I believe I may seen it on the subway ride to Coney Island a few years ago. I recall seeing a nice looking carousel near the bridge. One of my to-dos in a future New York City visit is to visit the original Grimaldi's, so I can maybe squeeze in a ride on Jane's Carousel as well.

Re: Photo TR: Canobie Coaster's 2018 US Adventures

Wed Apr 11, 2018 12:43 pm

Cool opening day TR. I didn't realize Coney Island opened up that early in the season. I wonder if they were open that day during Spring Break when the city got covered in snow? My parents went to NYC Easter week to visit my sister that now lives there and goes to grad school at Columbia University and they said they got a couple of sunny days in the 50s, followed by a day of snow, then a few days of cold rain, then a sunny day before they left. They asked me about things to do in Brooklyn and I told them not to bother with Coney Island and to save it for a future visit when its warmer not realizing it would be open for the season.

Re: Photo TR: Canobie Coaster's 2018 US Adventures

Wed Apr 11, 2018 12:57 pm

Great report. I'm glad I was able to see what I missed since I was considering going on that day. I'll happily make another trip to NYC and include Luna Park when the weather is nicer.
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