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Re: Photo TR: Canobie Coaster's World Adventures

Thu Nov 28, 2019 7:51 am

that burger looks dry and nasty. I would have voted to eat at "the Big D"

(I eat at that place all the time :lmao: )

Re: Photo TR: Canobie Coaster's World Adventures

Thu Nov 28, 2019 8:17 am


Re: Photo TR: Canobie Coaster's World Adventures

Sat Nov 30, 2019 10:50 am

Movie Park Germany

Most of the Parques Reunidos parks on this trip weren’t too bad. In fact, I probably wouldn’t have been able to tell had I not looked it up. But Movie Park Germany was textbook Parques Reunidos.

Rides had both delayed openings and early closures. One train ops? You bet! The park was empty, but a Speedy Pass was 100% necessary under those conditions.

Now that I have that off my chest, I want to talk about the good. And there was a lot of good. Movie Park Germany is a true theme park. Every area and most rides have some sort of theming accompanying them.

Park Entrance.JPG
Ride the movies!

And the premier attraction is Star Trek: Operation Enterprise. As a Star Trek fan, I absolutely loved the attention to detail in the queue and pre-show.

What I didn’t like was the capacity. Star Trek can run multiple trains thanks to a switch track, but it was down to one train. Even worse, the entire front car was blocked off. Even with Speedy Pass, it still took 20-30 minutes to board.

Mack launchers are great rides. Just don’t expect a good launch. While the hangtime on the twisted reverse spike is fantastic, the force on the launches just isn’t there. It’s sort of ironic just how good Mack launchers are considering just how bad the launches themselves are.

The top hat had some decent airtime, but the best part was the double barrel roll. The hangtime through that element was sublime. That’s followed by an aggressive turn, a double down with some weak air, fluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo hill with some strong air, and a wonderful zero-G roll. 8 out of 10

Star Trek Queue.jpg
Red shirt. That guy is totally dead.

Star Trek Top Hat.JPG

Star Trek Immelmann.JPG
Star Trek catches your eye when you enter, but the entrance is in a galaxy far, far away.

Van Helsing’s Factory was a very neat indoor experience. I call it an experience because while it’s undoubtedly a coaster, the ride has some incredible theming. This ride could exist as a standalone dark ride and it would still be one of the park’s best attractions.

I don’t think the coaster is more than 25-30 feet tall, but it’s deceptively wild. The drops are quite abrupt and there are a few turns you don’t see coming. 7.5 out of 10

Van Helsing Entrance.JPG
If only that movie with Hugh Jackman was this good.

I loved Acrophobia at SFOG back in 2016. The standing floorless position was bizarre, but it was downright terrifying being tilted towards the ground. Honestly, I found it far scarier than something like Falcon’s Fury. For that reason, I was bummed it was closed during my visit last year.

Thankfully, Movie Park Germany had the same ride in High Fall…or so I thought. The gondola was the same, but when we reached the top something was off. We never tilted. Between this and Highlander, I guess I’m just not meant to experience a tilting drop tower in Germany.

Even without the tilt feature, the drop was still incredible. I was floating the whole way down. Plus, I was caught off-guard since I kept expecting it to tilt before it dropped. 9 out of 10

High Fall (Far).JPG
High Fall is so tall that you can see the Santa Monica Pier (themed area).

High Fall Gondola.JPG
Maybe it's just me, but this riding position isn't nearly as painful as you'd expect.

I then entered into Pain Central. I knew Movie Park Germany was home to two of the most painful coasters in the world in Bandit and MP-Xpress. What I didn’t know was that they’re literally right next to each other. Whoever designed that has to be a serial killer.

Bandit Station.jpg
Whose idea was it to place these two things next to each other?

I started with Bandit. I braced for the worst, but something odd happened. I didn’t completely hate it. The ride was definitely bumpy, but I didn’t find it painful. And that included a ride in the very back. I think I may be the anomaly though since the dude next to me was angrily yelling in German.

Honestly, my biggest issue with Bandit was its speed. The ride looks and sounds awful. It sounds like nails on a chalkboard as the coaster crawls through the course. That being said, the second half did still manage to provide a little airtime. 4 out of 10

Bandit On-Ride.jpg
I didn't hate Bandit. The guy next to me sure did though.

Bandit Drop.JPG
I found it more slow than rough to be honest.

MP-Xpress is every bit as bad as its reputation suggests. Like most SLCs, this one was filled with non-stop headbanging. However, this one took the pain to a whole new level by also kidney punching me at several points throughout the ride. 1 out of 10

MP-Xpress Valley.JPG
That guy now realizes he made a mistake.

