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Re: Photo TR: Canobie Coaster's World Adventures

Sun May 20, 2018 10:33 pm

Canobie Coaster wrote:
You're welcome. :lol: Airfare to San Antonio is always high (from Boston at least), but fortunately Dallas and Houston are massive airports so airfare is usually pretty reasonable.

dude. . Airfare to Austin is significantly cheaper. .and Fiesta, Texas is just under 1 hour from the Austin Airport.
(I know this, because it's exactly 1 hour 20 minute from my house, and we live 30 minutes from the airport) :)

fly into Austin and rent a car, and drive to S.A.. . it's gonna be cheap enough that even paying to rent a car makes it worth it.

(a quick check out in June, and I found round trip from Boston to Austin for gotta-get-away fare on Southwest for under $350 (flight there, non-stop leaving at ~10am arrival ~1:30 pm non-stop was $159; flight back leaving at 3pm, arriving Boston ~7:30 was $189).

Re: Photo TR: Canobie Coaster's World Adventures

Mon May 21, 2018 6:06 am

^ I didn't even realize Austin had an airport, so that's good to know for future reference. As long as I book far enough in advance, it looks like I can get roundtrip tickets for $160-170 to Houston, $150-200 to Dallas, and $250ish to Austin. That's not bad and something I'll keep tabs on for future trips.

I have never used Southwest since their prices don't pop up in my comparison tool of choice (Google Flights). The times I've looked, it always seems like Delta, JetBlue, or American has them beat.

bert425 wrote:Really good Fiesta Texas report, and I have to say, you're opinions are absolutely spot on and pretty much 100% agreement with my views.

Did you not make it to the boardwalk area? (with Pandemonium, sizzler, fireball, ferris wheel, disc-o, and spinsanity. . it offers quite a bit of "boardwalk-type" rides.. even with Scooby Doo gone :( ).. I only mention it because you mentioned you like spinning rides. The new-version Tilt-a-Whirl (that is spinsanity) is the ONLY Tilt-a-Whirl that has ever made me almost vomit. seriously, Nick and I spun SO much, we were begging for the ride to stop. (and every cycle I've seen on when we pass it has the cars spinning insanely).

I probably asked you this in my trip report a couple of weeks ago. . but did you find the way one has to sit in Wonder Woman to cause you any issues? after my 4 back to back rides, my thighs/legs were really hurting from having to sit so spread eagled :)

a couple of comments:

1) Skyscreamer operations ALWAYS seem to be like you described. I'll never understand it, but even a short line always takes at least 2-3 cycles (and they are short cycles), but it's always ~20 minutes. Still, as you note, the setting makes it, and if the Hawks are out circling from their nests in the quarry walls? it's very cool to be swinging *above* the birds.

2) you are absolutely correct on the food lines. . . but there is always an exception, and at Fiesta it's the two Johnny Rockets locations (by Superman, and on the boardwalk). Always packed, and always only one window open.
Luckily, there are lots of other options -- sounds like you ate at either Bubba's or Kicken Chicken (both of those are super fast), and on the other side of the park, Sangerfest Hall moves folks thru extremely quickly regardless of which "food-type" line you get in. The Pizza place in Rockville is pretty fast too.

3) re: gully washer line. You would be surprised. On hot summer days? I've seen that line not only be COMPLETELY full, but spill out onto the main path along side the railroad tracks. (and if they have all the waterfalls on? Gully Washer will get you soaked as well).

great trip report from my "home" park!

Thanks! You're definitely lucky to have this place as a home park.

I didn't ride anything in the Boardwalk area this visit, but I did pass through. The area does a good job capturing the feel of a seaside park with the overload of games, lights, sounds, and rides in close proximity. I really enjoyed Pandemonium last year, but skipped it this visit. The line was extending over the bridge and it was the only ride for which I would have needed a Flash Pass. I couldn't justify that considering SFNE has a clone of it.

I thought it was weird that we had to sit spread eagled, but it didn't cause me any pain. I'm also someone who can marathon a RMC or ride Skyrush a few times without any issue, so I'm probably not the best person to ask.

