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Is this the best park in England?
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Re: Photo TR - Six Flags St. Louis

Postby DOCTOR DOOM!!! » Mon Aug 16, 2010 7:17 pm

Imma have to try to ride Evel Knievel in the back. I rode it and thought Boss was a much better woodie!
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Re: Photo TR - Six Flags St. Louis

Postby jynx242 » Tue Aug 17, 2010 11:19 am

kumba830 wrote:I keep hearing great thinks about Evel Knievel, it sounds like it's fast and full of airtime. Which makes me really want to get down there and ride it!

Maybe even hit up the St.Louis City Museum :b

City Museum is one of the coolest places I have ever visited. Be sure to bring aspirin and bandages though ;)

Six Flags St. Louis was a lot of fun last week with TPR. Freeze is awesome. Boss just plain sucked (we did not ride in the front, and others who did say they enjoyed it.) Son of Beast bad... Excalibur was AWESOME fun and the ride op running it was just hilarious. "...if you feel the need to share your lunch, share it with your riding partner, because sharing is caring and caring is fun!"

We had a 117degree heat index, so didn't ride as much as we might usually, but still had a blast.


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Re: Photo TR - Six Flags St. Louis

Postby cal1br3tto » Tue Aug 17, 2010 2:03 pm

I personally think EK is amazing in the front seat. For me it was one of those "Once you go to the front, you never go back!" rides. However, I also don't think it really has any bad seats. Even the middle is fine. It's just a very fun, rerideable, consistently enjoyable twister.
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Re: Photo TR - Six Flags St. Louis

Postby Jcoaster95 » Tue Aug 17, 2010 3:14 pm

kumba830 wrote:I keep hearing great thinks about Evel Knievel, it sounds like it's fast and full of airtime. Which makes me really want to get down there and ride it!

Maybe even hit up the St.Louis City Museum :b

It is an awesome park, and Evel is amazing. BTW, Nice title and avatar! :b

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Re: Photo TR - Six Flags St. Louis

Postby GriffyTiffy » Tue Aug 17, 2010 3:25 pm

Great report Jer!

I really liked the Mr. Freeze pictures (I mean come on! Who doesn't love Mr. Freeze?)

I can't wait to see more pictures from your adventures!

Love :lover:

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Re: Photo TR - Six Flags St. Louis

Postby bobbinbop20 » Tue Aug 17, 2010 3:56 pm

kumba830 wrote:I keep hearing great thinks about Evel Knievel, it sounds like it's fast and full of airtime.

All those things you hear are true, that ride is really awesome!

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Re: Photo TR - Six Flags St. Louis

Postby Rollertoaster » Tue Aug 17, 2010 8:27 pm

It's amazing how much the park has changed in the years since I lived in St. Louis. Those log flumes used to seem so big to me! And yes, Colossus (the ferris wheel) gives you excellent views of the park.

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Re: Photo TR - Six Flags St. Louis

Postby saginawhxc » Wed Aug 18, 2010 8:54 pm

I personally don't think Boss is nearly half as bad as people seem to say. It's my third favorite in the park, and my ten year old son's first favorite in the park. We rode multiple times in the back too.

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Silver Dollar City

Postby Jerrykoala2112 » Sat Aug 21, 2010 10:20 am

Thanks everyone for the comments, that homepage feature really made my month! But now is the time for a new photo trip report!

So I went to Silver Dollar City on August 9th, and had a *super* fantastic time! The park is outstanding, theming and ride wise, and the atmosphere is just so hard for any other parks to beat. Silver Dollar City does have the Marvel Cave, but little did we know that the tours ended at 3:30 (park closed at 6 that day) so we never had a chance to go. I wasn't too mad because I've been to so many other caves... Also, the park maps are just excellent! They are in the form of a newspaper, totally classy, I know. Here are my ride/roller coaster reviews!

Fire in the Hole - 30 Minutes - I am not sure if any of you know, but the dalmatian that use to sit in the station passed away last year, which totally made me sad (but didn't ruin my day..) That ride itself, it's great! I was beginning to think that the layout was just gonna remain flat, but we just slowly got higher and higher. The ending really scared me, along with the water and strobe lights! Fantastic.

Tom & Hucks River Blast - 50 minutes - What a fantastic Splash Battle! It's definitely better than Buccaneer Battle, although doesn't have such a high capacity. There are so many targets, but the ride is really long and my arm got tired really quick. The layout is unique, and many people on the midway were squirting us. I got soaked on this, which was really nice because it was close to 100 that day. The only let down on the ride was that some of the targets were just stickers, but more than half of them had amazing effects when you squirt them!

ThuNderaTion - Walk on - It was running one cart, but it will wasn't a long wait. I first rode it backwards, and it is probably my favorite mine train! I rode it a 2nd time to ride in a forward seat, and it does have a great layout! (I love how the roller coasters are on the side of a giant hill!) I swear the coaster never got 10 feet off the ground! It also has a VERY fast paced layout, even when exiting the station, the lift hill doesn't come until 3/4 way through the ride!