The nearby disko seemed like a safe attraction to catch my breath, but there was something very wrong with this one. Diskos are usually one of the most visually appealing flats with their oversized vehicle and vibrant lighting package. Crazy Surfer looked rusted and weathered.

The appearance would have been forgivable, but the sack whacks were not. The valleys on this one were quite jolty. In a normal riding position, this wouldn’t have been an issue. But it results in pain when the restraint has your crotch pressed against something. 2 out of 10

Crazy Surfer Spike.JPG
I never would have thought this could be more painful than Bandit.

Fearing the water rides may have early closures, I figured it’d be wise to start knocking those out. I made it onto Area 51 with just 5 minutes to spare. Maybe it was because the ride was being soft opened, but it closed 3 hours before the rest of the park at 5 pm.

For the most part, the indoor sets are extremely well done. The sets are large and the park’s take on aliens is unique (picture a brain for the head instead of the stereotypical green body). The only part that didn’t fit in was this gratuitous backwards section where you pass through an ancient temple.

The ride also included two drops. Neither drop was particularly steep, but the splashes were refreshing. I was also stunned the lap bars released during the final drop. I’m unsure if that was intentional or not. :lol: It’s a shame the ride closed early because I would have loved to go again. 9 out of 10

Area 51 Entrance.JPG
I lucked out with the timing for this ride's soft opening.

Area 51 Overview.jpg
The sets inside the mountain were exceptional.

Area 51 Station.JPG
For some odd reason, the restraints unlock before you return to the station.

Thankfully, the other water rides only closed a half hour before the park. Excalibur is technically a river rapids ride, but it’s best considered a dark ride. This ride has barely any rapids. In fact, it barely has any sprayers to boot.

But what it does have is exceptional theming. The sets are grand and detailed. And it’s a long ride too. I know this ride was recently renovated, but I was blown away by the amount of detail on this ride. 9 out of 10

Excalibur Entrance.JPG
I thought I learned all the secrets of the Dark Forest on Verbolten.

I thought the log flume would be the driest of the water rides, but I was wildly mistaken. Dora’s Big River Adventure will soak you. And the culprit is the first drop. Since the splashdown occurs in this narrow tunnel, the entirety of the splash is redirected back on the rider.

If you don’t want to get drenched stay far away from Dora. While it looks like a highly themed flume, there isn’t any theming in the mountain. And beyond that, the drops are nothing special. 5 out of 10

Dora's 1st Drop.JPG
That tunnel is pure evil. Or as Dora would say, "No bueno."

I then picked off the three coaster clones in the Nickelodeon area. My first stop was Ghost Chasers. You’d think that were themed to Danny Phantom based on the name, but it’s actually themed to SpongeBob. Poor Danny Phantom never gets any love.

As a ride, Ghost Chasers is your average mouse. This one had a brake towards the end of the top section that dialed back the laterals and airtime for the remainder of the ride. 5 out of 10

Ghost Chasers Overview.JPG
Is the Flying Dutchman shooting a laser booger at SpongeBob? WTF?

Jimmy Neutron’s Atomic Flyer is a junior SLC. But unlike the ones at the Cedar Fair parks, this one has lap bar trains. It sucks getting a concussion on a SLC, but it especially sucks to get one on a coaster meant for kids.

Jimmy Neutron was pretty slow and uneventful, but the ride was perfectly comfortable and I loved the amount of freedom granted by the restraints. The operator also gave two laps. 4 out of 10

Jimmy Neutron Turn.JPG
Thank goodness this thing doesn't have OSTRs.

My final coaster was Backyardigans: Mission to Mars. This was your typical roller skater. The only thing noteworthy was that the op had a devil of a time locking and unlocking restraints. These suckers wouldn’t lock and when they finally did, they wouldn’t unlock without a Herculean yank. 4 out of 10

Backyardigans Helix.JPG
I never realized Backyardigans were a Nickelodeon property.

After some rerides on Star Trek, I had 20 minutes before closing. I still wanted to hit Time Riders, but on the way I figured I could squeeze in High Fall since it had no line.

However, that assumed the op would actually load the dang thing. The op said he was only running it on the half hour if he didn't have a full load.

Compare that to the ride op at Time Riders. He was a fellow coaster enthusiast (turns out he too wants RMC Bandit) and really got into the pre-show. After the first pre-show, there was a second pre-show with a giant and elaborate time machine.