1) Dang, I didn't see the birds during my ride. You'd think the operator's granola bar would have lured them out. :lmao:

2) Yes it was the Kickin' Chicken right after I left the water park. Johnny Rockets is always a nightmare at SFNE, so I just instinctively avoid it now.

3) They definitely didn't have all the waterfalls on for my ride. They had just the one at the end. So I can definitely see why people would want to ride this on a blazing hot day. I just couldn't justify a full queue myself.

Re: Photo TR: Canobie Coaster's World Adventures

Mon May 21, 2018 8:32 am

Canobie Coaster wrote:^ I didn't even realize Austin had an airport, so that's good to know for future reference. As long as I book far enough in advance, it looks like I can get roundtrip tickets for $160-170 to Houston, $150-200 to Dallas, and $250ish to Austin. That's not bad and something I'll keep tabs on for future trips.

I have never used Southwest since their prices don't pop up in my comparison tool of choice (Google Flights). The times I've looked, it always seems like Delta, JetBlue, or American has them beat.

not just an Airport, and International Airport (tho International flights always have to route thru a bigger city before leaving the Country.. tho we do seem to have a small Customs area here). It used to be Bergstrom Airforce Base, so tho it's nowhere near the size of, say, Atlanta-Hartsfield, or Denver's airport (or even Houston's Intercontinental), it's still a pretty good size.

as to Southwest?. . . on prices factor in: 2 free checked bags (that's $50 on any other airline) :)

Re: Photo TR: Canobie Coaster's World Adventures

Mon May 21, 2018 8:52 am

^ I can't remember the last time I had a checked bag. I'm so used to airlines hosing the customer that I stick to carry-ons. This is becoming more difficult with those Basic Economy options, but I can get a lot of bang for my buck with just a single backpack.

Re: Photo TR: Canobie Coaster's World Adventures

Mon May 21, 2018 8:28 pm

Fiesta Carnival (Wade Shows)

If I’m home, I don’t need much of an excuse to visit a carnival. If I spot the lights of a Ferris Wheel driving home from work, I’ll add a pit stop. If I see a Dragon Wagon in the parking lot of a shopping mall, I’ll take a walkthrough. However, if I’m visiting parks out of state, I am a whole lot stingier. I’m not going to waste precious time on a Wacky Worm.

I will make a detour for a rare flat ride more fit for the European fair circuit. Plus it doesn’t help if there’s a full-size coaster to boot. San Antonio’s Fiesta Carnival featured both. I forget how I came across this fair, but when I saw the dates aligned with my visit to San Antonio, I knew I needed to incorporate it into the visit. It was particularly helpful that Fiesta Carnival had longer hours than Fiesta Texas.

The provider, Wade Shows, has multiple full-sized coasters including a Schwarzkopf Wildcat, Zamperla spinning mouse, Pinfari RC-48, and Interpark Super Cyclone. Unfortunately the least interesting of these, the Super Cyclone, was the lone major coaster at the fair, but that was still a coaster I wouldn’t consider embarrassing to ride.

Fiesta Carnival was pretty busy for a Sunday night, yet the Super Cyclone was my longest wait of the night at 10 minutes. The vehicles have a shared lap bar and let me just say that the rider I was paired with afforded me plenty of room for airtime, if you know what I mean. And I received that airtime on the first drop. The rest of the coaster isn’t all that memorable, but at no point is it uncomfortable. 4 out of 10

Super Cyclone.jpg
I wouldn't exactly call this super, but it did have a scary pop of air.

Across from the Super Cyclone was one of the primary reasons I visited the fair, the Fabbri Mega Drop. At 135 feet tall, the Mega Drop is a dwarf compared to most drop towers, but that’s absolutely colossal for a portable attraction...in the US at least (Europe’s 260 foot Skyfall is in an entirely different class).

My past experience with Fabbri was exclusive to their cruddy Pole Position spinning coaster and Kamikazes, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from their drop towers. After a swift ascent, we were held atop the tower for a long time. I was facing the San Antonio skyline, so I certainly wasn’t going to complain. But the whole time I was wondering whether or not the drop would be a rush or a complete dud.