Lost River of the Ozarks - 60 minutes - Amazing! Theming, wetness, all just top notch. The line seemed endless, but definitely worth it! I will admit, I didn't get wet until the very end in the tunnel, that's where the big rapids are. Probably one of my favorite river rapids I have been on.

Barn Swing - 20 minutes - I love all these S&S Giant Swings! This is one of the smaller ones (like the one at Liseberg) and it was still great! They were only running one arm when I rode, but the line was still moving really fast. The part when it swings over 90 degrees is just the greatest!

Wildire - 20 minutes - So I did a little research before coming to the park and found out that the back gives the best airtime. So I got in line for the back and did not regret it! I usually prefer the front, but when a majority of the people say the back is best, I follow. The airtime was insane! The layout was also really fun, short but sweet. Wildfire is also on the side of a hill, which makes me prefer this ride over Kumba. It was only running one cart, but these B&M carts are such people eaters.

American Plunge - 10 minutes - I will admit, the ride itself was a bit boring. There is a really long tunnel of nothing, which made me want to get off. The theming on this ride is OK. But that drop, woooh!!! As soon as you hit the water, water just shoots up from all around you! (None if it is jets though, all are from the impact of the log on the water!) I got soaked, but loved that part!

Powder Keg - 25 and 10 minutes - Definitely a top 10 coaster *for me at least* !!!! The launch is great, airtime is great, name is great, and overall, just great! The ride is very fast paced (up to the lift hill) and the airtime is awesome! That really long turn leading into the lift hill has got to be the best turn ever. You are just curving down a mountain side with trees around you and you just don't know where you are heading to. I just didn't like the lift hill, it ruined the speed of the ride. The part after the lift hill could have been a little better too, but still a top 10 ride! Just a note, I rode front first, then back, both are worth it, but I loved the front because of the launch and all the wind.

Now here are the pictures I took. Please note, that the rides are so well hidden away from the midway paths, that it was nearly impossible to have a tree-free shot.
1 [800x600].jpg
The Barn Swing has the best theming on any Barn Swing that I have been on! I guess the one coming to Dollywood will be just as good or better.
2.5 [800x600].jpg
Huge props for the park for having the queues mostly shaded. Especially for this ride.
3 [800x600].jpg
Later in the day, they started using both sides, but I never had a chance to ride it again.
4 [800x600].jpg
Best part of the ride!
5 [800x600].jpg
Here is my really crappy picture of the Lost River of the Ozarks. Trust me, the ride is so much better than this picture!
6 [800x600].jpg
I think this was a REALLY well themed water playground for kids. I didn't go in because we didn't have enough time, even though we were there for the whole day.
7 [800x600].jpg
Wildfire is hot.
8 [800x600].jpg
They have this neat-o boardwalk that can get you great shots of the ride.
9 [800x600].jpg
Look at what's behind the coaster!
10 [800x600].jpg
I think it goes upside down 5 times in a very short amount of time, very awesome!
11 [800x600].jpg
This would be the cobra roll.
12 [800x600].jpg
Cobra roll with train.
13 [800x600].jpg
When the track isn't doing an inversion, it's hugging the ground!
14 [800x600].jpg
Here is the cart for Powder Keg. I did not take a picture, but what is that bomb looking stuff on the back of the train?
15 [800x600].jpg
I think this is for roll backs, please correct me if I'm wrong!
16 [800x600].jpg
I rode it in the back and front, both are super, but front is better!
17 [800x600].jpg
Very, very, very, very, very, smooth ride! No jerkiness either! Props to S&S for creating such a master piece.
18 [800x600].jpg
Silver Dollar City has amazing stuff happening all around the park. We stopped in the glass blowing shop for awhile. You can also watch blacksmiths and weavers etc...
19 [800x600].jpg
This ride is totally invisible from the midway, so this picture will have to do. Like I said, best arrow mine train I have been on! Very fast paced, backwards is also really scary!
20 [800x600].jpg
The only theming I noticed on the log flume was on the drop.
21 [800x600].jpg
Those people are about to get all wet. (GOOD!)
22 [800x600].jpg
The splash is immense! I'd definitely ride it again, but just for the splash.
23 [800x600].jpg
That was it for my Silver Dollar City photos. But 10 minutes away is Celebration City, which is still standing there, my hotel was right next door to it. Almost made me cry. Hopefully, some park can adopt Ozark Wildcat.
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Re: Photo TR - Silver Dollar City

Postby Shavethewhales » Sat Aug 21, 2010 11:33 am

The American Plunge used to have so much more - the old tunnel was full of animatronics and scenes that would light up as you floated past. The year that PK was added they needed to move heavy equipment around on top of the tunnel, so they re-built the tunnel to be a simple concrete gutter style tunnel with nothing inside. That was pretty disappointing. I feel like it's days are being numbered now...

As for the boxes on the back of PK, they hold the computers for the train's restraints.

I'm glad you had a great time at the park!


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