Then came the ride itself. I was hopeful it would be an immersive dark ride, but it was a simulator. This one was among the more jerky (think Wild Arctic), but the image quality was solid. I was a bit lost since I don’t speak German, but I still had fun. 6 out of 10

Time Riders.JPG
You enter here, but the show building is actually way behind that top spin in the distance.

The operations at Movie Park Germany leave a lot to be desired. Between one train operations, inefficient dispatches, and staggered closing times, I could tell this place was owned by Parques Reunidos.

However, I really liked everything else about the park. The staff was super friendly and the park had some great theming, particularly on their dark rides.

Re: Photo TR: Canobie Coaster's World Adventures

Mon Dec 02, 2019 5:53 am

I liked Operation Enterprise quite a bit, and Van Helsing's Factory is fun. I didn't bother with Bandit the last time I was there (that ride nearly beat me to death years ago).

Re: Photo TR: Canobie Coaster's World Adventures

Mon Dec 02, 2019 9:51 pm

Great report!

If I ever did make it out to Germany, Movie World is definitely a park I'd want to visit. Operation Enterprise looks mandatory for any Star Trek fan. It's a teensy bit further away than Star Trek: The Experience was in Vegas, but that didn't have a coaster either. Then... is it bad that I kinda want to ride MP-Xpress now just to see how bad it really is?

Re: Photo TR: Canobie Coaster's World Adventures

Mon Dec 02, 2019 10:08 pm

cfc wrote:I liked Operation Enterprise quite a bit, and Van Helsing's Factory is fun. I didn't bother with Bandit the last time I was there (that ride nearly beat me to death years ago).

I think Bandit actually had the longest line in the park. :lol:

PeoplemoverMatt wrote:Great report!

If I ever did make it out to Germany, Movie World is definitely a park I'd want to visit. Operation Enterprise looks mandatory for any Star Trek fan. It's a teensy bit further away than Star Trek: The Experience was in Vegas, but that didn't have a coaster either. Then... is it bad that I kinda want to ride MP-Xpress now just to see how bad it really is?

Thanks! Operation Enterprise definitely used the Star Trek IP well. As for MP-Xpress, imagine the headbanging of Kong with some punches to the back mixed in for variety.

Re: Photo TR: Canobie Coaster's World Adventures

Tue Dec 03, 2019 2:26 am

I honestly think Movie Park gets more hate than it deserves. It's just because you have about four (far) superior parks within a two hour driving distance. The park doesn't excel at anything, but it doesn't do anything horribly wrong either... well maybe the operations... yea those suck.

Re: Photo TR: Canobie Coaster's World Adventures

Tue Dec 03, 2019 1:37 pm

I agree Movie Park was good. It just needs a true signature coaster to make it standout with enthusiasts.

And I see a certain wood structure in that park that could satisfy that.

Re: Photo TR: Canobie Coaster's World Adventures

Fri Dec 06, 2019 1:25 am


Bobbejaanland originally wasn’t on this trip. However, the rave reviews of Fury changed my mind. There was a way to squeeze it in, but it would come at the expense of a full day at Efteling.

I was optimistic I could make a quick lap of Bobbejaanland before crowds hit, but I was a bit nervous. The park’s major rides didn’t seem to be people eaters and two of the coasters had VR.

Park Entrance.JPG
Thank you Bobbejaan Schoepen.

I arrived for rope drop and joined the rush for Fury. The ride had a delayed opening, but the line was never shorter. It had a full queue (~1 hour) all day.

What makes Fury special is that you can vote to go backwards. While the voting system was neat, I sort of wish the station was split into forwards-backwards rather than forwards-voting. I got the outcome I wanted, but it would have been annoying if I wasn’t able to experience it.

Fury Voting.jpg
Make sure to stuff those ballots for backwards.

Unlike Mack triple launchers, Fury had some force to the launch. But the highlight of the launch sequence was still the copious amount of hangtime on the reverse spike. After the launch, you fly over a top hat with great airtime over the top and wild laterals on the way down.

That’s followed by a massive zero-G roll with some great hangtime. Fury then weaves around itself before entering a wonderful loop that starts with positive Gs, but you run out of steam so you get hangtime over the top. You then travel up one last spike (getting hangtime of course) before hitting the brakes.

Fury wasn’t quite as intense as I expected, but it was just pure fun. 8 out of 10

Fury Launch.JPG

Fury Top Hat 5.JPG
Fury 325...minus 184.

Fury Inclined Loop.JPG
It appears they're about to be impaled.

Fury Top Hat 3.JPG
I'd love to see one of these come to America.

