Anyone ridden all the RMCs yet?

How would you rank them?
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Re: Anyone ridden all the RMCs yet?

Postby joelwee » Wed Sep 05, 2018 9:48 pm

I added two new RMCs this year. Unfortunately, I missed out on Railblazer, but I'll get back up to NorCal and ride it eventually.

1. Steel Vengeance
2. Twisted Colossus
3. The Joker
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Re: Anyone ridden all the RMCs yet?

Postby PKI Jizzman » Thu Sep 06, 2018 7:58 am

+4 this season!
Storm Chaser
Twisted Timbers
Twisted Cyclone
Steel Vengeance

When it comes to RMCs you know you're going to get lots of crazy good airtime. So what helps you choose favorites would be the first drop and elements that fill in the layout.

And when I go to rank them I can't pick a favorite. :lol:
1) Outlaw Run - I'm a sucker for pre drops and the long sideways airtime hill down the slope makes it one of my favorite rides.
1) Steel Vengeance - It has everything and more. The inversions are fantastic, the wave turn over the brake run is epic, and so is the dive into the structure.
1) Twisted Timbers - This was one of the few roller coasters that tested my limits. It's so aggressive and the airtime is so strong. The barrel roll drop was not my favorite element going into the ride, but for some reason this one felt a little different. And the middle of the ride is so wild! The more I rode it the more I liked it, and ended up loving it.
1) Twisted Cyclone - I loved the progression of elements on this coaster. The airtime got stronger throughout the ride and the hidden barrel roll that takes a step down into the rocky trench is a favorite RMC moment for me. You hit the brake run with so much speed and everyone is laughing. It's just a great ride!
2) Storm Chaser - Absolutely nuts and out of control. It's like the sampler platter from RMC. It kinda gives you everything - the barrel drop, straight airtime hill, crazy twisty airtime, laterals..
2) Goliath - A big ol first drop, a long airtime hill, the well paced half loop into the structure, and then ....the upside down floater hill. It's like time stands still. There's nothing like it!

So Storm Chaser and Goliath are not my favorites but they're still extremely good.
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Re: Anyone ridden all the RMCs yet?

Postby coasterBro » Fri Sep 07, 2018 10:14 am

So my rankings are (admittedly) a bit outside the norm. I don't enjoy the super strong, super abrupt ejector airtime that a lot of RMC's do. I prefer my airtime to be strong but sustained. I really do not like strong laterals while I'm out of my seat during airtime (let me settle back into the seat, then hit me with the laterals, please). And I don't tend to enjoy slow barrel roll inversions. Quick zero-g rolls, yes. Stalls & loops & straight hang-time, fantastic. Slow rolls, nope.

So all that being said, here's what I've got:

#1) Twisted Cyclone:
I was a big fan of the GA Cyclone in the magic seat. It was my 1st real coaster, and though I hated it at the time, I grew to quite love it, so I was disappointed when they decided to RMC it. I came in with fairly low expectations for the ride, but it absolutely blew me away. I think the pacing is perfect. The inversions are fantastic. The wave turn is the best wave turn RMC has made to date. It pays homage to the original GA Cyclone's big ejector hill. The slalom into the brake run is cool and smooth and not a violent, jerky transition like some other RMC's have where the track doesn't quite line up the way they want it to (lookin' at you, SV MCBR entry). And despite people being worried the ride was going to be too short, I actually found it to be quite full. I think if they had tried to do an extra lap around they would have been forced to resort to manufacturing airtime with those sharp little hills, and that would have killed my enjoyment of the ride altogether. I'm super glad I have this puppy in my back yard as it's fantastic all around. A+

#2) Iron Rattler:
This was originally supposed to be my 500th coaster, but rain showers basically killed that whole trip. I finally got around to riding it this year, and I thought it was great all around. I do wish it could have somehow been a little bit longer, as it seems like as soon as you dive off the quarry wall you're done, but it's still great fun nonetheless. A

#3) Goliath:
I know a lot of people give this ride crap because it's so short, but I really enjoyed it. I don't at all consider this a wooden coaster, no matter what they officially say. It's steel supports w/ steel track. I really enjoy the stall and the dive loop. It's not too crazy with the shenanigans. A

