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Postby TwistedTrack » Mon Dec 19, 2005 1:37 pm

Doesnt Dueling Dragons have one of the best queue's. It's suppose to have like wizards and stuff.
Erg... i want to go on it so bad! everytime i go it's broken down or testing after a breakdown for the whole time i am their. I hope to ride it next year.

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Postby kk » Mon Dec 19, 2005 3:13 pm

Wow, I have never seen Talon with a full queue. Also, X has a very big queue. Batman: The Ride queues are nice, too. They are pretty big, also. The biggest queue I have seen is Kingda Ka. It's queue is twice as long as Dragster. First, there is a long straight path, then you turn left, go under the launch track, & 3 huge sets of switchbacks (only one is covered), then a straight path and stairs going into the station. It has vending machines, and some African music. It also has mist fans. At SFGAdv, that's the nicest queue to wait in.

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Postby kk » Mon Dec 19, 2005 3:17 pm

Twisted Track, if you go on, and go to Special Features, they have a section called "Dueling Dragons Queue" and it has tons of pictures. Here is a link. ... /index.htm

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Postby coaster_type_of_person » Tue Dec 20, 2005 1:34 pm

I havent heard too much about KK! Is that line long like TTD?

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Postby J man » Tue Dec 20, 2005 2:47 pm

My favorite queue is Indiana Jones Adventure @ DL. Mainly because it just doesn't feel like a line. I was walking through it with my cousins one time and my cousins were all like,"Are we supposed to be here?" because they thought we had left the line and were walking through the ride somewhere.

My favorite coaster queue is B:TR @ SFMM.
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Postby kk » Tue Dec 20, 2005 2:56 pm

Yeah, Kingda Ka's queue was long like I said, but after the big breakdown, they made a new queue which is a straight path, then turn left into a set of 9 switchbacks and a path parallel to the launch track up a ramp, into the station. The overflow queue is a large set of switchbacks, under a tent with a large fan & a blaring radio. It's queue is kind of hidden , nestled in the trees behind the fluffy, fluffy bunnies filled with medicine and goo. I hope they bring back the old queue because it was nicer. It was in between the launch track & the bunny-hop, and it gave a good view of trains cresting the tower. Superman: Ultimate Flight's queue is nice, too. It is underneath the ride so it is very photogenic. By the way, does anyone know anything about Riddler's Revenge's queue or Goliath's queue at Six Flags Magic Mountain?

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Postby pvcoasterguy » Tue Dec 20, 2005 3:10 pm

Let's see:

Good: Dueling Dragons and Revenge of the Mummy (those are given.) In addition, I like: Batman: The Ride (usually they have good music going, and the line moves lightning fast at Great America,) some of Giant Drop's. In addition, King Chaos (SFGAm) has a nice, long, shaded overflow, but it's never used.

Bad: American Eagle. The tent is nice, but, after that, it's a little too claustrophobic and has way too many fences. Twister: Ride it Out at USO. The outside portion is really crappy. Roaring Rapids (SFGAm) too high off the ground, in the blazing sun. Yankee Clipper (SFGAm) the switchbacks are very narrow, but otherwise, not too bad.

Ugly: Raging Bull. Going through two huge queue houses with stinky people is not real fun. Superman: Ultimate Flight (SFGAm). Switchbacks are very close; the long straightaway is awful. Rajun' Cajun (SFGAm). A wild mouse queue with no shade. Yikes.

There are an abundance of bad queues.

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Postby Reon » Tue Dec 20, 2005 5:28 pm

I tend to like themed queus because they give you something to do while you wait. I think my favorite would be outer limits for having that interactive movie on loop, plus all the UFOness. Ofcourse, close behind are TR:TR and DD. DT also had a good theme'd queu, but it was more like one to make fun of for crappy graffics....
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Postby coasterboy76 » Wed Dec 21, 2005 8:09 am

in my lifetime I have been in some crazy cues, that seemed like they went on for hours and hours..

it's funny, but when I was younger, (in my teens) whenever we went to the park, the lines were always long, it seemed like it was always a minimum of a 1 hour wait for all rides, sometimes longer, and back then there weren't any cue monitors, music, dj's, nothing, we just amused ourselves for however long we waited.

now when I go to a park, if the line on a ride looks obnoxious (like Deja Vu always is) I won't wait.. it's not worth it anymore to wait for a couple of hours for a ride that lasts a couple of minutes. I see some of these cues on rides and watch people wait for 3+ hours.. its crazy!!!

in 1976 I waited 4 1/2 hours to ride a 2 1/2 minute coaster, it was opening day for the coaster and that was hell, especially when your young and you have a whole park waiting for you..

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Postby ECZenith » Wed Dec 21, 2005 10:29 pm

I've always liked CP's Disaster Transport's queue... for the effort.
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