Photo TR: WFChris's Mexico Trips!

3/24/15: Guadalajara: Selva Magica and The Bullet!!! P.15
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Re: Photo TR: WF OMG Mexico!

Postby WFChris » Tue Dec 03, 2013 9:31 pm

supertrooper wrote:I find myself skipping through most trip reports and without reading the captions because they are usually pretty repetitive. This is one of the few reports that I've actually looked at each picture and read each caption. Good style and good humor.

Thank you! All this positive feedback is definitely keeping me going! :lmao:
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Re: Photo TR: WF OMG Mexico!

Postby jynx242 » Wed Dec 04, 2013 12:58 pm

Thanks so much for posting this. It has made my work day much more enjoyable!

Your report makes me wish I had been on that trip. You look like a lot of fun, and you were hanging with Nick, who is one of my favorite people ;). Not to leave anyone else out, I'm sure they would be my favorite if I knew them.


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Re: Photo TR: WF OMG Mexico!

Postby robbalvey » Wed Dec 04, 2013 1:27 pm

I have to be honest, I was not a fan of La Feria. I think part of it was also the operations of the park versus what we had experienced the day before at Six Flags Mexico. They all new we were supposed to arrive, and when we got there, it was like they had no clue. None of the coasters were ready for us, and on top of it, they told me two of them weren't going to open that day (which eventually they did), and running *ONE* train total on the woodie just seemed like the poorest operation I had ever seen. (thankfully they ended up running two, but as Chris said, no more racing.)

I think had things been a bit smoother that morning and less frustrating for me, I would have liked the place a bit better. But at least having read this trip report to hear that other people really liked the park, and some of the frustrations that I had to deal with did not trickle down to the rest of the group is a GOOD thing.

On the plus side (and this was a HUGE WIN for me and I actually do applaud the park for this), they were VERY accommodating with letting us film, mount cameras, etc. I just wish the operations would have been equally as up to snuff as the PR side of things, that's all.

Perhaps on a future visit things will be better.

*LOVED* both of the Schwarzkopf's, though. Great selection of rides in both the "classic" and "weird" department!


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Re: Photo TR: WF OMG Mexico!

Postby Meteornotes » Wed Dec 04, 2013 1:31 pm

This is one of the most entertaining reports I've seen in some time. Thanks for posting!

Always trying to keep YOU entertained! Now with more Ice Bat!
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Re: Photo TR: WF OMG Mexico!

