Playland (PNE) Vancouver Discussion Thread

2017: Playland "Ads That Move" on a moving transit vehicle.
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Re: Playland (PNE) Vancouver Discussion Thread

Postby KingOfNynex2003 » Sat Sep 22, 2018 1:00 am

wonder if they'll have Exit Ride Passes available during Fright Nights, might make things pointless to get the VIP Tickets for myself if they have that available for me.

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Re: Playland (PNE) Vancouver Discussion Thread

Postby Nrthwnd » Sun Sep 23, 2018 3:02 pm

^ I don't think they have that available during Fright Nights. With the darkness and fog all around, handling an Exit Pass queue might not be possible. I don't think I have ever seen anybody boarding a ride, from the Exit, on the rides/coaster I have ridden, during the Fright Nights I have gone to.

What they post onsite, as a WARNING:

NOTE: Fright Nights is not recommended for children 12 & under, guest 65 and older, guests with sensitivity to strobe lighting, guests with high blood pressure and/or heart conditions, and those who are pregnant.

I am 65, but I will take my chances, ha - ha - ha! :Pr You could always contact them directly about it.

By the way... My plans are to go on Wed.the 17th. Just because... you know...* That night has a price of $83-Cdn. for the Rapid Pass. The cost for the 18th is $103-Cdn! I'm still trying to figure out...why the increase on that Thursday? It's not the day before any holiday or holiday weekend.
(All tix. can be bought online for a few $$ savings.)

*Non-tobacco is legal in Canada, as of October 17th, 2018. Not that this has anything to do with Fright Nights.

P.S. I inquired about their earlier opening for Rapid Pass holders who had their online tix already, as to whether there were any rides or Haunts open
before 7 pm. Sadly, they told me that no, nothing opened until 7 pm. But this still gives one the chance to be "in queue" at any attraction (Coaster!)
or Haunt, before the 7pm opening happens. And this is before the gp buy their tickets and head into the park. It's still a good deal to buy.
One of The Best Places to be, on a Fright Night... the Sanitarium Bar.
With a nice draft beer, and a nice heat FIRE thingie nearby. Thurs. Oct.24/17. (o:
Great night shots of Coaster last year's FN. The playing fields behind, had their overhead lights on so....spoooooooky! (o;
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Re: Playland (PNE) Vancouver Discussion Thread

Postby Nrthwnd » Sat Oct 13, 2018 5:51 pm

I couldn't stand it any more, and with a rather good advance weather report, I decided to finally
Buy My FRIGHT NIGHTS Ticket! For this coming Wednesday. 7pm to midnight.

:b :br

And I've got the evening pretty figured out, with allowance for unexpected.............................surprises. :evil:

To be eventually....con.....tinued. :wink:
Looks good, so far.
That works for me....
....So I got the ticket! (o: (o: (o: Wednesday night, here I come!
My Last Meal at FNs last year ~ Fries BEGGING me to Take Them Away!
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Re: Playland (PNE) Vancouver Discussion Thread

Postby Nrthwnd » Wed Oct 17, 2018 4:22 pm

Tonight's the night! :devil: I head to Fright Night with my Rapid Pass (VIP) ticket safely pocketed away.
As well ... "Today's The Day" if you're aware of what Canada's been up to, lately. :wink:

I am a bit curious as to what "smoke" might waft from the (cigarette/pipe) Designated Smoking Area,
the one spot in all of Playland. It's between Darkness(7), and The Blood Shed(8) haunts.

And to also note...the "second hand smoke" could affect four of the Haunts (8 total), too.

This will be interesting to check out. :)

TR will be posted tomorrow.
This DS Area (now) needs one of those electric fans that takes in
(inhales?) the total smoke and filters it clean, etc. (o;
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Re: Playland (PNE) Vancouver Discussion Thread

Postby Nrthwnd » Thu Oct 18, 2018 5:51 pm

:) (I was there last night.)

"I had a great time, for most of the evening. But then...."
(Explained later on.)