And a rush it was. I didn’t think it was far behind a Larson tower. The air wasn’t as strong (probably due to the bulky OSTRs), but the stomach dropping sensation was excellent. I was not expecting that from a Fabbri. The only logical thing to do after my first ride was to hop right back in the non-existent line. 9 out of 10

Mega Drop.jpg
A long pause and a carny built drop tower equals quite the thrill.

The other notable flat also happened to be a Fabbri, Magnum. The best way to describe this flat is a cross between a Huss Break Dance and a Chance Zipper. Anyone who has been on either of those two flats know just how intense they can get, so imagine the possibilities mixing the two together. The end result really is something I’m stunned operates in the US.

The OSTRs and vehicles are very cramped, but moments into the cycle, it’s apparent why. The ride starts innocently enough, focusing more on spinning with only some gentle rocking, but then all hell breaks loose. Magnum turns into a disorienting mix of spinning and inverting.

Best of all, the flipping was completely random. There were fast ones heavy on the positive Gs. And then there were more prolonged flips, including some that stalled in the upside down position. These flips were particularly disorienting. I had experienced hangtime countless times, but I had never experienced it while being spun around in a circle.

It’s hard to say whether or not the Mega Drop or Magnum was the better attraction. I’m a sucker for drop towers, but on the other hand, I can’t find another ride quite like Magnum in the US (as far as I know at least). 9.5 out of 10

I couldn't get any action shots because of how quick this thing moved. It's one insane flat.

Cheap, tacky dark rides are carnival staples. I don’t expect something like Disney’s Haunted Mansion, but I do expect some audio (no matter how loud or tacky) to accompany the effects. This Haunted Mansion couldn’t even do that. There were no sound effects whatsoever to accompany the monsters that looked straight from the clearance section of Party City. 0 out of 10

Haunted Mansion.jpg
I went in expecting a dumpster fire. This is the dumpster fire that a hobo already picked through.

The fair was also home to a Chance Zipper. While at first glance, it seemed no different than usual, this Zipper was notable for having the next-generation cages with the individual OSTRs. I was optimistic the new restraints would eliminate the ban on single riders, but I wasn’t so lucky. The adjacent Enterprise had a similar restriction as well.

I was hopeful the new cages would let me finally ride this alone. Sadly my hope was squashed like a bug.

And I got a double dose of rejection with the Enterprise.

Normally I skip carnival slides; however, I couldn’t possibly skip the Dragstrip Mega Slide. I’m not even exaggerating when I say this, but this slide was taller than most attractions on the midway. I’d estimate that it stood at least 60-70 feet tall. The climb to the top was as arduous as a water slide, but the descent was well worth it. Once I built up a head of steam, I felt my sack lift off the slide on the final 3-4 hills. I think I found the Expedition GeForce of slides. 10 out of 10

Dragstrip Slide.jpg
8 humps. That's something that'd make Russel Brand proud.

The carnival also had two kiddie credits. One forbid adults entirely (Go Gator), but the Wacky Worm didn’t have a ban on adults. If it were a walk-on, I would have ridden it without question and subjected myself to all judgment. However, it had a sizable queue and I wasn’t going to steal a seat away from a child.

Wacky Worm.jpg
A queue line for a kiddie credit? I think I'll pass.

And no trip to a carnival would be complete without sampling the food. My usual go-to is fried dough, but I noticed a more unique dish, ribbon fries. Maybe these are more common down south, but I had never seen them before. They were basically soggy and oily potato chips. I know that sounds disgusting, but trust me, it tasted anything but.

Ribbon Fries.jpg
My heart thanked me then. Maybe not a little later though.

If I didn’t have a 3 hour drive to Houston, I would have stayed longer. The ride selection of Wade Shows is right up there with Butler Amusements for the best I’ve seen. It really has something for everyone- 3 coasters for the credit whores and some crazy flats for the daredevils out there.

Re: Photo TR: Canobie Coaster's World Adventures

Mon May 21, 2018 9:00 pm

What kind of Enterprise was it that it has a no single-riders policy? :omg:

Re: Photo TR: Canobie Coaster's World Adventures

Mon May 21, 2018 9:22 pm

ok. .out of curiosity, I went and watched Magnum on Youtube. .both off-ride and POV.

