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Re: Efteling Discussion Thread

Mon Feb 04, 2019 8:20 pm

Robinoo wrote:They need to do this if they want to attract more international tourists.

No. They don't have to do this. It will not make a difference in international visitors.
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Re: Efteling Discussion Thread

Sun Mar 03, 2019 4:05 am

RCT3Bross wrote: There is a major update on the expansion. 4 Parties have gone to the highest court in the Netherlands for one final attempted to prevent the plans form going through. One of them even asked to suspend the plan until the judge made his decision. In January the judge will reveal when the case is handled and if the question of suspension is valid enough to wait until he makes his rule.
What this means is that the park as of now isn't allowed to expand its borders. If the judge decides that the question of suspension doesn't have a valid enough reason they are allowed to expand, however the judge can still chance the agreement the park has with the local government and things can get complicated.
The judge also has to handle the case within 12 months and then has a maximum of 6 weeks before the final rule is said and done.
(I've been told that) After the rule the judgment is final, there is no need for further alterations or no further complications.
I thought this lat major hurdle was worth sharing. If I can I will try to update when there is more news.

This Friday the judge made a decision on the suspension and ruled in favor of the people trying to stop the expansion. This means that the Efteling as of now isn't allowed to expand until the high court made it's final decision in December this year. If the Suspension was lifted Friday the park would have applied permits for construction for the rumored 2021 coaster but that's not going to happen now, most likely the park won't open the ride by 2022 if the park is still allowed to expand on the east side after the final rule.

It's a mojor setback for the park for sure. I hope they where somewhat prepared for this.
Now keep in mind the final rule will be made in December 2019 then we go into that 6 week window meaning that the final rule will not be out earlier then January 2020. So we basically have to wait for almost a year before we hear more.

Re: Efteling Discussion Thread

Sun Mar 03, 2019 5:16 am

Curious, is it a noise issue? A sight issue? Creeping around on Google Street View, it looks like the only thing inside Efteling that you can see from the neighborhood to the north is the Pagoda tower. I could see the neighbors getting upset if their expansion plans included a coaster that could be seen above the tree line.

Re: Efteling Discussion Thread

Sun Mar 03, 2019 5:31 am

^ And this expansion is going where the Efteling Hotel is and next to the highway so I can't see it being visible from the houses anyway :?r

Re: Efteling Discussion Thread

Sun Mar 03, 2019 5:44 am

It does look like there are two or three occupied homes along Horst though, with one being right up next to the hotel. So an eastward expansion would seriously affect the people who live along that road.

Re: Efteling Discussion Thread

Sun Mar 03, 2019 5:52 am

^ Oh your right, I didn’t see those.

Re: Efteling Discussion Thread

Sun Mar 03, 2019 6:08 am

As far as I know the homes at the east of the park are already in possession of the Efteling.
So the complainers we don't know them all, but from the party that asked for the suspension a couple of people have come in the news the past few days. They however all live at the West side of the park. This isn't weird as the plans include both the east expansion and a west expansion of the park. The people that have come out stated they are afraid of extra noise and extra traffic. There is also some people that are afraid the view is going to ruined.
As of now there seem to be no direct attacks on the east expansion just the west and traffic part.

The assumption is now that it would most likely go one of these ways:
1. The complainers lose and the plan will be allowed as it is now.
2. The 50/50 way the park isn't allowed to expand west, but is allowed to expand east.
3. The Efteling loses and the plan is rejected in it's whole.

Edit: Here is an artical in Dutch about the complainers. It sparked a lot of attacks from Dutch fans as the elderly woman admits she came to live there 12 years ago and didn't expect the park to have ambitions to grow. Also the man stated that the Efteling didn't communicate the expansion and only heard it after the approval of the local government, that also doesn't sit well with fans as the park had numerous information evenings to discuses concerns about the expansion and this plan as been openly in the works for several years.
I think these people are allowed to be afraid about the expansion plan with the extra noise, view lost and traffic problems, but both do make some dumb comments regarding about the expansion.