They didn't open the early gate for us until nearly opening time. But that was okay. Once I got my Rapid PASS, it was over to Coaster and wait it out with everybody else, at 7. And then - everything was moving at once. All the rides and all the lights! Don't know who thought that idea up, but everybody around me loved it, and reacted surprised in happy ways. Got my first ride on Coaster (solo, and I expected to be paired up too!) which barnstormed through the layout and the dark in frenzied bliss.

:kiss: I love Coaster at night.

After that, I headed right through to my first Bar Rest, at the named Sanitarium Bar. A Stella Artois seemed right for the evening. Not too fancy. And I like the taste of it. Sat at the front and started watching everything happen around me. Including very wierd, static "smoke". In puffs it came. And it didn't really blanket any area, from where I sat. Like last year. Hmmm. Oh well. More to do, later on.
Taking photos on the one street I walk, to my bus stop. This is the new bunch of apartments
going up across the street from us. Lots of these are being built along this section of Victoria Dr.
Nice Fall colours coming in.
There is also a local civic election going on. David and I did the early vote. Sooo much easier.
BY THE WAY U.S.A - do not forget to use your right to vote in November! It's important for everybody.
I love what some people have done to create front yard gardens.
Not everybody gets door to door postal delivery any more.
AND NOTE: there "might" be a Postal STRIKE in Canada, starting Monday.
Old house looked like this new one does. Only new townhouses behind it, where yard used to be.
I love a Culture Lab!
So - blue - that - is - so - blue.....
Nice upright garden.
Another mini-set of townhouses going up.
This bench has been "along the way" for a long time now. Thanks to whoever built it. (o:
New Italian based food and deli store. Bosa Foods. Really delicious EVERYWHERE in there! Yum.
Closes every day at 6pm, though. I was hoping to pick up a deli sandwich along the way, but not to be.
Bus POV. Clever, huh? <crickets> Yeah, I didn't think so, either. :P
Off the bus....
....and cross the street to the main (and only) Playland gate!
Where I was The First one to line up here. Others had lined up at the ticket booths, not knowing
they could already bypass that. Or..... I had no idea where I was going. Anyway...
Looking through the gates towards where fun stuff happens immediately..... Frisking! (o;
First ride of the evening. I was clean.
Where I gots my Rapids Passe-ss, P-p-precious!
First one who greets us. He's a long time shouting regular.
Pumpkin Guy in his usual position. Sitting. Doing. Nothing.
First Train Out!
I got the second train of the night. Solo, which surprised even myself!
Getting up or sitting back down, I didn't stay to find out.
Display Only. Sadly.
A rather "slimmed down' Arcade. The Quarters Arcade was open, and a couple of the
regular single games. But not much more than that.
The tiny Explorer Balloons ride was operating. Will ride it later.
Enterprise Up.
Ooooooo a spirit just entered Hellevator at it's top! Wonder what will happen next/soon?...
(TO be BOO be continued...)
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Re: Playland (PNE) Vancouver Discussion Thread

Postby Nrthwnd » Thu Oct 18, 2018 6:56 pm

After I consumed a single beverage, I headed out to the first three Haunts I was doing. Before another Bar Rest. :wink:

CarnEvil, Haunted Mansion, and Asylum are all regular haunts of Fright Nights. As are the rest of all the Haunts.
8 of them, to be exact. The Blood Shed is the only newbie in the bunch, and it just opened during last year's FN.

CarnEvil is pure 3D glasses and bright neon black lights colours, thrown up all over the tent! But it has one really cool surprise BOO
in it, and I always forget where it happens and then. BOO! Worth it for that.

Haunted Hansion is the one true in-Playland haunt that is open when Playland is open. It is an upcharge during the Season. But here
I got to use the Pass and bypass a good hour of waiting for the gp. And since it's the most "permanent" one in the park, they really go out
of their way to theme up every area really good. And the scare actors are nicely placed for those unexpected places to scare people, lol.
Still good after all these years.

