Liseberg Discussion Thread

P. 289: Lisebergbanan gets new trains, station & facade!
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Re: Liseberg Discussion Thread

Postby TyRush » Thu Jun 27, 2013 6:09 pm

_koppen wrote:
chickenbowl wrote:ps- Why couldn't SFMM get this instead?

$29,7 million price tag :devil:

It also wouldn't open for like 3 years.
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Re: Liseberg Discussion Thread

Postby ECZenith » Thu Jun 27, 2013 9:00 pm

Wow, this coaster seems to have it "all in the right places". Love the mix of inversions and airtime hills. This coaster is going to be VERY long!

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Re: Liseberg Discussion Thread

Postby Loefet » Sat Jun 29, 2013 12:21 pm

Update time again.

Were in the park with my niece today and managed to snap a "few" images that might be interesting for you all.
Unfortunately there wasn't any front car on display, even though they said that there would be one from the beginning of the main season (last weekend). So I guess we have to wait a bit until they will unveil it. But then again the Anniversary Week they are running right now with various performances and artists on the main stage, isn't over until the coming Wednesday so it may show up soon, but also later..

I have to recommend the kids show in "Kvarnteatern" which is called "Magiska fullträffar" (Magical Hits) which I saw with my niece while dodging some pouring rain. It's really awesome, extremely funny to watch and the best thing is that they are running some great 90's music together with the performance, which makes me feel a lot nostalgic since it was a really great selection of music. Definitely a must watch if you are there, same would most likely go for the variety magic/music/acrobatic show on the main stage (which I haven't seen this year, but they have been awesome in the past).

If these images are not enough then there is always some more at:
Official construction update with a few images:
Unofficial construction FB page:

Anyway onto the image update, enjoy:
But before Helix I spotted an update in the Kaninlandet area
YAY, the buses are finally on the track, great stuff for the capacity and I do love the complete coverage especially if you are seeing some rain like today
Back to Helix!!
Lets see if I can do it in order of the ride.
Station, nothing to report
Getting ready to make the footers for the drop out of the station
Turn before the first launch, some heavy foundation is going here, judging by the pilings
Clearing for the first turnaround is progressing nicely
Some blasting required before the first launch
Add first launch here
Other direction
Good that they put in some warning signs on the sudden drops due to the construction
WTF, warning for wet floor??
Yes it's the one that was seen in the background in the previous image, why on earth would you stick one of these in the bottom of a big hole??
Install track in that direction
Some of the completed footers on the turn after the corkscrew after the first launch
More of the same, in total there will be 280 of these concrete cubes made on this hill for Helix
What would you think that there would be next to these footers, a massive hole of course
Some new footers are going in, these are for the bunny hill before the Pretzel
More footers at the bottom of the hill
Same but other direction
Pretzel area
Same digger, lot's of stuff is moving around
It seems like they do love to use their explosives, especially seeing the holes and these massive piles laying around
The helix before the second launch will go here, and they have cleared away a lot since last time, there was also a lot of new clearings along the extended queue for Lisebergbanan, but I couldn't find a good angle to get images of it
This would be the last "construction" image, since most of the other areas are just "sticks in grass/bushes" still, so nothing new to report. They are really concentrating on northern area of the ride, they are really saving the hardest parts till the end
I would like to finish this update with an overview of the construction HQ
Oooh, such a cute little footer, wonder where this guy will go

Until next time, when I really hope that we finally get some train action.

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Re: Liseberg Discussion Thread

Postby StealthFan » Sat Jun 29, 2013 2:34 pm

I have to say I am incredibly impressed with the way the park are managing to work on such a unique construction site yet cause as little inconvenience to guests and ride operations. I really do look forward to going back to Liseberg at some point hopefully some time shortly after Helix opens!


