The amazing (real time-ish) adventures of jarmor!

The Great Nor'east tour pg. 11
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Re: The amazing (real time-ish) adventures of jarmor!

Postby jarmor » Tue Jul 11, 2017 12:06 pm

Ok ok . . . I am horrible at this lately lol. I am a year behind on this but hey, i'm here to catch up! Now where were we . . . oh yes, Hershey park now! This is the last park on the great no'east trip so it's kinda bittersweet. Lets begin. . .

Got in the park and headed straight to fahrenheit.

I have heard nothing but great things about this coaster so it was time to find out.

Getting closer!

Something is missing.

Oh yeah . . . :p

I really enjoyed it! Very fun and reridable. I was advised to haul tail to laugh trakk afterwards.

Entering the queue I was impressed.

Very trippy!

Lets have some fun . . .




Time to board . . .

I think that was my first time on one of those spinners. I love when parks go above and enclose coasters like this. Moving right along . . . Lightning racer.

Rode one side then it went down. Man, it was smooth! At this point, i'm looking forward to the other side. Took a stroll through the "water park".


Since I was over by wildcat I figured i'd might as well ride.

What the hell happen?!?!? I mean you have lightning racer, in the back, with its almost smooth as glass experience then you have this thing! lol. Time to head to the other side of the park.

But, lets ride the boomerang because you have to ride every boomerang.

This one has the vest restraints so it made the experience better. But was really made it better to me was the lines . . .

Speaking of lines, lets head to Storm Runner.

Most of the lines in the park were like this all day so I was a happy camper since I didn't have an entire day to experience the park. Storm runner blew me away. Of course its a short coaster but a fun one no less. Lets admire it.




Rode the mine train, meh but afterwards I got hungry and being a pig i was craving BBQ.

And I found it.

With a full belly its time to go ride great bear. The lines were starting to show by this time so it was a slight wait.

Some people seem to not like the layout, particularly the helix in the beginning, but I rather enjoyed the coaster.


What a classic . . .

The log flume here was insane looking. The boats literally skipped across the trough. I was shocked lol.

Soar great bear!

Speaking of a classic, the infamous hersheypark comet!

The time has come. I will finally get to experience Skyrush. I don't know how to describe it other than if my thighs could divorce me. they definitely would have that day lol. Very intense ride but I couldn't see myself riding more than twice in a row. I had a wing seat so I heard they aren't the best but yeah, my thighs!



After doing the dark ride I headed back to lightning racer to finish the pair.

Overall I really liked Hersheypark. Looking forward to going back again . . .
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Re: The amazing (real time-ish) adventures of jarmor!

Postby jarmor » Tue Jul 11, 2017 1:00 pm

09/16/16, it's time for halloween horror nights and what better way to start it off???

Oh yeah, one of my favorite times of year is upon us. Don't mind me, i'm just getting "ready".

Its strange you can't bring drinks you brought right outside the gate but don't worry, I will fix that.

I'm in!

But first, I need a drink. Don't judge me . . .

Lets go in some houses . . .

I like getting there early, so I can knock out a few houses before the crowds come. Then I can pace myself and do some repeats, all while not having express.


Moving right along.


I'm in my "safe space" :lmao: !

Whats that smell???

Moving right along to what was the weakest house of the year, but still fun.

Lets check out some scarezones.





Take a chance???

Lets go visit a house. But first, ROCKIT!

My mother does WHAT in WHERE?!?!?

It's getting darker, lets go back through some zones.







After along night I decided to get a shrimp po'boy. I really like the food selection for HHN. It's all the bad things you should be eating that taste sooo good lol.

Well, that's it for now . . .
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Re: The amazing (real time-ish) adventures of jarmor!

Postby Canobie Coaster » Tue Jul 11, 2017 1:13 pm

Great report! I missed out on this one last year but read through the latter reports.

Hershey is a great park and I'm glad you loved the Intamin collection. I agree Skyrush is tricky to marathon but it's worth it for that intensity.

That's a shame you missed out on Wicked Cyclone and Connecticut's woodies due to the weather. All 3 are great and are worth coming back for in the future.
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Re: The amazing (real time-ish) adventures of jarmor!

Postby djcoastermark » Tue Jul 11, 2017 7:02 pm

Looks as if it was a great time. I love the fun house mirror pics, silly fun.

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Re: The amazing (real time-ish) adventures of jarmor!

Postby Nrthwnd » Tue Jul 11, 2017 7:17 pm

Well, it's about time! Finally! Took ya long enough, hmm? Tsk tsk tsk....


Great report! Food looked good enough to eat off the screen!
Awesome photos of your adventures.
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Re: The amazing (real time-ish) adventures of jarmor!

Postby Arthur_Seaton » Tue Jul 11, 2017 8:33 pm

I think Lightning Racer was the standout coaster for me at HP, followed closely by Fahrenheit. I liked Great Bear just fine, even though I'm not a huge invert fan, but it was the second half (not the first) that I found more puzzling. It was as if the designer hit "autocomplete" just to get the track to reach the station again.