I think I would have been vomiting! (but maybe if was on a completely empty stomach would give it a spin).

Was that carnival off the loop? I think it was still set up when we went a couple of weeks ago, but Nick didn't want to stop as we had spent day at Fiesta.

continues to be a great report.

Re: Photo TR: Canobie Coaster's World Adventures

Tue May 22, 2018 4:57 am

CaptainUnknown wrote:What kind of Enterprise was it that it has a no single-riders policy? :omg:

According to Wade's website, it was a Huss. I believe I've come across a "no single rider" policy one other time for an enterprise, but usually I have no issue going alone.

bert425 wrote:ok. .out of curiosity, I went and watched Magnum on Youtube. .both off-ride and POV.

I think I would have been vomiting! (but maybe if was on a completely empty stomach would give it a spin).

Was that carnival off the loop? I think it was still set up when we went a couple of weeks ago, but Nick didn't want to stop as we had spent day at Fiesta.

continues to be a great report.

Thanks! I'm not familiar with what the loop is, but it was located in one of the Alamodome parking lots in downtown San Antonio.

I find it funny that Magnum doesn't bother me the least bit, but a stupid swinging ship will make me green. Not a Screamin' Swing or a frisbee; it has to be a swinging ship to get me sick.

Re: Photo TR: Canobie Coaster's World Adventures

Wed May 23, 2018 7:23 pm

Six Flags Mexico

If you've read my trip reports, you know my favorite Six Flags park is Fiesta Texas. For a chain often criticized as inefficiently operated and poorly themed, Fiesta Texas stood out from the crowd. But there's now another park that has distanced itself from the crowd trying. And that park is Six Flags Mexico.

Park Entrance.jpg
The entrance doesn't look the prettiest, but the rest of the park sure looks fantastic.

Park Billboard.jpg
Looks like they already have space picked out for Medusa's top steel coaster award.

After three days of work and no play in Mexico, it was now playtime. I had 1.5 days before my return flight and without hesitation, I gave the full day to Six Flags Mexico. For anyone planning a visit to this park, I strongly recommend Uber for a few reasons. One, it's cheap ($10 from downtown Mexico City). Two, the park has a convenient drop off area. Three and most importantly, the drive was wilder than any ride at Six Flags. I almost had several heart attacks as a passenger so I would have gone into cardiac arrest if I were behind the wheel. It was a complete free for all. Red lights and stop signs were games of chicken, safe following distances were as common as Cleveland Browns victories, and the roads were packed to the gills with traffic and bumps.

After saying a few rosaries, I made it to the park. The forecast had a 100% chance of thunderstorms, so originally I was worried the park wouldn't even open. Fortunately the storm’s start time kept shifting further and further out. Still there was a heavy fog clouding the park’s impressive skyline at opening.

Park Skyline.jpg
The park looked quite ominous in the morning with the fog.

Usually parks discourage running, but Six Flags Mexico didn't seem to care one bit. This was a Cedar Point-esque running of the bulls with one major difference- immediately after the park’s entrance, there’s a massive hill I’d say is at least 50 feet tall. That weeds out a good chunk of wannabe runners, so I was able to pass them speed walking. Slow and steady wins the race.

It's common for the coaster closest to the entrance to be swamped at opening, but it's rare for that coaster to arguably be the park’s star attraction. I definitely wanted to try the front row on Superman and had a hunch it would develop a sizable queue like every other hyper coaster. Turns out more people prefer to wait for the back, a rarity unless that coaster is Skull Mountain on an Gravy Train Day.

But I didn't know that initially, so I waited 4 trains for the front. Before that, I have to say that I was impressed with the queue. I'm used to Six Flags just slapping some Superman cutouts in the queue. Those same cutouts were here, but not before a very impressive journey through the Daily Planet. The queue was very reminiscent of Island of Adventure's Spiderman.

Superman Queue 2.jpg
Did I walk into a Bizarro universe or is this actual theming in a Six Flags queue?