Re: Efteling Discussion Thread

Sun Mar 03, 2019 3:33 pm

That's a shame. I suspect they will approve the East-Side expansion in December.

Everyone has a right to be concerned about their living environment and I don't want to attack on the person, but these particular individuals don't seem very well-informed. Moving into a house bordering the Efteling in 2007, and then complaining about noise from a ride that has remained largely unchanged since 1986.

In her defence: luckily no-one lives next to Carnival Festival, that would warrant insanity!

Re: Efteling Discussion Thread

Wed Mar 06, 2019 2:24 pm

Efteling reveals new scenes from De Oude Tufferbaan

050319tuffer6.jpg (259.78 KiB) Viewed 2088 times

De Oude Tufferbaan in the Efteling is provided with four different interactive scenes. Today the theme park shows how the new scenes will look like. During a ride in the famous old-timers, visitors will soon pass a large number of farm animals. They react when passengers are horning.

It concerns hares, chickens on top of a broken car, chickens on top of a milkman's cart and chickens on a scarecrow. "When you horn to the animals, they respond to the new attraction music", the Efteling says. The scenes were sketched by Efteling designer Karel Willemen.

The family attraction has been closed since February 18 for a refurbishment of 1.8 million euros. In about two months time, the operating system, the vehicles and all the lights will be replaced.

The classic T-Fords from 1984 are history. Visitors will soon take place in one of the new cars and pick-ups of the German company Metallbau Emmeln. Only the drivers are dry at the pick-ups. Self-steering is no longer possible. The 580-meter long trail does not change.

050319tuffer1.jpg (174.46 KiB) Viewed 2088 times

050319tuffer2.jpg (155.72 KiB) Viewed 2088 times

050319tuffer3.jpg (215.72 KiB) Viewed 2088 times

050319tuffer4.jpg (197.83 KiB) Viewed 2088 times

050319stuur3.jpg (234.55 KiB) Viewed 2088 times


Re: Efteling Discussion Thread

Wed Mar 13, 2019 1:21 pm

The Efteling updates PandaDroom: attraction finally gets new film and a different name
(Google translated from Loopings.nl)

The Efteling has plans for a large-scale renovation of PandaDroom. More than seventeen years after the opening, the attraction will finally be provided with a new 4D film. There will also be another name: Fabula. Various insiders report this to Looopings. The fairytale park does not want to confirm the news yet.

A conscious choice was made for a name that could also be pronounced by international visitors. Fabula's slogan becomes 'Dream of the Animal Kingdom'. Just like the current film, the new film is again all about nature. The souvenir shop and the restaurant at the exit will also be renewed.

SEE ALSO: Efteling replaces Bob with new double family roller coaster: Max & Moritz

The exact closing date of PandaDroom is not yet known. More work will take place later this year near the attraction. The Bob, which is right next to PandaDroom, will be demolished from September to make way for the double family roller coaster Max & Moritz. Efteling is investing 15 million euros in this.

People have been talking about renewing PandaDroom for years. In fact, a new film was planned for 2016. That ultimately did not go through. Last year it turned out that the contract with the World Wildlife Fund (WNF) would in any case be extended until the end of 2020.

Efteling fans have not had a good word for PandaDroom since it opened in 2002. Whereas other Efteling attractions have the purpose of immersing visitors in another world, viewers here are consciously confronted with problems in the real world. These are successively melting ice sheets, trawl nets on the seabed and logging in the jungle. The public is then encouraged to become a member of the WWF for a fee.

In addition, the special effects and 3D technology have become quite outdated over the years. The call for the closure of the dated attraction has therefore become increasingly louder in recent years.

Efteling does not want to comment on the leaked plans at this time. "We will come later with more information about the future of PandaDroom", says a spokeswoman.

2019 seems to be the year of the new attractions. De Oude Tufferbaan and Carnaval Festival are currently closed for major renovations. Altogether, these costs amount to almost 5 million euros.
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