Conneaut Lake Park (CLP) Discussion Thread

P. 150: Park will NOT open in 2020
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Re: Conneaut Lake Park (CLP) Discussion Thread

Postby grsupercity » Wed May 27, 2020 11:53 am

I regret skipping this park on our Kennywood Waldameer trip more and more everyday
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Re: Conneaut Lake Park (CLP) Discussion Thread

Postby CenturyFlyer » Wed May 27, 2020 3:56 pm

For those who don't know or need a recap:

1930s: Park is nearly closed for development but is saved by the Depression.
1994: Park is slated to be replaced by a FEC (and the Blue Streak demolished). All of the rides are AUCTIONED OFF, but a few specific people buy most of them and the land.
1995: Park doesn't open.
2006-7: Park doesn't open.
2008: Massive fire destroys ballroom and much maintenance infrastructure.
2013: Fire destroys Beach Club.
2014: A planned sheriff's sale is put off when the park files for bankruptcy. A recovery plan is developed.
2020: Park doesn't open, hopefully for good reason.

This is just another part of the story. They will get through this.
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Re: Conneaut Lake Park (CLP) Discussion Thread

Postby pryonisys » Thu May 28, 2020 5:52 am

I'm sure other small parks have gone through major challenges somewhat like Conneaut Lake, but being close to Conneaut Lake I don't know how they continue to survive, they're the little park that keeps chugging along. I hope they survive this just like they've survived all the challenges that have already faced them.

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Re: Conneaut Lake Park (CLP) Discussion Thread

Postby ScreaminNewEngland » Thu May 28, 2020 6:34 am

Well with our awful governor in this state, it looks like all the parks won’t be opening for a while. Hopefully Conneaut will make a comeback next year.
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Re: Conneaut Lake Park (CLP) Discussion Thread

Postby coasterbill » Thu May 28, 2020 6:37 am

1) Aren't you from Rhode Island?

2) Please no politics. It never ends well and this is a theme park forum.
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