Cool pics, Jarmor!

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Re: The amazing (real time-ish) adventures of jarmor!

Postby thrillseeker4552 » Tue Jul 11, 2017 10:16 pm

Arthur_Seaton wrote:I think Lightning Racer was the standout coaster for me at HP, followed closely by Fahrenheit. I liked Great Bear just fine, even though I'm not a huge invert fan, but it was the second half (not the first) that I found more puzzling. It was as if the designer hit "autocomplete" just to get the track to reach the station again.

Cool pics, Jarmor!

I don't quite understand the praise for Lightning Racer. To me it just felt very "average." It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great. I've been on rougher, but I've also been on smoother. Maybe I didn't get good rides (I did ride each side multiple times), but I've just never understood the praise for that ride. It simply felt like a very "average" GCI woodie. To each his own I guess.

Or maybe the fact that the greatest, most precious Intamin creation in the United States resides at the park and puts every other nearby coaster to shame. Who knows! ;)

Oh, and great report! It's never too late!
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Re: The amazing (real time-ish) adventures of jarmor!

Postby jarmor » Tue Jul 18, 2017 11:47 am

Thanks guys. I have some down time since having my foot reconstructed so I will be well caught up by the time I can ride again. I hate I missed the CT coasters. I really wanted to ride boulder dash, oh well.

Back to the adventures! Every October I have been taking, what I have dubbed as, "The Epic Halloween Adventure" tour which consist of attending Howl-O-Scream, Halloween Horror Nights (Orlando), Horror Nights (Hollywood) and Knott's Scary Farm. Man, last year was a doozy. Being in South Carolina, the last couple years the weather has been horrible in october. I normally take this trip utilizing public transportation only and it has worked perfectly in the past but lately UGH! So the day before my trip the hurricane came. My transportation down to Orlando was amtrak . . . was until they canceled due to the weather. No problem. I immediately start to look for a one way rental car and found one for under 20.00! After driving through country roads (since the interstate was only going one way for evacuees)) I was able to hit 95 with no problem, or so I thought. As I was driving I received an alert that my flight out of MCO was canceled! Keeping my cool I was able to change it to fly out of TPA.

Things are looking up right? Then it hit me, my one was rental was to be returned to MCO! Was also able to call and change that to TPA and cancel my hotel room in Orlando since there was a no go for HHN. Well anyway, on to HOS.

Oct 06, 2017, another season of screams is about to began.

Just look at it . . .

Unfortunately, no time for cheetah hunt tonight.

But I have time for this!

I always do the buffet before as it includes an hour of front of the line access so it is definitely worth the investment. The houses. What can I say? Busch seems to reuse a bulk of the same houses each year. While this can be good for first timers it can become redundant to those who come yearly. I have to admit, the houses are pretty good. They rely more on scares vs props like HHN so its a good balance for central fla. I did rather enjoy their new maze as it was very large and long.

Well, the next day I went back to the park since all of central fla was closed. It also seemed no one figured the park would be open as well.

Let's get a good look at.











Overall, I feel it's a good family coaster. Wouldn't mind seeking more coasters like it pop up. It seemed very complete with the spinning and backwards sections. Loves how it sorta interacts with Montu.

Well hello Cheetah Hunt!

Figured i'd ride the kiddie coaster since no one else wanted to . . .

And get my character credit!

Cant forget Sheikra!

After sleeping in the car (since it was no rooms available in the area) it was time to head out west and it looks like I made it!

First order of business, getting to Pinks hot dogs.

After checking into the Hilton it was time to head to the parks for early entry.

In case you needed to know where I was . . .

What is this sorcery?!?!?

They wouldn't let us in as we had bands for early entry. No biggie, i've done orlando's so much anyway. Anyway, back to HHN. First house of the night, The Exorcist.

What I basically remember of the house is that it was very dark for a good portion lol. Some good scares but I could see the scenic improve.

Moving right along. To get to the backlot it takes a good bit of walking.

But it's well worth it.

It's time for Krampus.

There were a lot of skinny krampus running around lol. One thing I like about HHN in hollywood is they are dedicated to the scare. Guess they figure everyone is gonna be stoned anyway so no need to go all out on scenic. I rather enjoyed it.

Since Orlando has taken their crack on Freddy vs. Jason, it was time for Hollywood.

It was one of the better maze. I guess cause its choked full of iconic scenes and characters. Lets see what's up with this . . .

I should have expected this with the popularity of American Horror Story. But Holy hell this is one long line!

Finally I made it . . . 3 days later lol.

It was worth the wait. Again, this are "bigger" in Orlando but still it was a great house to experience. Definitely the best there. Now its time to leave this backlot and head to Halloween.