Postby WFChris » Wed Dec 04, 2013 3:21 pm

Today we visited Selva Magica, a small park in Guadalajara that is run by the same people that run La Feria back in Mexico City. It was kind of a sad day for the tour because it was our last park together so it was that moment where we realized how fast the week flew by. We did have tequila to look forward to later that day, though! And just FYI, there are SIX more credits that I will be sharing with you after this park so the report is far from over!
Welcome to Selva Magica! There is also a zoo here that is about the size of 20 Selva Magicas.
Tiered pricing, just like La Feria.
The first ride of the day was Titan. A true out and back. Like the truest out and back ever.
It's the parks biggest coaster.
Titan was cool, had a couple pops of airtime and a weird long straight track segment.
You can see it behind this Pinfari coaster called Jubilé. We'll ride that later.
Before that, we rode our last Schwarzkopf, Tornado. Look ma no seatbelts!!!
I have never been on a spiral lift ride so that was a fun novelty for me!
They were only running one train though, so I only got two rides on it.
Still, a really fun ride! With no safety restraints whatsoever!
Jubilé was just your run-of-the-mill Pinfari.
I remember something weird or painful happening, but I don't exactly remember what it was....
Always keep an eye on your nearest green arrow!
After the coasters, we were lead past this Corona boat to a backstage area.
We didn't get to ride the Bullet but this is definitely a good consolation prize!!!
Junkyard with Tornado in the background.
Look! I caught nerds being nerds! The Bullet is now built and should be opening anytime. I'll definitely be back to ride it.
We were given these tickets to ride the Sky Coaster for $50. A $3.80USD sky coaster? Heck yes I'll ride! I have actually never been on one before.
This guy sat there upside down for a pretty long time.
So I was hanging out with The Schwitek and it turns out that he is some kind of superstar Sky Coaster trainer person. The employees at the ride didn't really speak english, so he volunteered to do the speech for me. It was kind of fun being trained on riding this, in Mexico, with a tour participant. After our ride, we ended up sticking around for another 45 minutes or so while Mike prepared a bunch of other TPR members for the ride. The whole thing was pretty funny to me! They offered him a job!
I see TPR members!
This guy sat there upside down for a pretty long time :P Note the reunion point in the foreground.
There was this target with body outlines underneath the sky coaster that was painted over. Too morbid for even Mexico?
This is a walk through a pregnant woman. You literally walk through her.
Don't touch my baby! It wiggled back and forward and scared the crap outta me.
Naturally you can't leave a body without navigating the bladder!
Definitely one of the more bizarre attractions I've seen.
Fun fact! He's still disturbed by the pregnancy experience!
There were a bunch of cool flats here.
I believe you can 'park hop' over to the zoo from this entrance within the park.
Every park except the one in the mall had a Haunted House, and we hit all of them. The one at La Feria was probably the best, those guys had a SERIOUS amount of energy! There was one room where this guy was jumping on a bed and running around the room and rolling all over the place. They also talked with these deep voices that they are going to lose at about age 25. Anyway, the one here was funny because one of the guys kept saying random words in english to us. And Churro.
Time to ride the mat slide of death!
My favorite part were the little arm fluffies :)
OK at this point I was legitimately freaked out. It turns out that you stop at each flat part and walk to the edge.
While this thing looked crazy, it wasn't all that exciting. And I burned my hand on the green part. But I've never seen anything like it, so in that respect it was awesome!
Another flat.
We managed to get on the Log Ride. I love log rides!
The station platform was outdoors.
Final drop......THROUGH THE TREES!
I don't trust that smirk. Wait...I guess I have to.
One more shot of the pre-lift bit on Titan. They had a little sprinkler going in the lawn. Water feature!
Nice little fountain in the entry plaza. Mexico parks love their dolphin shows!
De nada!
Looking to the right from the entrance. This is where more of the kids attractions were.
The program they ran on this just lifted all of the dinosaurs to the top for the whole ride. It looked kinda funny.
One more shot of the entrance. Next up, some tequila IN Tequila!!!
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Re: Photo TR: WF OMG Mexico!

Postby WFChris » Wed Dec 04, 2013 3:28 pm

These pictures are from the trip DVD but I wanted to include them here just to document my first Sky Coaster experience.
Riding it WITH your instructor/ride operator is actually somewhat reassuring.
"Should I be scared right now?" "Nah."
Wheeee!!!! These things are a lot of fun! Definitely worth the $3.80USD!!! (ok, now that I've done it, I'd be willing to pay a bit more)
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Re: Photo TR: WF OMG Mexico!

Postby Philrad71 » Wed Dec 04, 2013 4:16 pm

When I first saw Tornado, I thought it was the old Jumbo Jet that they used to have at Cedar Point but see that relocated to Dreamland in Belarus.

Doing a quick search on RCDB, I see that this one once operated at Busch Gardens Williamsburg as Glissade from that true? Any older TPR members remember this when it was there?

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Re: Photo TR: WF OMG Mexico!

Postby supertrooper » Wed Dec 04, 2013 5:39 pm

You got a trip DVD? I've been waiting on mine from the 2011 Northeast trip. I thought it just took a really long time...maybe I was just skipped over.

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Re: Photo TR: WF OMG Mexico!

Postby Woodie Warrior » Wed Dec 04, 2013 7:15 pm

Tornado looks kind of worn but still pretty fun
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Re: Photo TR: WF OMG Mexico!

Postby Nrthwnd » Wed Dec 04, 2013 7:47 pm

My very first Sky Coaster too, Chris.
At my age! And it was....interesting.
And for myself, once was enough. :smile:

You're doing great with your TR!
Looking forward to the last little bit more.
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