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Re: Liseberg Discussion Thread

Postby Anon » Mon Jul 08, 2013 1:43 am

I got contacted from the source and had to remove the pic. Sorry
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Re: Liseberg Discussion Thread

Postby _koppen » Mon Jul 08, 2013 1:56 am


Thank you for posting that!
So an indoor water park? Interesting. And that parking garage looks HUGE.
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Re: Liseberg Discussion Thread

Postby Jew » Mon Jul 08, 2013 2:00 am

StealthFan wrote:I have to say I am incredibly impressed with the way the park are managing to work on such a unique construction site yet cause as little inconvenience to guests and ride operations. I really do look forward to going back to Liseberg at some point hopefully some time shortly after Helix opens!


I was thinking the same thing. I can't imagine how difficult it is to get that hillside ready for all those footers!

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Re: Liseberg Discussion Thread

Postby lond » Mon Jul 08, 2013 2:21 am

Anon wrote:well... heres a pic of what they want to do with the south parking. You can see Kanonen and Balder right at the top of this pic... i think the parking will go underground...

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Re: Liseberg Discussion Thread

Postby Loefet » Mon Jul 08, 2013 3:15 am

Hmm, I don't really know what to make of that image really. First I question it's validity since there isn't a source and I can't find it anywhere on-line in order to find one myself.

Here are my personal views of this image:
The concept as a whole is interesting with all the new buildings along the road to act like a noise barrier that could would house a hotel that the park longs for. I also love the southern entrance plaza that is drawn in, it would really elevate that area as a whole. There is plenty of parking which I like, and the possible indoor section that is one of those things that are missing today.

I do have some issues with it, while the parking space is great and grand it's in the wrong place, it might be OK in this image since there seems to be some access between the parking and an entrance through the new green area, but once Liseberg needs that space for future expansion then it would force all the people to trek around the whole southern area to get to the southern entrance, and that's too far, I think that the initial idea of having a large structure at the bottom of the southern parking lot is a much better solution in my view. There is a small rock/hill with a few great trees in the current parking lot which is really nice, it would be a shame for them to completely remove it and put a large building in it's place, a complete waste in my opinion, since it would help to keep the lushness of the rest of the park in this new area. It's also a bit too many buildings in that area as well, needs a bit more variation than just buildings, It looks like a lot like a businesses park in my view. The perimeter road (Nellikevägen) isn't relocated in this image (as far as I can see), not sure if there is any space behind the parking garage to move it in the future, which would be needed if they intend to use all this space in the future.
Also I'm not a big fan in the removal of the classic Schwartzkopf Sagoslottet (even though it's pretty dire and in need of an update), the building of a water park and no new rides of any kind drawn in in the expansion area. I have never really been a fan of water parks in general, so this might be a bit skewed in that direction. But I guess that Liseberg would like to go in that direction since it will turn the park into a whole year resort type deal, but I really hope that they get something more than just a water park, couple it with an indoor park and you would have me hooked onto the concept.

But it's just one image, it don't really tell much of the future, more images are needed to get a better view of this concept. It's also seems to be a quick idea on what to do with the new area before something is decided what they want do with the area in the future.
To sum it up if you see it as an plan to clear the area and prepare it for the future then it's pretty good, except for the businesses park vibe you get from the new entrance and the questionable location for the parking space.

What I do know about this new area (according to an interview with Andreas Andersen in conjunction with the acquisition of the area LINK) is that the 2 large building furthest to the south will be kept (warehouse type buildings) and that 5 of the "smaller" and older buildings on the northern half will be demolished. How well this image corresponds to those plans is hard to know.

