Photo TR: Tin Yat Park/Meitian Park (July 22, 2017)

Six year old children could do better than this....
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Photo TR: Tin Yat Park/Meitian Park (July 22, 2017)

Postby The Angry Darren Mullins » Sat Jul 22, 2017 4:53 pm

July 22, 2017: Tin Yat Park and Meitian Amusement Park (Yuncheng, Shanxi, China):

Tin Yat Park:

This park opened in 2013 and still looks very new. I was one of only a few people here. The rides area seemed totally empty until I found some workers who would run the coasters. There is a loopscrew called Roller Coaster and a mite mouse coaster here. I rode the mite mouse (#1080). After this, I was told that I may be too tall for the loopscrew. I asked them to check and see if I would fit into the car. They let me try. It was a perfect fit, the OTSR came down and I was comfortable and secure, but they didn't want to risk letting me ride. This resulted in me walking away disappointed. My advice to Chinese parks-use some goddamned common sense. Allowing adults to ride a family sized coaster and then turning them away from the big coasters is about as backwards as it gets. To Chinese ride manufacturers-do not go to western countries and try to sell your shit there. Westerners expect to ride things when they go to parks. Westerners aren't like the Chinese and will not settle for just getting their picture taken in front of the ride. If your rides can't accommodate westerners, you will never get far. A six year old child would do better than this.

Meitian Amusement Park:

This park is a gated amusement park and admission has to be paid to enter. it rundown too. The rides are rusty. Weeds are growing everywhere. There is a loopscrew (#1081) here. It is the same damned design as the one at Tin Yat, except that the OTSR is much smaller and it is not very comfortable when it is pulled down. With that being said, Meitian amusement park operated this thing right and let me ride. Meitian may be a shithole, but at least they got it right-ya hear me Lewa and Tin Yat? The most unusual ride at Meitian is a double top spin. I have a photo of it in the TR.
Tin Yat Entrance.jpg
I have arrived at a park that is less than 5 years old. It is Tin Yat Park.
Tin Yat Lake 1.jpg
This is the view after visitors enter the park.
Tin Yat Lake 2.jpg
Here is a view of the lake while I was walking to the rides.
Tin Yat Flume.jpg
It is the hottest summer on record here and the damned flume isn't open.
Tin Yat Coaster 1.jpg
They have a loop screw here.
Tin Yat Coaster 2.jpg
The idiots would not let me ride it despite meeting the height requirement and fitting into the seat and being able to lock the restraint.
Tin Yat Mouse 1.jpg
The did allow me to ride this thing.
Tin Yat Mouse 2.jpg
It is a mite mouse. I like these.
Meitian Entrance.jpg
A taxi took me on a 20 minute ride to this place. It is Meitian Amusement Park.
Meitian Map.jpg
This will tell me where I need to go.
Meitian Twin Spin.jpg
This certainly puts a new spin on things.
Meitian Carousel.jpg
Here is Meitian's carousel.
Meitian Ferris Wheel.jpg
They have a large Ferris Wheel like most parks here do.
Meitian Flume.jpg
The flume here also is not in service.
Meitian Coaster 1.jpg
Meitian has a loop screw just like the one I was denied riding at Tin Yat.
Meitian Coaster 2.jpg
I would get to ride this one twice. This will finish the TR.

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