Superman is an odd coaster. To start, because the park is built on a hill, Superman has almost a 50 foot elevation change before the lift. RMC has those funky little bumps on their pre-lifts that while cool, admittedly provide no air. Meanwhile Superman has 2 legitimate pops of air before even reaching the lift. Then the lift does provide a break from the action, but the views of Mexico City are astounding. The mix of mountains and skyscrapers is one heck of a backdrop for a theme park.

The drop gave Superman a full head (not Lois here) of speed and that was immediately followed by a huge camelback with some strong floater air. The subsequent Morgan helix had the same footprint and speed as their others, except this one actually had some positive Gs to go with the speed. A nice surprise! But not as nice as the third hill. It's tucked inside the helix and looks innocent, but it's an incredibly surprising hill combining sustained ejector air with strong laterals. I felt like I was going to land on my seatmate's lap; it was that wild. It's easily the highlight of the ride and something out of character for a Morgan not named Phantom’s Revenge.

The MCBR didn't slow the train down one bit, so the final 3 bunny hills provided some nice, sustained floater air. It's like that mythical video of Wild Thing with the MCBR turned off. Superman was impressive. I knew it would be good, but I didn't realize it would be the park’s best attraction. Yes, it was even better than Medusa. 9.5 out of 10

Superman Pre-Lift.jpg
The pre-lift has legitimate airtime thanks to a 50 foot elevation change before hitting the lift.

Superman First Drop (Front).jpg
And of course the main course isn't too shabby in the airtime department either.

Superman 2nd Hill (Side).jpg
The standard Morgan helix except this one is on steroids. It has some actual forces and ejector air.

Superman MCBR.jpg
I don't even think I can call it a MCBR. It didn't slow the train one bit.

Superman Airtime.jpg
I still can't believe a Morgan hyper not named Phantom's Revenge had airtime this strong.

Speaking of Medusa, I went there next. The TPR Coaster Poll’s top rated steel coaster had quite the reputation to live up to. The experience began with another fantastic queue. Here, it was a crooked house. Not sure how that relates to Medusa, but I didn't care one bit since it was so cool. Can other Six Flags parks please take note because this is awesome!

Medusa Entrance.jpg
Is Medusa worthy of the number one spot on the TPR steel coaster list?

Medusa Queue.jpg
The answer lies at the end of this crooked house.

When the station is deserted, Six Flags Mexico assigns rows from front to back. If the station is full, they let you pick seats. Luckily I was assigned row 1 for my first ride, but I have to say, there are no bad seats on this coaster. I guess I slightly prefer the very front for the view, but the airtime is strong with this one in each and every row.

The lift, like Superman, provided some spectacular views of Mexico City. It really is one of the most beautiful cities out there. But after cresting the lift, it's the insanity begins. I do miss when these RMCs lack a true first drop, but those barrel roll drops still are superb and loaded with hangtime. The following turnaround kicks off the ejector air with strong bursts entering and exiting.

I expected the low-to-the-ground humps and subsequent turnarounds to provide air, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. That was my lone gripe about Medusa. Fortunately the rest of the coaster was awesome, consisting of 2 hills with sustained ejector air, two hangtime filled barrel rolls, and a strong pop entering the brake run.

I actually think Medusa may be at the bottom of my steel RMCs. That’s not as much of a knock on Medusa as it’s a testament to how excellent RMCs other coasters are. I believe the coaster wasn't using steel wheels during my visit, so that may be why I didn't have as high opinion as past riders. Is it the world's best steel coaster? No, but it's really good. 9 out of 10

I also want to note that at least 1-2 riders per train were getting walk of shamed. Actually I'm not sure if shame is the right word. The riders I saw rejected weren't because they were too big; it was because they were too skinny. You were not allowed to ride if the lap bar wasn't in full contact with your thigh. The operators were verifying this by trying to slide their hand under the restraint. If they could, you couldn't ride. Most of the people I saw rejected seemed to be teenage girls, but there were a few guys that would be best described as string beans that couldn't ride. Didn't Twisted Timbers have a similar problem turning people away on its opening weekend?

Medusa Turnaround 1.jpg
You can look at Medusa all you want and you'll never turn to stone.

