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Re: Zach's TR Procrastination Station. ***UPDATE 01/06/18***

PostPosted: Sat Jan 06, 2018 4:27 pm
by Nrthwnd
Hey, great update here! And you know what?
You'll get it done, when you get it done, right? :)

Re: Zach's TR Procrastination Station. ***UPDATE 01/06/18***

PostPosted: Sat Jan 06, 2018 5:30 pm
by ytterbiumanalyst
I got called out in a trip report! Woohoo!

Seriously, what a fun trip. Congratulations to your sister! Busch Gardens looks so awesome, and I do hope to get there one of these days.

Y'all are okay people. We probably differ politically, but whatever. You're Yuengling fans, so you can't be that bad. :lol:

Re: Zach's TR Procrastination Station. ***UPDATE 01/06/18***

PostPosted: Sat Jan 06, 2018 6:36 pm
by prozach626
Lol. I only call out my favorite people. I am friends with a lot of people who I know differ from my opinion politically. At the same time, I would be surprised if anyone could guess my voting history and I’ve certainly made voting mistakes in the past. I vote for the candidate, not on the party. Aside from casual jokes, I’ve been raised never to have serious discussions with family and friends in reference to religion, politics, or money.

Re: Zach's TR Procrastination Station.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 06, 2018 7:54 pm
by bert425
prozach626 wrote:
Did you expect anything else? Savor it, because there aren't many pictures, let alone pointing pictures. #exhausted#enjoythisanddon'tspendthewholedaydoccumenting

I don't know how I'll *ever* trust you again.

you're pointing in a bunch of these pictures!


Re: Zach's TR Procrastination Station. ***UPDATE 01/06/18***

PostPosted: Sat Jan 06, 2018 8:11 pm
by prozach626
Bert, wait until you see my SFSTL holiday in the park TR and you’ll understand when I say I didn’t have many pointing pics. I should have that published by 2020.

Re: Zach's TR Procrastination Station. ***UPDATE 01/06/18***

PostPosted: Sat Jan 06, 2018 8:15 pm
by coasterbill
Great report (though that really sucks about the airline).

I loved the ridiculously heavy focus on Le Scoot. :lol:

Re: Zach's TR Procrastination Station. ***UPDATE 01/06/18***

PostPosted: Sun Jan 07, 2018 4:40 pm
by Vonni
OMG I love your trip reports! Keep them coming, please! But not at the expense of your procrastination. I fully endorse that. Make procrastination great again!

Re: Zach's TR Procrastination Station. ***UPDATE 01/06/18***

PostPosted: Mon Jan 08, 2018 4:33 pm
by Philrad71
Great update, nice that you were able to look adversity in the face and still have a great time.

I can't tell you how many times that has happened to us...plane cancelled going to Aruba, two trips to Florida in freezing cold temps, Michael being diagnosed with cancer three weeks before going to a friend's wedding in Portland (of which Crown Plaza never reimbursed our money), snow blower biting the dust at Christmas, furnace dying at Easter, septic plugged on Thanksgiving, having a job offer in Tampa yanked out from under my nose for no legit reason, etc, etc.

You just have to be able to laugh in spite of it all, because getting super pissed isn't going to help at all. At least we have life and at least we have each other! :)

Re: Zach's TR Procrastination Station. ***UPDATE 01/06/18***

PostPosted: Mon Jan 08, 2018 5:19 pm
by boldikus
Awesome updates, as usual Zach! Thanks for sharing. I love BGW!

Zach & Emily's TR's! *CP COASTER CAMPOUT UPDATE 05/19/18*

PostPosted: Sat Jun 02, 2018 3:33 pm
by prozach626
I'm going to keep this as short as I possibly can with cliff notes and not an entire story. I don't expect anyone to care about where I parked, what kind of toppings I like on my hot dog, and how many times I urinated. (Too many to count, anyway). That said, it's not really short at all, hence the 'as short as possible.' I apologize in advance for the typos. *end of disclaimer*

Emily and I went to Coaster Campout at Cedar Point on 05/19 - 05/20. The weather forecast was terrible, but we only had a couple quick storms throughout Saturday, with temperatures in the 80's, and Sunday the weather was nice with temperatures in the 50's-60's.

