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Re: Six Flags New England (SFNE) Discussion Thread

Thu Jun 07, 2018 3:44 am

Canobie Coaster wrote:I know Harley Quinn is going to have a long line, but I just wish the throughput was as high as it could be. I remembered Riddler Revenge having a better loading procedure and that explains it.

Riddler Revenge loading procedures have changed since the ride initially opened 3 years ago. Originally, guests chose their own seat, but rides ops began assigning seats not long after. Guests are told they have 20 seconds to place their stuff in the bins and take their seats. Otherwise they have to wait until the next ride cycle.

Re: Six Flags New England (SFNE) Discussion Thread

Thu Jun 07, 2018 6:03 am

^ Hopefully SFNE can eventually adopt this loading procedure. The ride is fantastic and that seemed to be the general reception from park-goers as well, so I don't see the line dying anytime soon.

Re: Six Flags New England (SFNE) Discussion Thread

Thu Jun 07, 2018 7:40 am

I am very reluctant to ride HQS.....but was curious....on HQS how do the forces compare as you go through the bottom at full swing to say the bottom of the first drop on Superman? I have no problem riding Superman or WC but for some reason I can’t wrap my head around HQS enough to venture on....

Re: Six Flags New England (SFNE) Discussion Thread

Thu Jun 07, 2018 7:56 am

I've definitely been on coasters with stronger Gs on the pullouts, but Harley Quinn is up there. The rush of wind at the bottom on the max swings feels like the front row of a fast coaster.

Harley really shines at dishing out copious floater air.

Re: Six Flags New England (SFNE) Discussion Thread

Thu Jun 07, 2018 10:39 pm

Harley Quinn looks fun, but it does not hold a candle to this version of the ride....


Re: Six Flags New England (SFNE) Discussion Thread

Thu Jun 07, 2018 11:16 pm

thrillrider wrote:Harley Quinn looks fun, but it does not hold a candle to this version of the ride....


That looks like a shorter arm than HQS and except for going all the way around it looked sorta meh....but hey I’m the one reluctant to ride....

Re: Six Flags New England (SFNE) Discussion Thread

Fri Jun 08, 2018 6:25 am

The only frisbee that beats the Zamperla giant discoveries are the giant Intamin ones and possibly It because of the lap bars and cycle length.

Harley Quinn Spinsanity Media Day at Six Flags New England

Sat Jun 09, 2018 1:12 pm

Six Flags New England invited TPR to attend their media day for the all new Harley Quinn Spinsanity. Harley Quinn is a Zamperla Giant Discovery that has been added to the newly themed Gotham City section, South End, of the park and fittingly it sits right next to last year's addition The Joker.

The new SFNE Park President, Pete Carmichael, kicked off the event by introducing the ride and also recognizing several who were in attendance. Communications Manager, Jen McGrath, was up next and she shared more stats about the ride and then introduced the Western Massachusetts President of Dress for Success, Dawn Creighton. As part of media day SFNE was supporting Dress for Success, which is an international non-profit with the mission to empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life. Impressively as an organization they have helped over one million women already. Some of the clients of Dressed for Success were in attendance to be the first riders on Harley Quinn. With the help of several companies SFNE was able to present a $6,000 check and also they donated 200 tickets to the park to help further the non-profits reach. With all of the craziness and mistreatment of women in Hollywood and elsewhere I just wanted to share those details since it really is awesome that SFNE was supporting this organization.

OK, back to the ride! Jen then got the media event rolling again by introducing Batman, Joker, Riddler & finally the star of the day Harley Quinn. The ride itself is now the second fastest in the park with a top speed of 70 MPH. Only Superman is faster. The ride starts off a little slow but with it's forceful swing Harley Quinn and the 40 passengers on board really get moving and max out with a 150 ft. high swing in each direction. The views of the park are incredible and it's crazy how close you swing next to The Joker adding even more fun to an already thrilling ride. At it's max height and depending on where you are spin wise it almost feels like you go somewhat upside down.

Harley Quinn Spinsanity is absolutely awesome and by far my favorite flat in the park. Honestly it's up there as one of my favorite rides in the entire park. SFNE has another huge hit on their hands and I think it will be an insanely popular ride addition. A big thanks to Jen and the Six Flags New England team for the invite to another fun media day and also to Robb for having us cover it!

Here's some pics from the event. I added a couple of park provided ones too.
Welcome to Six Flags New England! Sorry guys I'm not here to see you today but thanks for the friendly welcome.
Now we're getting warmer.
Heading through Rockville towards the South End.
Which is now Gotham City.
Of course Batman is here.
However this is the reason why we are here today.
Last year SFNE added The Joker. This year's new addition is Harley Quinn Spinsanity.
Along with the Joker the Riddler was in attendance welcoming his Gotham City newly themed ride The Riddler Revenge. If you haven't ridden this with the new trains from last year you have to check it out. It's nothing like your standard SLC anymore. No head banging and a super fun ride now.
Here's today's main star. Harley Quinn!
A big welcome to Six Flags New England's new Park President Pete Carmichael. Had a good time chatting with him for a bit.
Here's the donation check that SFNE and other sponsors presented to Dress for Success. Great job SFNE!
Jen and Harley Officially Opening Harley Quinn Spinsanity!
Hey Harley let's check out the queue.
Here's several shots of the ride in action. Check out how close it comes to The Joker :)
Nice overview of Gotham City with The Joker, Batman, Riddler Revenge & the awesome new addition Harley Quinn Spinsanity. Superman is lurking in the background as a bonus.
Thanks again to SFNE and Robb for having us cover this event. Thanks to everyone who checks out the report as well. Goodbye from Six Flags New England for now.
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Re: Six Flags New England (SFNE) Discussion Thread

Sat Jun 09, 2018 1:36 pm

^The ride looks fantastic and you got some really impressive photos (thanks also to CanobieCoaster for your shots). Also, I've heard nothing but good things about Dress for Success, so that's a cool choice for a fundraiser.

Re: Six Flags New England (SFNE) Discussion Thread

Sat Jun 09, 2018 7:43 pm

Great report! Harley Quinn really changed the South End's (err Gotham City) skyline.
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