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Re: Efteling Discussion Thread

Sun Dec 01, 2013 9:17 am

I know there hasn't been much news from the Efteling in a long time. But the park isn't standing still aether.
The park has is doing a lot of interesting developments, although there won't be a new ride for 2014 the park is determent to do at least something.
Their most iconic dark-ride Droomvlucht (Dreamflight) has gotten a major overhaul that started 2 months ago. The ride has reopened last Monday.

(source Efteling self)
Here's a list of what they've done to the ride:
- More trolls, Elf's and other weird things.
- Theming the queue. (Big thing for the park to do, the queue was basically a eyesore.)
- Major track inspections and track fixing.
- The star tunnel Has been given a upgrade to make it look more like a endless tunnel.
- Final big scene has been given extra supports and extra tree covering to make it more like a jungle. Also the first words are within this scene.
It's a big upgrade this 20 year old ride.

Also the park is doing yet another renovation in the park. Their rapid stays closed from November 4 2013 to April 30 2014, this is one month longer then the other rides staying closed during the winter season. The rapid undergoes some really heavy renovations as the ride is partly broken down and they're already in the progress to rebuild those parts.
Rebuilding the ride.
These brick walls in the ground are new.
(Source and more here.)
What's odd about the Piraña renovation is that on the other side of the road there has been some excavation.

With this we're still not done with the current big projects, this one is outside the park but still their ground. Their bus station is undergoing a complete change so buses can drive much easier in and out of the drop place. Their new bus stations are already being used, their first bus made entrance on November 22.

With all that we got the constructions that have been in the past few days and currently going on. But where still not done, the park is in their holiday season and got some changes with last year. The park still have their winter choir walking through the park warming you up at the campfires.
anyway the change:
- Some red leaves in their giant E's at the end of parks main road.
- For the first time ever you can skate inside and outside of their IJspaleis (Icepalace) tent.
- Their 2 tents are combined as the children tent wasn't placed very smart all the years, so there IJspaleis (Icepalce) tent has gotten a little bigger this year.
- The park also brought back their Vogel Rok (Bird Rok) Christmas hat and scarf (Was missing the last few years).
- Also earlier this year the Dutch queen resigned and left this job to her son (now our king). The Efteling made a giant crown and placed this on the Pagode for this event, now they had this giant crown and had no idea what to do with it. So they made it white and placed it back for the winter.

this covers up most of the recent news. What do you think, should a park spend this much money on renovation an improvement of existing rides or should they just have bought a new ride? Also what do you think about the latest changes?

I think this park is doing great so I hope 2015 brings at least a new fairy tale. Anyway I'm really glad they don't forget their existing rides and make plans like these to restore them to bring back the feeling you needed to have when they opened the ride.

Re: Efteling Discussion Thread

Sun Dec 01, 2013 9:20 am

So have return to Efteling - such an amzing park with kind of magic feel aside from this only Disney delivered.

Re: Efteling Discussion Thread

Wed Feb 05, 2014 3:58 pm

Beautiful footage with one of those camera drones:

Re: Efteling Discussion Thread

Thu Apr 17, 2014 11:19 pm


The Efteling announced a new signature ride for 2015! They will build a Dive Coaster (builder unknown, but most likely B&M) with a 37,5 meters first drop. The ride will cost 18 million Euro (only the ride itself without theming I guess) and gets it's own storyline and theming (and we all know how great Efteling theming is!). The location and other statistics are still unknown, but this is a big announcement for the region!

Source (sorry, it's in dutch):
Brabants Dagblad

Efteling bouwt nieuwe achtbaan met val van 37,5 meter en investeert 36 miljoen

KAATSHEUVEL - De Efteling krijgt een nieuwe achtbaan, een zogenoemde divecoaster, met een val van 37,5 meter. Ook krijgt het vakantiepark bij de Efteling, Bosrijk, 400 bedden erbij.

Dat zegt Efteling-directeur Fons Jurgens (44) vrijdag in een interview met het Brabants Dagblad.

"Met de nieuwe achtbaan richten we ons ook op de 10 tot 15-jarigen," aldus Jurgens, die vrijdag zijn eerste officiële werkdag heeft. "Deze thrillride is een spannende aanvulling. Je valt 37 meter naar beneden, dus het is niet voor iedereen. Ook hier zal er natuurlijk een bijzonder verhaal bij verteld worden."

Ook vakantiepark Bosrijk krijgt een uitbreiding van 1150 naar 1550 bedden​. De totale investering van zowel de achtbaan als Bosrijk bedraag 36 miljoen euro. Met de investeringen zet De Efteling na een korte pas op de plaats een nieuwe stap naar de vijf miljoen bezoekers die het park in 2020 wil tellen.

They will invest 36 million Euro in the coaster and more chalets at Bosrijk (400 extra beds). They still want to build the mysterious 'Hartenhof' in 2020.

Man, first the big Kolmarden announcement and now this... So exciting!

Re: Efteling Discussion Thread

Thu Apr 17, 2014 11:20 pm

Dutch Newspaper

I am not going to translate the whole thing, Dutch is easy enough to understand, it's just like English. Just the main points:

- Efteling builds Divecoaster (with a 37 meter drop) and invests 36 milion Euro
- Bosrijk (I believe the English name is Efteling Village) gets 400 beds more
- Total amount of beds will be 1550
- Efteling still wants to get 5 milion visitors in 2020
- The coaster will get a story

- Fons Jurgen has it's first day as new CEO today.

Re: Efteling Discussion Thread

Thu Apr 17, 2014 11:29 pm

Good for them, Efteling 's top level theme, music, stories can make it the best dive coaster ever. :mickey:

Re: Efteling Discussion Thread

Fri Apr 18, 2014 12:22 am

Well wasn't expecting a thing next year, this makes me already love the new CEO of the Efteling. The first B&M here in the Netherlands and it will be at my home park. Never saw it coming and now I'm so exited for a visit next year. Finaly they build a ride to thrill more then a family style, I've been waiting for it a couple of years now.

Re: Efteling Discussion Thread

Fri Apr 18, 2014 2:54 am

More info from the same newspaper:
- Bosrijk gets houses for groups of 25 people
- Efteling tries to attract people from further away
- New attractions will have four languages (I presume Dutch, English, German and french)
- Efteling will be the place to be for events and festivals
- The divecoaster should attract more people from the ages 10 - 15
- Fairytale Forest will get investments too
- Darkride Hartenhof is still on hold, but will be build before 2020
- Efteling is going to team up with zoo Beekse Bergen and nature parks Loonsche Duinen and Drunense Duinen
- Coming years the entrance fee will have a slight rise
- Last few years the number of seasonpassholder is doubled (to 70.000)
- After 2020 Efteling and Loon op Zand/Brabant will talk about an own road to the parking

Re: Efteling Discussion Thread

Fri Apr 18, 2014 3:08 am

Ages 10-15? Picturing something more tamed now. Hopefully this thing will open on time *cough* VH *cough*

Re: Efteling Discussion Thread

Fri Apr 18, 2014 4:00 am

They learned a lot since VH... After that, they went with GCI for Joris and the Dragon, WET for Aquanura and Puy du Fou for Raveleijn.
According to Eftelist, this one will be B&M.

They know what they are doing, so I don't think the ride would be as delayed as VH.
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