Meh, it was good but I don't remember much of it now. Not anything against the maze but I think i'm "halloween'd" out. Time to check out the terror tram . . . or whatever its called lol.

The park decided to switch it up this year and have it over ran by killer clowns, who were not from out of space. It is considered a maze but its, to me, a very long and one directional scare zone. Fun, but a scare zone. I've put it off the entire trip but it's time for the walking dead.

Now, I was a diehard fan of the show then it got slower and slower. Unfortunately this maze is no different. I was thinking it would be choked full of zombies as this is a permanent attraction but it seemed like it was the same as the day time videos I have saw. Loved the scenes but it just felt short to me. One more house to go . . .

The last and final house of the night. Man, it felt like this line went on forever and ever lol. Texas Chainsaw was pretty good. Love how they incorporate outdoor sections in every one I have been through. But this time the night was young but not for me as I was extremely tired. So that's it for me. Time to go get some sleep . . .

The next morning I got up and after breakfast got ready to take the journey to LAX to get a rental as I was heading to Scary farms that night and SFMM the next day.

Didn't take many pictures at all at Scary farms as nothing had really changed from years past. But I had a "hunch" I needed to ride this as when I returned the next year it probably wasn't gonna be there ;) .

Like HOS at busch gardens, KSF also uses the same mazes each year with a new one here and there. I have the same sentiments as I do with HOS but I still have fun none the least. This year I decided to check out elvira as she seems to be a popular staple at KSF each year. Man, what a show! The fact that it was included in admission was worth admission alone. I cant wait to try it out this year . . . If I can make it back. Well, the "Epic Halloween Adventure" has come to a close. Until next time.
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Re: The amazing (real time-ish) adventures of jarmor!

Postby jarmor » Sun Jul 08, 2018 2:19 pm

October 10th 2016 Lets try SFMM again. The last time I was here I had the scare of my life as my phone flew off Green Lantern and I lost the rental car keys so lets hope for the best lol.

May the odds be in my favor lol.

I missed out on a lot of credits last time but i'm gonna make up for it this time around!

Such a classic . . .

Lets see if it's the best!

It was more intense than say, Manta, but I like the area around Manta more.

These are rare and I was fortunate enough to be able to ride this one.

Sucks this is closed but if it rides like my last right, I think I may say it was divine intervention lol.


Needless to say it wasn't a crowded day.

Somehow I miss this entirely last time I was here. Not gonna make the same mistake!

Yep, it's an empty day.

I may be in the minority but I really like Riddler . . .

Still have two sides dropping on such a dead day!

This sign applies to anyone who rides that thing to the left. UGH!

Who doesn't love a batman clone?


The best ride in the park with no line? SIgn me up!!!


Overall had a MUCH better day than I did the previous year I was here (there).

<<Insert an hour or so plane ride to Vegas>>

Aside from theme parks Vegas is my second most favorite place to be! It has so much going on and it never seems to end. This was my second time going and I was determine to get the coasters at Adventure dome.

Greetings from the Venetian!

It's my birthday so what better way to enjoy than riding coasters! But first, drinks!

Ok, lets head to the adventure dome . . .




I'm amazed at how such a full size coaster fits in without looking cramped. It's your typical Arrow loop/screw but just in air condition lol and no line!

Now onto the el loco . . .

It was def an intense ride. One ride was enough (or it could have been the booze lol)

So long Canyon Blaster . . .

That night, for my birthday dinner, I decided on Giada. I really enjoyed it but it isn't a place i'd run back to . . .





And complimentary breakfast at the Cromwell (were Giada is) was just what I needed after a night of drinking!

Well, that's all the coasters trip for me for 2016 as I am about to have my right foot reconstructed! Wish me luck (well belated luck)
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Re: The amazing (real time-ish) adventures of jarmor!

Postby jarmor » Sun Jul 08, 2018 3:11 pm

Fast Forward to 325 and you know what that means!

On the outside I feel great but internally my foot is still healing but I gotta ride some coasters. . .

What has the park become?!?!?

Well shat!

This year (last) the park did quite a bit cosmetic changes and brought to life a new County Fair set in the 1950's. Let's look at some of the changes to the park.
The park opened last year (2015) with a new entry way and no metal detectors. Well that didn't last long.

They also removed the planter and made it more open and "inviting"

Oh, Hi!


Still a great ride!

In continuing to open up the area and removed Panda Express :omg: . . .

Don't worry, they just moved it to a larger area.


Still (or was???) the best flat in the park to me . . .

A lot is changing . . . hummm.

I see you Top Gun!

I guess a show goes on there?

Wait what?!?!?

Lets hope they this structure :p

So many markers and things!

Back to you in a little while.

Burying all the mistakes of the previous park owners?

The new County Fair

Is it . . . is it . . .


I've never been on one and I won't be today either.

Such a classic feel back here.

Even down to the crispy yet sooo soft corn dogs!

The new theme fits very well.

Been a while since i've been on one of these.



Well that's all folks!
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