Asylum became a hit and miss for me, this visit. There's stuff going on, but mostly tarp walls to go thru, and near the end,
nothing for a good few hundred feet, until the exit. wtf? Maybe it's short-staffed, but wow, that was a limp surprise. I may skip it
next year. Or not, heh. :wink:

After these three, it was time to hit the Sanitarium again, raise a can to the spirits that eventually show up here, and then move along...
Got a ride on the old little Carousel of ours. In bright - white - liiiiiight!
Ah, here we are. Home for the Evening.
Myself, a can of Stella, and FIRE! Life is good, and smokin' here. .
I thought Bug Whirled was testing or something. Turns out it, and a couple of other flats,
are running, but without all the glittery lighting on them. Whatever. Cool! Took two rides on it.
The West Coast Wheel actually has a really great lighting package on it.
Out of the way, Pirate! Quit pulling focus here! Idiot.
Well well. Hell's Gate FINALLY got up itself and running, at least for Fright Nights.
It was down during the entire season and the PNE, too. Glad to see it running, at least now.
Beast doing it's thing.
This was next up, after the first three Haunts.
Line was long. Long enough to make the RapidPASS so worth it. (o:
"This is Your Brain."
"This is Your Brain On Drugs." (not really)
This thing needs to go through some kind of identity change.
I mean, Gladiator + SwampBoats = ....I got nothing.
Hellevator's all too real version of King Kong. :P She's dead, right?
I wish these bumpers did rock along, instead of plod along.
Never found out what that was for. Something.....evil....perhaps?
Second large "animated" character here. This also ends with it's sitting back down.
It's like these guys are all in some wierd Halloween bathroom, somewhere.
Cobalt Blue!
Q-Tip White!
I thought the power had gone out, here. Truth! Looked abandoned, my Ice Ball game looked. )o:
The very un-themed, but very well lit single arcade games that were open.
POOF #2!
Scary Priced Pizza.
Interesting character. I'll come back to him, in a while for more photos....
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Re: Playland (PNE) Vancouver Discussion Thread

Postby bert425 » Thu Oct 18, 2018 7:22 pm

your monster bathroom comment has me cracking up.

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Re: Playland (PNE) Vancouver Discussion Thread

Postby Nrthwnd » Thu Oct 18, 2018 7:47 pm

"Five Haunts Down. Three to Go...."

After my beer, I headed over to WestCoast Wheel to get some overhead shots. I was also wanting to kill some time, so that the queues would get really REALLY long, so that my RapidPASS would justify the cost. For this night it was $83 Cdn. It gives you one time FastPass into all 8 Haunts and five of the big rides, Coaster included. As I had already gotten one Coaster ride, when the park opened, this was a sweet way to get a second ride (at least) on it.

After the Wheel, it was into the next two haunts, Fear and The Bloodshed.

Fear used to have this kinky little start to it, where you had to climb into a coffin, lid on, and be slid into the next room, lid off, and off you went!
Pretty nervy for a haunt house of any kind. But I guess enough people complained who couldn't really do that - or want to do that. And they stopped doing it, last year.
And it's another series of not too themed walkways with a few scare actors here and there. But it's pretty forgettable. At least to me it is.

The Bloodshed is the newest haunt at Fright Nights. And it's still to me a really good example of putting more $$$ into themeing the actual haunt rooms and walkways, etc. Definitely a "sort of" Western theme here. And it's a slaughterhouse, inside the house as well, hee hee. It's still great and the actors really do a good job of keeping you guess where "they" will finally show up, bloodied everything and all. This is one of the best Haunts in Fright Nights.

After these two haunts, it was time to get some more food into my system, with all that beer consumed. The White Spot franchise here is ledgendary with their burgers, fries and milkshakes. Not one to argue with that, I went there expecting it to be as lonely as it was around this time of night, last year. Not o be, I found out! Hmmm. Maybe it's The Day, or something like that <exhales> Anyway, a long line, but I got my food and drink (DoubleDouble w/bacon and cheese; large fries; strawberry milkshake), and I got a great shot of somebody who actually wore a costume to this (and I thought you weren't allowed to, but whatever) evening.

