Six Flags Over Georgia (SFOG) Discussion Thread

P. 733 - Two Villainous New Thrill Rides for 2020!
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Re: Six Flags Over Georgia (SFOG) Discussion Thread

Postby GameShibe » Thu Jul 09, 2020 1:25 pm

coasterbill wrote:"Don't worry everyone! We heard your complaints about the ride being rough as hell so we re-tracked the lift hill"

why retrack the parts of the ride everyone complains about, when we can retrack the part where nobody does?
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Re: Six Flags Over Georgia (SFOG) Discussion Thread

Postby Jack4343 » Sat Jul 25, 2020 3:44 pm

Visited the park last Monday. Gotham City looks really clean and freshly painted. The new enterprise type ride, Catwoman Whip was fun but seemed a bit slower and less exciting than I remember the Wheelie being. Very smooth and feels great on a hot day but just something missing. The other "new" ride, Poison Ivy Toxic Spin was a blast. I loved it as Shake, Rattle & Roll in the old Chevy Show building and I'm so glad it's back. Me and my 14 year old daughter just laughed the whole ride long. A true 1950's era carinival ride. As others have stated, park was practically empty and the only lines we waited in for longer than 5 minutes was Goliath and Superman and this was due to only running one train and half capacity. Mask usage was pretty good even on a over 90 degree day. Food and beverage availability is spotty and truthfully has been for several years. They just don't have enough crowds to justify staffing them. Quite a few games were open but never saw a single person playing one.

Other notables... Pandemonium was closed and they were running tests on the ride but not operational. It was open a few weeks earlier when we visited. Love the heck out of that ride! Twisted Cyclone still blows me away. 1 minute packed with excitement. Park was clean, hand washing stations everywhere as well as hand sanitizer pumps. Ride ops were stopping to clean rides often as well. Above mentioned face coverings featuring supeheroes as well as Six Flags logos were available at the front gate and several shops.
Overall, a great 2nd visit post Covid. Going back in a week. We arrive at 1130 and leave by 5 having riding as much as we wanted. Heat plays a factor in us staying till closing but with the low crowds you can really pack alot into a short amount of time.

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Re: Six Flags Over Georgia (SFOG) Discussion Thread

Postby CoasterGuy06 » Mon Jul 27, 2020 7:22 pm

This showed up in my memories today. Trip for my last rides on Georgia Cyclone. Who knew #NotAGiga could have been a thing 3 years ago.

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Re: Six Flags Over Georgia (SFOG) Discussion Thread

Postby JustAGuyNamedSteven » Wed Jul 29, 2020 10:40 pm

bert425 wrote:does anyone have pics of new Gotham with the new rides?

would love to see how they look in the area (as well as the refurbed Harley Quinn)

Don't think that you've been forgotten. I have pictures for a report ready, and I was going to post it just now, but the server logged me out and I lost half my post. :cry:
I'll try to have it up by the end of the week, but here's a preview in the meantime.
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