Photo TR: Heth in Europe - Efteling/Heide Park/Europa Park

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Re: Photo TR: Heth in Europe - Efteling/Heide Park/Europa Pa

Postby Midgetman82 » Sun Aug 30, 2015 11:46 am

Excellent overview of the park, as well as the photos to compliment it. I knew it was one of the top theme parks in Europe, but never really knew about how intricate many of its attractions were, and how well-themed it is! This is definitely a park I have high on my list of ones I need to visit!
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Re: Photo TR: Heth in Europe - Efteling/Heide Park/Europa Pa

Postby Nrthwnd » Sun Aug 30, 2015 12:16 pm

redfoot12 wrote:Just curious, but as someone who only speaks English, how is it getting around the Dutch and German parks? I figure a lot of the shows would be lost on me.

I never had any language problems at Europa, on my visits there.
Everything in menus is pretty easy to figure out, and as well at the
fast food counters. And I know there are english versions of the park map, too.

And if you can learn only two words, "Please and Thank You" in any language, that
certainly helps you connect with those working at the parks.
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Re: Photo TR: Heth in Europe - Efteling/Heide Park/Europa Pa

Postby better_by_design » Mon Aug 31, 2015 1:34 pm

Heth wrote:PART 3 – EUROPA PARK

First ride of the day (and my favourite in the park) was the multi-inversion launched coaster Blue Fire. This ride is just wonderful. I am not the biggest fan of really high forces, and so this fast-paced, smooth and ‘floaty’ coaster is just my style. The ride may not satisfy people who like really high G-forces, but it is an amazing ride to me. It also looks amazing, and this ride is situated in probably the best part of the park, the Iceland themed section, which also contains Wodan and the Whale Adventures splash battle ride.


Sure, Europa Park may not have that many outstanding rides, but the park as a whole is definitely one of the best European parks, if not one of the best internationally. No park I have been to has the variety of attractions this park has and very few have as much theming on their buildings. Whilst I have come out of this trip holding Efteling at the top of my mind, Europa Park has launched much higher after having 3 days to dig my heels in more thoroughly.

Co-sign on Blue Fire - still one of my favorite coasters for exactly the reasons you describe: fun, fast, and just joyful - and incredibly re-rideable. It is simply put, incredibly fun, and doesn't beat you up at all. The comparison to *most* of the "top rated" coasters in the world is just that - they are faster/more intense/etc but are also things I can't do 5 or 10 times in a row without feeling it later (if not immediately). Blue Fire would be an awesome ride to marathon.

And I fully agree with your overall take on the park - not much "World Class Outstanding Ride" but SO MANY very good rides, in an AMAZING setting, run by super-efficient operators, with tasty food, great themeing, and a lovely atmosphere? Sign me up.

Jealous you got to do 3 full days there to fully take it all in!

Thanks for writing!
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Re: Photo TR: Heth in Europe - Efteling/Heide Park/Europa Pa

Postby Anthlon » Wed Sep 02, 2015 10:41 am

Great review, i am almost local (CZ-Prague), and EuropaPark is my Alma Mater, SilverStar first serious coaster i rode about 8yrs ago, agree with all things here, i go there at least twice per year for two days at minimum. Great park for family, satisfying for thrill seekers.Blue Fire is my favorite perform of launch (no cable, very comfy seats and restrains, with no shoulder direct hold,and smooth ride all the way, second most smoth ride from all world parks i ever been, including US east coast, sorry Griffon; [first is Krake from Heide btw])
Next expand will be all-season indoor watter park which Mack family (running the park) dreamed for a lot of time, sadly for me, i am coaster type guest. We are still waiting there for one simple thing and other bigger. Its the FreeFall tower of any kind, and something really big since silver star is not world class, maybe with the new expansion they will be conquer already promised land next to park which in this case is not problem to get.
(not like in case of Phantasialand, also great park about 300km north, where they have serious problems to expand to new land, as a one from most dense, but still great, parks).


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