On a completely other note, new Helix images will be posted shortly.
But until then here is an interview with Andreas Andersen in today's radio about coasters etc. (note that it's in Swedish/Danish, and I'm not sure how the availability in other country's are), click the blue link after the sound symbol to play the file:
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Re: Liseberg Discussion Thread

Postby Loefet » Mon Jul 08, 2013 1:33 pm

A little double post, but here is the update as promised earlier.
Went to the park yesterday to take some images of the Helix construction, and to see both shows that Liseberg offers, and of course hit up some of the rides while there.
First up I had to get from the Gothenburg central station to the park, I initially planned on walking there, but decided to take the heritage tram that runs to the park from that area, and here is a good tip for people that have to get from the station to Liseberg and don't fancy a walk. The heritage tram is cheaper than the other ones, IF you don't buy some card for the public transport. Meaning if you were to buy a single tickets then go for the heritage line (, the price difference isn't that much but it's way easier to pay and the old trams are really nice to ride. They don't run it every day during the summer but it's worth the trip if you get that option.

Onto the park, noticed that Radiobilarna (the Bumper cars) had a lot more power than before, instead of just getting some good shunts now the hit's really hurt. Cars were flying everywhere, it's really good fun compared to what they were just a few weeks ago. They would have been even better if they were to have less traction in the rear, so that they would spin out wildly when hit, that would be hilarious :)

Both the shows are really worth watching. My brother and I discussed if we should record the kids one and post here for you to watch because it's really awesome, if you do watch it then go for the right half of the seats, since then you get to see the better bits more clearly. The music does a lot for the show, it's a great medley of hits from the 90's, meaning all the good stuff that I grew up with :)
Great fun and awesome music.
The big Variety show on the main stage was great to watch as well. Good magic bits and great performances, in all another success for the performer, who have had shows at Liseberg for 16 years so far.
We also caught the rabbits having a massive rave for all kids at the "teletubbies hills", they do a mean Gangnam Style :lmao:

Oh, yeah, Plattar are still as good as before, 12 more this time :P

Then back to Helix, there have been a lot of progress on the hill, more footers are complete/nearing completion, more screens have been put up, the land clearing have continued, etc., so the progress is good. Not sure if they are on track or not, but they still have a lot to do, if they are going to start erecting this thing by the end of the season as they plan to.
No train yet, so we just have to wait for it. Will try and get back there for some images this week, even if I would have to ride my bicycle there and back (it's roughly 80 km in total), which I'm fine with. We will see.

Anyway onto the images of dirt and concrete:
I don't think that I'm going to bother with sorting the images in order of the ride this time, so we take them in order of the walk, first up loads of equipment
Concrete surface in a bottom of a hole which soon will get a footer installed
Massive hole, which in the area of the first launch I think
Footer No 7A will be constructed in that hole
6A, over here, just put the bars in the holes, but more reinforcement around it, make a frame and pour concrete
First corkscrew will go over this area
No 9A complete with bench to sit on when watching the concrete dry, it's a crucial part for the German on their media days :P
Screens everywhere in this part of the park
The floor is still wet, so be aware
More preparation work for footers in the launch area
Some of the completed footers
Damn, how could I miss that pile of dirt last time it wasn't there the time before, so sorry all, I lied in the last update.
Nothing new this time around instead
These small cages are most likely the heading for the prepared surfaces with the holes
Nothing new here, and that's the truth
I always wondered why some footers had recessed corners (never seen that before), well here id the answer, they have drilled and bolted these footers down in the rock beneath, so they won't move when the ride is up and running, the recesses will most likely be filled with concrete in the future for that sleek footer look we all love
Still more blasting required for Helix to dive under the Lisebergbanan lift
You can't really see it from this angle, but there are several footers that might be completed there
See, there is one of them
Another angle, where you can see a few more
Another spot for ride interaction, Helix will dive through that hole under the Lisebergbanan brakes if my memory serves correct
The Little digger have finally completed it's job, here is the famous location of the triple ride interaction, Helix will be just 10 cm from Lisebergbanan and Flume ride at this point
Here is the area which was cleared last time which I spotted last time but couldn't take a good image of
Half of the outside part of the Lisebergbanan overflow queue is fenced off
Other direction
Pretzel area
Another angle of the triple interaction
Zero-g + airtime hill here
Oppan Gangnam Style!!


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