I then figured it’d be wise to knock out the VR coasters, so I made my way over to Revolution. I always thought Zierer Tivolis had comically long trains. However, Revolution puts those coasters to shame. This thing had a 30 car train!

I know Revolution is a coaster, but it felt more like a Himalaya. The entire downhill sequence is one big helix that gets progressively faster. Or maybe it just felt that way thanks to the lighting. 5 out of 10

Revolution Station.JPG
See this long station. You're only seeing 2/3 of the train.

Dream Catcher wasn’t yet running VR, but it was still a half hour wait due to its putrid capacity. While I loved Dream Catcher’s placement over the water, it was far too tame for my tastes. I don’t recall there being any real drops and the lack of speed negated any swinging. 4 out of 10

Dream Catcher Turn.JPG
Dream Catcher's capacity was a nightmare.

Up next was the coaster with arguably the best capacity, Oki Doki. This extended roller skater was sporting two trains with lightning fast dispatches. I wasn’t expecting much of it, but I was pleasantly surprised.

The first drop had a surprising amount of whip to it. We’re not talking Skull Mountain or anything, but it was better than it had any right to be. The rest of the ride was fairly tame, but I enjoyed how it went over the midway and lake. 5 out of 10

Oki Doki Drop.JPG
This drop is no joke.

Oki Doki Turn.JPG
So many clowns.

I then made my way over to Indiana River, the park’s enclosed log flume. It was at this point I realized the crowds had arrived. While the line never stopped moving, I think it took ~40-45 minutes.

Indiana River was exceptional. It felt more like a dark ride than a flume. The ride had way more theming than expected. It was a mix of animatronics and grand sets with rockwork and statues.

But in typical flume fashion there were drops as well. Three in fact. All the drops were really small, but the last one had a surprising pop of air thanks to the runway leading up to it. And of course you come off soaked since it’s always the little drops that get you. :lol: 9 out of 10

Indiana River Gorilla.jpg
Log Flume + Dark Ride = Happy Canobie Coaster

Europe had a lot of politically incorrect dark rides. But the king of them may be El Paso Special. Most dark rides have you shoot robots, aliens, or ghosts. El Paso Special has you shoot cowboys, Indians, women, children, drunks, etc. No one is safe.

You’re bound to feel like a dick when you come off this ride. I know this ride would offend some, but I loved just how wrong it was. 9 out of 10

El Paso Special.JPG
There is no way this could exist in America.

My biggest mistake of the day was riding Bob Express, the Mack powered coaster. Usually these things are capacity monsters and walk-ons. However, Bob Express had a deceptively long queue that took almost 45 minutes. Ouch!

While this had a nice layout going over the flume and water, it wasn’t worth the wait. That was especially true since it came at the expense of some Efteling time. 5 out of 10

Bob Express Drop.JPG

Bob Express Helix (Close 1).JPG
Bob Express travels over rocks, water, and rides.

I figured I’d have an hour wait for Typhoon, but it was surprisingly only 15 minutes. Maybe it was because no one could find the entrance? I knew the entrance was moved to Land of Legends, but I saw a ton of people confusedly walk where I believe the entrance used to be.

As one of the first Eurofighters, I suspected Typhoon may be rough. Thankfully, Typhoon’s transitions are taken relatively slowly so it isn’t a big headbanger. That allowed me to appreciate the great air on the drop, the surprisingly forceful loop, and the hangtime on the barrel rolls. 7 out of 10

Typhoon Loop.JPG

Typhoon Barrel Roll 1.JPG
I feel like this layout was meant to be cloned. But it never was.

Naga Bay was dispatching trains with the efficiency of an assembly line, but it still took about a half hour to board. This is a Maurer spinner, but the thick track gauge looks more like a Mack version.

While Naga Bay had plenty of spinning, it was one brake run after another. What little speed you got was quickly taken away. I guess that’s the cost of running so many cars. 6 out of 10

Naga Bay Drop.JPG
I love how many of the park's rides are built by the water.

Naga Bay Crossover.JPG
Look at that uncharacteristic Maurer spinner track gauge.

My last coaster was Speedy Bob, but that became a hard pass once I saw the queue spilling into the midway. If I had a full day, I would’ve waited. But I wasn’t going to waste precious Efteling time.

Speedy Bob.JPG
Speedy Bob may have been speedy, but the line didn't appear speedy.

Bobbejaanland was a solid park. Fury is a worthy signature attraction and I loved the dark rides. In total, I think I spent 5 hours at Bobbejaanland. But as I quickly learned, this really is a full day park due to amount of coasters and their limited capacities.
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