#4) New Texas Giant:
The original, and still quite solid. A-

#5) Twisted Colossus (when dueling):
There are a few little bits of this I don't love, but the dueling experience makes up for that. The Top Gun Stall is a thing of beauty. B+


#'s 6-12) These coasters are hard to rank against each other, since most of them have things that are great, but all of those do dumb things I hate as well. And I don't know how to balance the great against the hate and come to a meaningful conclusion. Couple that with a few that I felt didn't really flag either extreme, and we get a cluster of coasters I might ride a few times but wouldn't think about marathonning. The list below is in no particular order. All of these coasters are in the B-C range

Steel Vengeance:
I was super hyped for what many people are calling the best coaster ever built. I went to great lengths to make sure it was my #600. And I did not think it was all that amazing. There were a number of elements I quite enjoyed, but there were also several things I actively disliked that really hurt my wanting to re-ride (and thus my rankings). There were a few spots where the track shaping felt like mistakes (the entry into the MCBR being the most egregious, but there were a couple other spots where a directional change happened mid-element in a way that had to be to make the track line up for the next sequence but didn't fit or flow naturally). I really hated the aborted-barrel-roll-drop/not-quite-a-stall 2nd inversion; it either needed to be a stall, where it hangs in the inverted position before twisting back out, or a normal barrel roll drop. As shaped, it's really quite a violent element. Not too long after the MCBR is a fake-out hill/turn thing that isn't fun. And the bunny hops at the finale are just dumb & painful (give me 2 drawn-out hills there instead of 4 sharp little ones). Most of the rest of the ride was quite great though, which is why it's such a shame it had so many things I didn't enjoy. As it sits, I might give it a couple of laps on my next visit to CP, but I'm going to marathon Dragster & Millie long before I'd consider trying to get a bunch of laps in on SV.

Storm Chaser:
Most of the first 2/3 of the ride is great. I love the barrel roll drop, the overbanks, the airtime hill, the zero-g roll. But the trick-track double-up is what kills me. That is an uncomfortable element, and then the ending of the ride is only meh.

Twisted Timbers:
Twisted Timbers is really just Storm Chaser 2.0. It does all the good things SC does, except more and better, but it also does all the bad things SC does, except more and worse. Great barrel roll drop, and airtime sequence. I don't love the cutback, but it is what it is. Again though, the trick-track double-up kills me. Then the outward banked ejector hill/turn thing. Then the dumb meandering swooshes and sharp bunny hills. If they had put the airtime hill that's after the TTDU in place of the TTDU and then just connected straight to the brake run, this would be in my top 2 or 3 for RMC's. But the ending just kills off all the goodwill that the great first 2/3 of the ride built.

Wicked Cyclone:
Generally a fun ride, but nothing really stands out as great or super sucky. There are a couple of transitions that aren't the most comfortable, and the last inversion is taken a bit slow for my taste. But it's a solid enough ride.

Medusa Steel Coaster:
I rode this when they were doing the VR. I was told that they had to slow the ride down to make the timing work, so I've never ridden it at full tilt. I only got a few laps in, but I don't remember it being overly remarkable in either direction. Would I ride again? Yes. Would I make another trip to Mexico just for it? Nope.

By far the best coaster in the park. But I found it to be largely unremarkable. I don't think GCI's take to being RMC'd very well, as it felt like zooming around a lot to get to the next element, moreso than a coherent, well-paced layout. I did, however, quite enjoy the stall and the step-up-under-flip inversion thing (which seems like what the first inversions on Twisted Cyclone and Steel Vengeance are modeled after).

Lightning Rod:
It took far too many visits to finally get a ride on this (and it's ridiculous that they can't get it open and keep it open). Overall, it's pretty fun. But the pothole at the bottom of the first drop is really bad. And when it's running at full-tilt, I find most of the elements (the quad-down in particular) to be quite painful. I got some rides in at night in late fall last year when it was running a little slower and really enjoyed it, but I think that was the exception rather than the norm.