Medusa Turnaround 2.jpg
Medusa is a twisted mess of turnarounds and airtime, but not necessarily both simultaneously.

Medusa Banked Turn.jpg
I'd say look for the hairtime, but I think this was a male only train.

I returned to Superman to get my backseat ride only to encounter a weirdly precise 42 minute wait. With the threat of storms looming, I wasn’t going to waste precious time in switchbacks. Instead I forked over 210 pesos (or $20 USD) for a Flash Pass. Yet I wasn’t given a Q-bot. Instead I was given a receipt. However, this was no ordinary receipt. This receipt granted me 10 skip the line passes. At basically $2 per ride, it was an absolute bargain.

As great as Superman was in the very front, I thought it was even better in the back. The ever increasing steepness of the Morgan drops resulted in some amazing floater air on the first drop. Then there was also a really strong burst of air on the drop after the MCBR. My back seat ride confirmed my opinion, Superman is the best ride at Six Flags Mexico.

Superman Entrance.jpg
42 minutes is weirdly specific.

Flash Pass.jpg
In Mexico, the q bot is called "papel".

After such a dominant one-two punch, how could the next coaster possibly compete. Joker had a 60 minute wait, so maybe the locals knew something I didn’t. And they did. After using another Flash Pass, the queue turns into a fun house. This isn’t just a switchback themed to a funhouse like Hershey’s Laff Trakk. Joker has a full-fledged funhouse with spinners, rollers, and mirrors. The ride hadn’t even begun and I was already smiling ear to ear.

After a nice first drop (particularly if you’re traveling in reverse), Joker has a series of hairpin turns and back-to-back helixes. You think this would result in some wild spinning, but my car was extremely balanced. Joker was able to finally induce some spinning for the finale, which is the ride’s strength. There’s a short, innocent-looking tunnel, but it contains a surprising pop of air, which is particularly disorienting while you’re spinning like a top. Even though it has the edge on theming, I think I prefer the US Pandemonium layouts better. 7 out of 10

Joker Entrance.jpg
I hope you aren't coulrophobic.

Joker Queue.jpg
Joker's queue was better than some of the fun houses out there.

Joker Helix.jpg
And the theming continued to the ride as well.

Up next was a historical coaster. But unlike ACE Landmarks like Batman the Ride or Magnum XL-200, this one lives in infamy as it has spawned contempt from the coaster community. That coaster would be the world’s first Boomerang. The locals were feeling nostalgic for their historic coaster, so I whipped out another Flash Pass to skip what could have been an hour wait.

Despite its age and (I believe) Arrow trains, this coaster defied time and delivered your average boomerang ride. The first drop was great and it’s definitely an intense coaster, just not a reridable one. The lone difference I noticed was how painstakingly slow the lift was. Boomerangs will never be confused with Maverick, but this one took almost 2 minutes to reach the top. That’s Beast level right there. 5 out of 10

This isn't a piece of trash you are looking at. It's a piece of history.

After riding the two Batman clones not named Batman in Texas, Six Flags Mexico delivered the opposite. The not Batman clone named Batman the Ride. While I can tolerate a boomerang, I have a much more abusive relationship with SLCs (unless they have the vest restraints, then they’re actually really good rides). Though I have to admit, Six Flags Mexico sure does make this SLC look nice with its sleek paint scheme and familiar Batman theming.

The operators were also the most efficient I’ve ever seen on a SLC. I didn’t see a train stack even once. Six Flags Mexico knows how important it is to quickly load and unload a torture device. And that fittingly describes Batman. Admittedly this is one of the smoother SLCs, but it’s still impossible to enjoy with the comically oversized OSTRs playing patty cake your head. 2 out of 10

Batman the Ride.jpg
This is one of the prettiest looking torture devices I have ever seen.

Despite it only being 70 degrees out, it felt considerably warmer thanks to the blazing sun and humidity. Therefore, I was excited to get a brief reprieve riding Justice League. I used another Flash Pass to skip a half hour wait and was quickly loaded into the familiar ride vehicles.