And then I sat down to enjoy my late night meal, just after 10pm....
Some slacking is intentional in this kind of themeing, but..... really? That many bulbs out?
A look at what I went through, earlier. (See sign, above.)
Back of sign. That was cute to discover.
Back at Green Thing. Somebody agreed to take my photo.
But after two tries, the smoke would just - not - go -away!
My fudge place, "What The Fudge" was open tonight.
And they had Deep Fried Mars Bars available! But I didn't buy anything.
Even though some of those fudges look really good. But I passed. I was having a burger & fries later!
This. No takers. It didn't look like it belonged to this evening, and the park.
Masters of Schlock show going on. Once again, I passed, seeing it.
Mmmmm nice and toasty.
Show still going on. I've seen all of this, decades earlier.
Pirate's POOF!
In queue for The WestCoast Wheel.
Not getting great photos of Coaster this year from The Wheel. This was The Best I took, IMhO.<sad>
BIG Pirate's POOF!
About to go into <yawn> FEAR.
After FEAR, more POOFS!
Would go to this place after my last three Haunts....and beer. (o;
The DESIGNATED SMOKING AREA. Smellin' nothing different from here. Hmmm. Maybe I'll check later .
After The BloodShed, it was to get fed! The line was long but moved pretty fast. Good for the staff!
Behind me in the White Spot queue, a Viking and his....uh.... chosen One (?). Pretty cool to see.
And after two bites into my burger, I dropped my napkin, so I reached down to pick it up....
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Re: Playland (PNE) Vancouver Discussion Thread

Postby ytterbiumanalyst » Fri Oct 19, 2018 11:28 am

Nice! Haunted houses aren't really my thing, but always fun to see a park lit up at night. I enjoyed the city photos; I always like just walking around a city getting to know it beyond the tourist places.

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Re: Playland (PNE) Vancouver Discussion Thread

Postby Nrthwnd » Fri Oct 19, 2018 1:10 pm

^Thanks. And it's always a nice walk to the bus stop, with lots of stuff to see on Victoria Drive.


"Well...OK, it's not really that Scary. But still."

Ending this TR is easy, now. When I reached down to pick up my napkin, where I was eating, I saw that
my RapidPASS was gone! Not hanging from the lanyard!


I knew that somewhere between the last Haunt I was in, The BloodShed and where I ate, is where I lost the Pass.
At The BloodShed, the guys doing security and allowing people in, recognized me (it helps to have an all grey
beard and hair I guess), and let me into the Haunt so I could find the Pass on the ground (I hoped)...

Well, I didn't find it in there, and the pathway back to the White Spot yielded no find, either. :cry:

So, I am guessing somebody picked it up, figured out what it was for, and I am hoping they at least took advantage
of it's use...and used the rest of it, lol!

Whatever happened, I still had three Haunt Houses to go through (Darkness, Hollywood Horrors, Keepers Doll Factory),
and looking at the queues by then, I was going to be spending the rest of two hours or so in line, just to go into them.
Same for re-riding Coaster and a couple of other flats I had the Pass for. Big lines in all of them, at that time.

So, I called it a night, took a couple more photos, called David to come pick me up..... and my Fright Night was over.
In hindsight, I am okay about it, though I was pissed off at my not watching out for my Pass. Now I'll learn, next time, heh.
The Haunts I missed, I had done the previous years. And the rides, including Coaster, would be back next season.

So I'll be back to it, next year. Or not. Depending on whether anything NEW is there, or not. We shall see.
Thanks for joining me on my (kind of) Scary Adventure, here. :smile:
I still don't know what this is actually used for, but I took a photo, anyway.
Bye bye Fright Nights.
My RapidPASS-less lanyard. <sighs> Next time I'll bring glue and tape to hold it on, LOL!
Train Ex - PNE.png
Next month at the PNE, I'm going to this. Woo Wooooo! (o:
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