Nyc themeparks by public transport

A trip to Miami (4days) and 1 week NYC
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Nyc themeparks by public transport

Postby loicv » Wed Jul 29, 2015 2:57 am

Hello all,

I know there are a ton of topics about New York and its themeparks, but I still have a few questions.
Since I don't have a drivers License yet, I will have to make use of the public transportation.

-Sixflags great adventure: is pretty easy with NJ transit appearently. I will be going in the last week of August, so it will be best to buy a gold or platinum pass? I recently ripped my crossed ligaments. Standing in line could be a problem, you think I could ask for a free fastpass? If yes, what do I need to present?

-Sixflags New England: I could take a bus to Hartford, from there its easy to get to the park. Is there anyway I could get the ticket cheaper since I will be visiting great adventure also? Keep in mind that I will take a bus ride included with admission to great adventure.

-Hersheypark: looks like this park is really hard to reach by public transport. I checked out the coasterbus and they go to hersheypark the last sunday of August. It will be really crowded probably, is it worth the hassle? Even with fastpass, I've read their system sucks..?
Anyone knows an alternative for the coasterbus?

On another note, I will also go to Miami, since my stay is only 4 days, I will go to Tampa to visit Bush Gardens. ( I love big coasters so I won't go to Orlando, limited time and budget..) The bush gardens ticket looks expensive at the gates, but online you can only order as an American resident..? I'm Belgian btw. This will be in the beginning of August, so quickqueue is advised?

I know there are a lot of questions, but I already would be really happy if some get answered.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Nyc themeparks by public transport

Postby SharkTums » Thu Jul 30, 2015 9:46 am

Hey there,

First off, once again I find myself apologizing for the lack of public transport in the USA. I gotta say you're looking at a VERY hard plan with what you've found.

To try and answer a few questions...

Upgrade your SFGAd ticket/bus combo to a season pass and then that will include New England as well. Check pricing though as SFNE is most likely cheaper than SFGAd and it may not pay if you're only going to two SF parks.

You cannot ask for a free flash pass. You can research handicap type passes at the parks (they all do it a little different) but it may be better to just buy the gold or platinum flash pass.

Hershey's skip the line program is bad, but still worth it. Good luck getting their on public transport.

I always advise getting the Quick Queue at Busch Gardens. There should be other deals out there not just for US Residents, or you may be able to print the ticket at one of your hotels using a US Address.

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Re: Nyc themeparks by public transport

Postby loicv » Sun Aug 02, 2015 2:37 pm


Thanks a lot for your tips, it will indeed be pretty tough, but I'll make it work!
I'll let you know how it went..

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Re: Nyc themeparks by public transport

Postby Garrapatita » Mon Aug 03, 2015 5:59 pm

I will also go at the end of August to SFNE , but then will continue to Six Flags Great Escape. I´m thinking in getting the gold pass but near the dates. I read that is cheaper on that dates.
Few years ago i went to Buschgardens, Tampa and was fantastic. Now in this trip i will go to Buschgardens, Virginia.
Hope you enjoy your parks.

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