Unfortunately, my gun was a complete dud. I hit 1-2 targets in the first room and then it stopped working. I tried feverishly to hit targets in future rooms, but it was no use. I had brought a Nerf Gun to a machine gun fight. Instead I sat back, relaxed, and admired the mix of screens and animatronics. I also couldn’t get over hearing Lex Luthor and Joker with Spanish accents. I wanted to reride to get a functional gun, but Justice League is restricted to a one-time only on the Flash Pass. 6 out of 10

Justice League.jpg
My gun broke. Now I know why Arrow and Hawkeye prefer a bow and arrow.

I wasn't sure if Wonder Woman would be open since construction updates from the park are few and far between, but it was quickly apparent that it wasn't ready. While the coaster was fully erected, it looked like they still had to build the entire queue.

Wonder Woman Coaster.jpg
For anyone wondering, Wonder Woman isn't quite ready.

I grew up riding the large Tivoli coasters at Santa’s Village and SFNE. But Tsunami was peculiar. There was a giant pyramid of scaffolding towering over the coaster. It’s almost as if they originally wanted to enclose the coaster, built the framework for the building, and then ran out of budget. Or maybe they failed to file a building permit...not that I know of any Six Flags park that would do that (more on that later).

Tsunami also only had a 15 car train. Granted that’s still longer than 99% of coaster trains out there, but it’s the lone large Tivoli I’ve seen without 20 car trains. The result is slightly less whip in the back rows on the drops, but I actually thought this one didn’t lose as much speed cresting each hill. 5 out of 10

Tsunami Pyramid.jpg
Seriously, what is the pyramid doing here?

Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted an attraction I never thought I’d encounter again, a Chance Inverter. SFNE used to have one, but it was closed more often than Lightning Rod and subsequently removed in favor of that highly profitable 3 point shooting game every park seems to have now. I walked right on, grabbed an end seat, and then felt like I was body slammed by a fat kid.

I remembered the restraints being tight, but not this tight. By the time the ride began, I was numb to the pain and able to enjoy the experience. The slow and prolonged flips are a cool and unique sensation. If the restraints were better, this would have the potential to be one of my favorite flats, but as it stands, it’s merely solid. 7 out of 10

I never thought I'd see one of these again.

For a park with as many coasters as Six Flags Mexico, none of them entered into embarrassing territory. The smallest coaster was a roller skater creatively named Roller (they dropped the Coaster, see isn’t that creative?). I honestly don’t mind roller skaters since they’re smooth and have plenty of room to seat 1 adult.

Even though the line was basically nonexistent, they were pairing single riders, which resulted in me being paired with an adult. It was a pretty tough squeeze, but a coordinated effort of pointing our knees inward got the bar down and we were on our way. For a junior coaster, roller skaters maintain their meager speed as well as they can. It’s just more enjoyable when you aren’t getting intimate with a complete stranger. 3 out of 10

Not Roller Coaster or Roller Skater. Just Roller. One Word. Like Madonna.

The park’s final coaster is one that should have been built at Six Flags New England, the Dark Knight. Once upon a time, Six Flags New England was to get one of the Dark Knight clones. Construction was underway until suddenly stopping. In New England, it’s usually because of a random nor’easter. We get one of those every other week it seems. But this time it was because the park didn’t have the necessary permits for the coaster. The coaster then disappeared to Mexico leaving the coaster with the longest name in history in its place.

While I’d prefer a Dark Knight wild mouse over a naked outdoor model, I have to be honest; there’s no way SFNE would have the level of theming this one had in the queue line. Before you even enter the building, there was a complete subway platform to go with some trains. The pre-show and theming on the inside was identical to the US parks, just in Spanish.

I know the Dark Knight coasters sometimes get a lot of flack from enthusiasts, but as far as wild mice go, they’re the cream of the crop. They’re relatively unbraked, smooth, and have some good drops. Plus while the theming isn’t exactly Disney level, it does add something to the experience. 6 out of 10

Dark Knight Entrance.jpg
How many Batman themed coasters does this park have?

Dark Knight Queue.jpg
While I kind of wish SFNE got this Dark Knight, there's no way the theming would have been this good.

Dark Knight Windows.jpg
Now that's more like something I'd expect to see at SFNE.