The event was scheduled as follows:
$200 cost
*Visit the park from 9am or later using emailed tickets.
*We checked in for the event at 5pm where we were treated to lanyards, LED battery powered lanterns, and dinner which consisted of divine Hamburgers, hot dogs, beans, salad, chips, etc. We got way too full from being on the go all day and only had room for about a beer before we called quits on drinking. Woops.
*Setup time was at 10pm, but I wanted to the camp site early, which was in the antique car field in the back of the park. It paid off. We got into the park at 930, while getting strange looks from other patrons, due to wheeling a collapsible wagon full of camping gear into the park. We were one of the first tents there and it took us about 20 minutes to set up. Thanks, Boy Scouts, or whatever is politically correct now.
*ERT on SV was from 1030-12 with shitty processed smores for snacks. Don't take that too seriously. I'm not trying to be critical of the supplied food since our experience was one hell of a value.
*I took one of my prescribed ambien and hit the sack at 12. It was neat waking up in the middle of the night to use the restroom and seeing the park absolutely dead quiet. Somehow during the first half of my drug induced sleep the bathrooms transformed from disgusting to spotless. Win.
*Also during the night this damned Yukon Settler game or whatever across the antique car tuned up every five minutes or so talking crap and tell us to play our hands if we have what it takes, or something like that. We laughed about it before and after sleeping saying something immature like "That sh*t talking douche is still over there talking smack and was all night!"
*Reveille at 7am and we packed our sh*t in a hurry and went to the car. Although before reveille there was some nerdy d-bag playing some Cedar Point song on his boom box. It was about 640 when he did that. Seriously, bro?
*Shower wipes are seriously impressive. I felt clean. I didn't feel sticky. I smelled fresh.
*ERT on VR was from 730-9, with a 'grab and go' breakfast of pastries, doughnuts, breakfast bars, juice, and coffee. We don't eat that crap first thing in the morning, but we wouldn't have the audacity to expect to be catered to our lifestyle so we didn't complain and drank a couple cups of coffee. The offerings for average Joe looked great, though. We didn't ride VR. It was chilly and we just enjoyed sitting in the park away from the crowd and taking in the empty park. Employees were friendly and almost everyone of them greeted us with a smile and a "good morning." It's the little things.
*We spent the next few hours walking around and spending time together. I don't think we rode anything until after noon.

Highlights of things we enjoyed this trip:
*Millennium Force is still a winner for us. It was our first ride of the year and our last ride at CP.
*It's hard to get enough of riding Maverick.
*We liked Valravn much more this time around. It's a great ride.
*We didn't ride Gemini on our last trip, which was our second trip to CP. Man, this ride is a blast when bumping up against your spouse and laughing your ass off.
*Bumper cars, because why not?
*The Kentucky Derby ride, of whatever the FF it's called. Fun ride sober. Better ride under the influence.
*Dragster is still a rush and they weren't crowding the station, leaving our couple rides almost walk-on.
*The Melt... How is this place not packed? I can put down food with the very best of them, but split a sandwich with your partner, especially if your intentions are to drink beer and be active.
*Breakers has very large, very tasty cocktails. We had a generous nice bartender, who we remembered from a couple years ago. She did everything but call Illinois Secretary of State to verify our driver's licenses, though. Whatever. I'm thankful for being a young looking 32 year old, most of the time.
*Fire pits on a cold day at Breakers is great.
*We had a blast at the petting zoo.
*Despite a lot of apprehension from the information we gathered here, staff numbers were adequate, operations were fantastic, rarely did rides go down for maintenance, and almost everything except for a lot of out-of-the-way beer man locations and stores was open.
*Breakers express was an adequate for a night's stay. It would have been more than adequate had it not been for the slight smell of old stale cigarettes.

