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Discuss theme parks, roller coasters, and mules!
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Re: Coney Island (Luna Park) Development Discussion Thread

Thu Aug 22, 2019 12:09 pm

This is gonna look pretty cool, I think! Smart move to make the most of the space and add a clear family coaster option, though the Wild Mouse and Steeplechase are clearly family geared, too.

Re: Coney Island (Luna Park) Development Discussion Thread

Mon Sep 02, 2019 11:13 am

With the new log flume coming next year, Luna Park has announced today that the last day of operation for their current flume, Wild River, will be on Sunday, September 8th. Not surprised to see this happen, absolutely no need for multiple flumes at the park, and to be quite honest, the existing one wasn't all that great anyway.

Re: Coney Island (Luna Park) Development Discussion Thread

Tue Sep 03, 2019 10:33 am

Yeah, that definitely makes sense. Excited for a more 'permanent' looking flume. Frees up a good chunk of space in the park, though. Wonder what they'll put there. Assume it will be replaced with some flats for next season, or they wouldn't really be removing this flume.

Re: Coney Island (Luna Park) Development Discussion Thread

Tue Sep 03, 2019 6:19 pm

RCDB is already showing a new Zamperla coaster for 2020. I have not read anything else about it yet. I'm about to do some online research.

EDIT: I found the article

Coney Island's Luna Park wants customers to name its new attractions
By Shaye Weaver
Updated August 26, 2019 2:17 PM

If you have a knack for naming things, you could be part of Coney Island history.

Luna Park, the seaside amusement park known for the Coney Island Cyclone and Steeplechase, has enlisted the public's help in naming three attractions planned for 2020.

Through Sunday, Sept.1, Luna Park will be taking name ideas for a new roller coaster — and the person whose name is chosen will get VIP access with 10 of their friends to Luna Park for a day.

Located next to the Thunderbolt, the coaster will be "massive," with many "thrills, twist and turns," according to lunaparknyc.com. It will be a steel coaster that gives riders a semi-circle, panoramic view of Coney Island. Luna Park does not currently have a rendering of the roller coaster.

Last week, Luna Park solicited names for its forthcoming log flume ride, which will have 12 boats (seating six riders each) that offer a semi-circle/panoramic view of Coney Island before it plunges riders down at more than 30 mph for a big splash. Two weeks ago, it took names for a new ropes course, which will be set within a circus-themed area that will allow visitors to climb and zip line.

Each contest was open for one week only.

"We are excited to offer the Coney Island community and amusement parkgoers the opportunity to name our upcoming attractions," said Alessandro Zamperla, the president of Central Amusement International Inc., which owns Luna Park. "These competitions engage the community and allow amusement fans to directly impact Luna Park’s legacy. We look forward to seeing all the submissions."

Contestants must be 18 and older to enter and be a citizen of the U.S. and submit an original idea.

VIP access to the park includes unlimited rides and food. Winners will be notified via email by Oct. 23.
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Re: Coney Island (Luna Park) Development Discussion Thread

Fri Nov 22, 2019 7:36 am

Fresh news out of IAAPA, it sounds as if there will be a SECOND new coaster coming to Coney Island for 2020! Well, technically, coming to Deno's. Even more technically, a kiddie coaster. Even more specifically, a Visa Micro Coaster.

Screen Shot 2019-11-22 at 9.33.25 AM.png

Not sure if this is planning on replacing their current kiddie coaster or simply an addition to their existing rides.

Re: Coney Island (Luna Park) Development Discussion Thread

Fri Nov 22, 2019 8:28 am

With a layout that compact, it could easily replace a kiddie flat.

Re: Coney Island (Luna Park) Development Discussion Thread

Mon Nov 25, 2019 10:26 am

Is the Micro Coaster the one with the Hamster Wheel front car?

Re: Coney Island (Luna Park) Development Discussion Thread

Mon Nov 25, 2019 11:21 am

Was hoping they were going to pick up that last Raptor on discount

Re: Coney Island (Luna Park) Development Discussion Thread

Mon Nov 25, 2019 12:23 pm

COASTER FREAK 11 wrote:Is the Micro Coaster the one with the Hamster Wheel front car?

I think the hamster wheel is the Big Air Coaster. I think the Micro Coaster just looks like an oval with your standard kiddie coaster cars.

Re: Coney Island (Luna Park) Development Discussion Thread

Thu Jan 02, 2020 9:02 pm

In my opinion, Zamperla did a great job getting rid of the tacky places on the boardwalk, but it is going to be a real loss for the boardwalk and community if Zamperla continues to play hard ball on rent with these reputable and established business.


Coney Island boutique likely to close following massive rent hike
Posted on January 2, 2020 By Rose Adams

A Coney Island business owner may shutter her boutique in response to a dramatic rent hike at the hands of amusement park’s international landlord, the store owner announced on Wednesday.

“New Year’s Day is my favorite day in Coney Island. But today I didn’t go. My heart is too broken,” wrote Dianna Carlin, the owner of Lola Star Souvenir Boutique, in a Jan. 1 Facebook post. “It might also be the final day of the shop I’ve owned for the past 19 years. I am supposed to be moved out of the store in less than 15 days.”

Carlin went on to add that she has until Jan. 15 to reach a deal with Zamperla — although she claims that a deal is unlikely.

“I proposed a 50-percent rent increase . . . and they’re still wanting 400-percent,” she said on Thursday. ” It’s getting close… but not definite.”

Six Riegelmann Boardwalk businesses — including 85-year-old Ruby’s Bar and Grill and 57-year-old Paul’s Daughter — had from early Nov. to Dec. 31 to negotiate the proposed rent hikes.

Carlin, who goes by Lola Star, said she initially faced a nearly 500-percent rent increase when the amusement park’s operator announced the hikes in November, two months before the tenants’ eight-year leases were set to expire. On Dec. 5, Carlin claimed that the rent increase had been knocked down to nearly 400-percent — still above her ability to pay.

“I would have to close,” she said at a Dec. 5 rally protesting the proposed increases. “I have no choice. I don’t know any business that could pay that much.” Carlin did not answer how much she paid in rent.

All the other tenants are in the process of finalizing their eight-year leases, sources said. One affected business owner, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said his rent increase was reasonable.

“I believe the deal was fair,” said the owner, who previously claimed he was facing a 25 to 75-percent rent hike, not the five-fold increase Carlin reported. “I would’ve liked to pay less, but I believe it was a fair deal.”

Lola Star’s impending closure isn’t the first time the amusement district’s operator forced out local businesses. In 2010, Zamperla, the Italian corporation that operates six acres of the People’s Playground on behalf of the city, tried to kick out all eight boardwalk businesses, including Ruby’s and Paul’s, but ended up ousting only five after facing public pressure.

Local advocates have blasted Zamperla, which has operated Coney Island amusement district since 2010, for its allegedly unethical business practices, claiming that the corporation asks tenants to sign non-disclosure agreements and fork over 10-percent of their profits every month.

“It’s one thing for private landlords to have non-disclosure agreements, but it’s another thing when the city and the City Council issues non-disclosure agreements,” said civil rights lawyer. Norman Siegal at the Dec. 5 rally. “What do you have to hide?”

However, an anonymous business owner claimed on Jan. 2 that he never signed a non-disclosure agreement, after he declined to comment on the matter in November.

“There was never any non-disclosure agreement with anybody,” he said.

Representatives from Zamperla, the Mayor’s Office, and the Economic Development Corporation — a quasi-government agency that helped negotiate the lease renewals — did not respond to requests for comment by press time.
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