Originally I wasn’t planning on hitting the “top spin” until I realized something, Huracan wasn’t a top spin. It was one of those off-axis Vekoma imposters. That changed my plans and I walked right onto the ride. The fast flips were as intense as a top spin and even more disorienting with the additional axis of movement. However, there were a few prolonged flips that were sort of uncomfortable. All in all, I thought it was fun and pretty comparable to a top spin. 7 out of 10

The ride is called Huracan. I'll go out on a limb and guess that means hurricane.

With grey clouds rolling in, I prioritized rerides on Medusa and Superman (at this point I had no clue what the park’s rain policy was). I decided to alternate between the two evenly. I started with Medusa and it was running faster than my morning rides. A few of the spots lacking air compensated by dishing out some nice laterals as a compromise. I then switched back to Superman for two additional rides before returning to Medusa.

In that time, Medusa had dropped down to just one train. Even with my Flash Pass, I had a sizable wait ahead of me since the station was a madhouse. Ultimately I decided to wait for the front row, which became a bloody mess. And I mean that literally. Two trains before I was to board, I had a nosebleed. And it wasn’t a dribbler ever; it was a gusher. I’m susceptible to frequent nosebleeds at sea level, so this was inevitable at Mexico City’s elevation (8200 ft or 3000 ft TALLER than Denver).

My elementary level Spanish forgot the word for blood, so the operators and attendants were confused why I was trying to leave the queue. By the time I reached the entrance, it was impossible to hide and the greeter redirected me to first aid. Despite the language barrier, everyone there was extremely courteous and helpful. After a half hour my nose had stopped, but my clothes were a mess. On the bright side, it gave me the perfect excuse to buy a souvenir shirt.

Feeling good as new, I returned to Medusa much to the consternation of the greeter. I showed him the hearty stack of paper towels in my pocket, which evoked a laugh and he let me through. When I reached the station, I saw Medusa was back to two train operations. There also wasn’t a trace of any blood. I couldn’t help but wonder if I caused the ride to temporarily shut down to clean the station and they took the opportunity to re-add the second train.

Medusa Camelback.jpg
The grey clouds were rolling in, but that didn't stop Medusa.

I used my final Flash Pass to skip Superman’s line one last time. As we ascended the lift, the rain finally manifested itself. I still can’t believe how strong Superman’s airtime was. It was far more reminiscent of Phantom’s Revenge than the other Morgan hypers like Steel Force.

Superman Station.jpg
Clearly Lois and I weren't the only two who wanted to ride the Man of Steel.

20 minutes before closing, I felt compelled to ride the park’s combo drop tower, Kilahuea. I had intended to ride it earlier, but it was shockingly not included on the Flash Pass. I blame the VR! As further proof for the superiority of Six Flags Mexico’s operations, they were running all three towers, a laughable proposition at any of the US Six Flags parks. Not even Fiesta Texas does that. The result was a one cycle wait.

Because of the booming sound emitted from the adjacent towers, it was impossible to hear the ride’s tell and the launch caught me by surprise. There was minimal air at the top, but the turbo drop more than made up for it. It was sudden with some good air. The views were ruined by the storm, but for a S&S tower, this was about as good as it gets. 8 out of 10

I almost rode this while its namesake erupted in Hawaii.

With 5 minutes left, I really wanted one last ride on Superman, but I wasn’t sure if I’d make it there before they closed a queue. Medusa was on the way and still accepting guests, so I took the guaranteed ride. I was assigned the middle, but it didn’t matter; Medusa delivers some great air in any row.

I wish more Six Flags parks were like Six Flags Mexico. This one lacks the depth of the coaster lineup of Fiesta Texas, but it’s every bit as nice. The theming far exceeded everything I expected (and I went in knowing it would look nice) and stacking is mostly a foreign concept to this park. If you are in Mexico, you have to visit Six Flags Mexico. And if you weren't planning a visit to Mexico, this park's charm and top two should have it on your radar.

Pina Loco.jpg
I'll end it with a pineapple wearing glasses.

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Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! =) This is one park that's in my radar for sure! Love the pictures!
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