#13) Wonder Woman:
This ride was just too intense to be enjoyable for me. It felt like getting thrown around like a rag-doll. I rode it several times hoping to find something to like about it, but it just wasn't fun for me. D

#14) Outlaw Run:
This ride is not good. I don't know if it's just the steel wheels on steel track or what, but you feel every track seam as a kerchunk straight up your spine, no matter what seat you're in. There are a couple of spots where the track hits some sizable potholes that provide even more spine bashing. The pacing/intensity isn't really what I enjoy. And then the ride ends with back-to-back slow barrel rolls, which I really really dislike. F

I have not ridden Wildfire or RailBlazer and am unlikely to anytime in the near future.
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Re: Anyone ridden all the RMCs yet?

Postby coasterer » Fri Sep 07, 2018 12:07 pm

1) Medusa Steel Coaster - this thing blew me away so much when we rode a few years ago, still in its prime. The pacing was to die for and it handled the layout SO WELL! At the time it was so unassuming, rarely reviewed, and relatively under-hyped. Everything about the experience only added to it - the location, Fright Fest fog, night rides, the crooked house queue... for me it was one of the most memorable, complete ride experiences. But it's just impossible to really measure on a fond memory from years ago.

1b) Steel Vengeance - It's so hard for me to compare Steel Vengeance and Lightning Rod to Medusa. Hype always leaves me skeptical, and both had such high rave reviews and commanding reputations. My first ride on Steel Vengeance left me impressed. My second ride blew me away. It's borderline too much for me, and I think Medusa in its prime was a smarter layout, but there was no denying SV is just incredible, and over-compensates in every way. It is the most over-the-top ride I can imagine.

1c) Lightning Rod - iis such a unique ride. It's such a flash, and had SO much hype and baggage, but it is uncompromising, feels full (more full for me than Outlaw Run), and the quad down redeems anything and everything that there could be to knock it for.

4) Outlaw Run - feels a bit prototype-ish to me, the way NTAG now does with SV. But I can understand the appreciation. It's like the Sky Rush of woodies for me. And while the quad down cements Lightning Rod's legitimacy, unfortunately the double barrel undermines it.

5) Twisted Cyclone - Love the pacing. It's a very unassuming ride while being massively enjoyable. A more complete ride to me than the rest.
6) Iron Rattler - its uniqueness gives it the edge over some of the more generic rides, but it's a strange and inconsistent layout.
7) NTAG - more comprehensive than Iron Rattler but less unique and special.
8) Twisted Colossus - super fun, looked great, and my first RMC! But others have passed it by for me now.
9) Storm Runner - Air time was wonderful, but I hated the uncomfortable ending, and found it on the whole too intense to be fully enjoyable.
10) Joker - borderline unpleasant. A few good elements couldn't redeem a layout that ultimately didn't work for me. Used to rank it last until...
11) Goliath - had me totally underwhelmed on recent re-rides. The stall is heaven though. But it just feels like it was designed by a totally different company.
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Re: Anyone ridden all the RMCs yet?

Postby FeelTheFORCE » Sat Sep 08, 2018 7:41 am

Slowly, but surely I'm adding more RMCs to my list. Here's how I would rank them:

1) Twisted Timbers - The traditional airtime hills are what put this one at the top of my list. That outward-banked turn through the structure is absolutely bonkers, and took a good 3-4 rides for me to properly prepare. This one just does so much with so little space.

2) Steel Vengeance - Speaks for itself, we all know what this is about. Not my number one because of being a bit more drawn out. I'm a bigger fan of coasters that do more with less.

3) Joker - My first RMC. It's a fun, great coaster, but not as bonkers as the others.

4) Goliath - Still an awesome coaster, but too short. My favorite thing about this one is the inverted stall.

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Re: Anyone ridden all the RMCs yet?

Postby DoinItForTheFame » Mon Oct 08, 2018 6:47 pm

DoinItForTheFame wrote:So out of the one's I have been on this is how I would rank them:

Lightning Rod
Outlaw Run
New Texas Giant
Twisted Timbers
Iron Rattler

Time for a bit of an update...

1.) Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster
2.) Lightning Rod
3.) Outlaw Run
4.) Iron Rattler
5.) New Texas Giant
6.) Twisted Timbers
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Re: Anyone ridden all the RMCs yet?

Postby Cyrbuzz » Tue Oct 09, 2018 5:25 pm

Haven’t ridden any yet but that’s gonna change soon with RMC Gwazi!!!!’


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