I'm sure I'm missing some crap. I saved this for last. Fanboys beware:
As for SV, I enjoyed MF, Maverick, Valravn, and Dragster much more. Our first ride in the back seat seemed amazing. We only waited an hour and 15 minutes. During ERT we walked right on our first train. I enjoyed this ride mostly, but a lot less than the first ride. Our third ride we waited about 20 minutes for the front and I was waiting for the ride to end after the first drop. This coaster is too much against the grain for me. I prefer smooth transitions and I don't care for a ride that bucks the entire time. Outward banks and non-traditional banks are not my thing. I can see how it would be a top coaster for anyone else who prefers a ton of airtime, but I'm not a huge fan of relentless constant ejector air. Fantastic coaster, but not for me. Next time we'll take a spin or two and call it a day. We could have easily gone back for 4-5 more rides, but instead we chose to walk around the closed park and enjoy our time together instead, as a no brainer for us. I'm not disappointed, since after riding Storm Chaser and looking at this layout I was pretty apprehensive.

Below are a few random pictures in random order of us having fun vs. the same pictures everyone posts. If anyone wants to give me some tips on how to easily post some of my 10 second short clips saved from Snap Chat onto my Iphone, I'm all ears. I used Imgur to try, but there's no sound, so you can't hear my asshole comments in my self hated Midwestern dialect.

Check in at 5.

How can you complain about cafeteria food when we got such a value? Seriously, I maxed out on seconds due to being tired from working overtime on a suspicious child death task force leading up to the trip.

We've reached a new nerd status.

Random depressed monkey that made us laugh is random AF

Still tired, leaving the camp ground.

Rise and shine, camper nerds.

ERT on SV. I i305 style, we were only good for a couple rides even though waits were five minutes or less.

Dinner at The Melt. I needed the food by this point, because I was too well on my way.

The lights weren't on the first night, so I was glad to see them on our second night.

We grabbed a beer at The Melt and came back later. We were quizzed on our birthdays and how old we were. I'm sure the alcohol servers get audited frequently, so I don't get butt hurt about those things like some other people.

Technically she was the winner.

We had a great view of SV when we woke up and went to bed. Seriously, why don't more people do this???

Without being corny, this picture is a pretty accurate analogy for our trip.

Come to think of it, I'm not completely sure we'd ridden anything yet and it was around 2-3 o'clock. We enjoyed the fire pit on the chilly day. I even bought a Cedar Point hooded sweatshirt. I kind of regret it since I won't wear it out in public much and I won't want to wear it in parks and attract enthusiasts.

Here comes my idiotic immature sense of humor:

She moved away from me as were were taking the shot. Can't win em' all.

They moved away from me.

The train moved away from me.

And they weren't moving for sh*t. If you don't think I'm close to these people, look at the distance from my feet to their location.

So all of that was the fun part. The not so fun part was driving home nine hours on Monday, unpacking, having a couple beers which tired me out, while running around and grilling for my in-laws who watched my dog, finally showering and laying down to read my book, and then the phone r*ngs with a friendly dispatcher telling me that we've had our first double-homicide in ten years and that I needed to put on my suit and tie at 11pm. I told Emily I'd talk to her next week, as I did on my last homicide I worked. I got home at 7am, got three hours of sleep, and went back in. 30 hours of overtime later and it was all wrapped up. That combined with the child death task force leading up to the trip seriously had me exhausted for a week. Despite the sh*t flavored icing on putting the weekend to bed, this was our best CP trip yet.

This was basically me after the work week was over.

Our stay was an absolute blast and a unique experience. Some of our fellow campers and ERT'ers really weirded us out, since it was our enthusiast event. That said, it made people watching legit! The over-enthusiasts were watered down with families, which was nice.

I can't believe more people don't do this event. I highly suggest it. Tents and air mattresses are cheap and $200 for anywhere from 1-4 people for two days at the park, two sessions of ERT, two meals, and a gift is an incredible value. As someone who went camping a lot as a kid, this was more of a welcome since it was basically just a sleepover in a cushy grass field in a dry tent.