Hersheypark (HP) Discussion Thread

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Re: Hersheypark (HP) Discussion Thread

Postby njcoasterguy34 » Sun Aug 16, 2015 7:38 am

When I rode Wildcat I did not feel any pain, unlike whenever I ride Thunderhawk at Dorney.
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Re: Hersheypark (HP) Discussion Thread

Postby rcjp » Sun Aug 16, 2015 7:54 am

^ Funny, with me it's the other way round.
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Re: Hersheypark (HP) Discussion Thread

Postby mpmbee » Sun Aug 16, 2015 8:26 am

Rode Wildcat the other day expecting a rough ride but was pleasantly surprised with it. Fun ride and I didnt find it rough. Admittedly it wasn't as smooth as Lightning Racer but it wasn't bad at all. I also really liked Thunderhawk at Dorney too.

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Re: Hersheypark (HP) Discussion Thread

Postby TB305 » Sun Aug 16, 2015 8:31 am

Just one of the pictures I took on Saturday! Love this coaster so much!

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Re: Hersheypark (HP) Discussion Thread

Postby TyRush » Sun Aug 16, 2015 8:46 am

Isn't she a beauty :lover:
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Re: Hersheypark (HP) Discussion Thread

Postby TB305 » Sun Aug 16, 2015 9:00 am

Yeah, it's a shame my family probably won't make the trip again next summer considering we live 6 hours away, but I was so glad to have the opportunity to go. Wait times were brutal, but it was all worth it! I had a night ride in a wing seat on Skyrush and it was absolutely ridiculous. #AirtimeBuffet

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Re: Hersheypark (HP) Discussion Thread

Postby Genx24 » Sun Aug 16, 2015 7:16 pm

Making my way back to the hotel from the preview. Only one lap on Skyrush, but it's instantly my new #1. The air, the forces, the smoothness; it's quite simply perfection. Can't wait to make my way back tomorrow to get more laps.
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Re: Hersheypark (HP) Discussion Thread

Postby ejot » Mon Aug 17, 2015 11:59 am

That was my reaction too. Generally I am dead silent on coasters but my first ride on Skyrush found me screaming: "THIS IS THE GREATEST RIDE EVER".

Just going through some pics and thought I'd post a few from my two visits to Hershey this year in June and July. The zoo is pretty good! I mean, c'mon, just try not to say "awwww".
Stormrunner has really grown on me, it's definitely my second favorite in the park.
Fury is not the only B&M with treble clef-ish track.
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Skyride was running pretty well.
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These did not move fast.
The prarie dogs were addictive to watch.
Looks dee-lish!
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This thing terrified me. How do you even defend yourself if it... you know... ?
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...severely underrated. It is phenomenal.
This is a train ride, and...
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The train ride is themed move heavily than the rest of the park.
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Re: Hersheypark (HP) Discussion Thread

Postby ScreaminNewEngland » Mon Aug 17, 2015 5:41 pm

Hey I'm going to the park tomorrow for the first time. What type of crowds should I expect?
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Re: Hersheypark (HP) Discussion Thread

Postby blk_mamba » Mon Aug 17, 2015 5:59 pm

ejot great photo trip report! Never really got into the animals when I went, looks like I've made a mistake, lol. I kinda agree that Storm runner is quite an amazing ride I think it loses points b/c it is so short. I also feel similarly about skyrush however my friend HATE b/c it has so much ejector airtime.


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