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Google Earth Theme Parks Collection (update June 26)

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Let's join our forces and create the largest collection of "Theme Parks" kmz files for Google Earth


Here are the first ones with Disney Land Paris Resort

Including Parks, Transportation and Hotels


This requires downloading Google Earth of course



If you can make it in other languages feel free (i can go for french and english) and post your comments !



(kmz disney land paris full - contains everything)

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Posting files with hypertext link


(kmz disney land paris full - contains everything)



(kmz disney village only)



(kmz disneyland paris only)



(disney studios paris only)



(hotels disney land resort paris only)

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Those are a few spotted parks only (meaning not detailed at all - not even started)


It's a zip file ... so right click on it ... extract all (for the beginners)


If you spot others, you can send them to me by e-mail or post them in that topic ... Thank you in advance


(Cedar Point is not visible - for the moment)

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This is a great idea, I love Google Earth. I've been working on one for a few months which I've made available for download below. It contains (albeit not very well organized to anyone but myself)...



Legoland Windsor

Chessington WOA

Coney Beach


Alton Towers

Drayton Manor

Pleasureland Southport

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

South Pier

Lightwater Valley


Pleasurewood Hills


Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach

Thorpe Park

Gullivers Warrington


Fantasy Island

Botton's Pleasure Beach





Farup Sommerland


Tivoli Gardens

Walibi World

Walibi Belgium

Walibi Rhone Alps

Walibi Lorraine

Hansa Park


Europa Park

Holiday Park

Heide Park

Movie Park Germany


Parc Asterix


DLR-Disney Studios



Parque de Attraciones de Madrid

Parque Warner Madrid

Port Aventura

Isla Magica

Terra Mitica



Hong Kong Disneyland

Ocean Park

Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo DisneySea

Space World

Sea Paradise





Nagashima Spaland

Fuji-Q Highland


Link for Download.. REMOVED.


I also have a Microsoft Streets and Trips 2005 file with every single park in the United States and Canada as according to RCDB. Here is an overview. I can make that available for download if anyone wishes.



EDIT:.. Hmm it appears that mine is quite different from yours, I have no rides whatsoever, just simply plotting the park and moving to the next one. Amazing work on your part.


EDIT PART DEUX: Wow I'm really dumb.. just noticed my file only has Fantasy Island.. lets see if I can work on that.

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Thanks for your infos and spotted parks and work appreciation


At least it can leave it up for people to work on their favorite ... i'll work for sure on the Universal studios and the Disney Parks. Not knowing the Six Flags (for example) at all, it'll be harder for me to know exactly where is what.


If anyone feels like taking care of one in particular, leave a reply on the topic so we can move on to another one.


Take care

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Information on my way of making a park with google earth

first source - know the park and use the map (pdf online or real map provided in the park)


it helps having more accurate spots and this way you use the real codes of the park (mostly for restaurants and stores)


I personally put "zones" and "areas" in a folder, same for transportation, restaurants ... this way you can uncheck them and have a better view of the map, getting crowded in very big parks.


if i don't remember everything, i try to look for pics i see online, that could precisely describe the area.


It takes about a few days to make a full map of a park like Disneyland Paris ... so many parks shouldn't take too long.


I leave it up to you, if you want to put my files on a website, please let me know first.



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(Universal Studios Orlando Full)


including 3 hotels 3 parks (IOA, US and W'nW)



(citywalk only)



(IOA only)



(Universal Studios Orlando only)



(Universal Studios Orlando Hotels only)



(Wet 'n Wild Orlando only)


Next post - Seaworld Orlando, FL


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I really like this.


There have been threads like this before, but they were just links to google maps or similar ones. I like this because of all the placemarks you do.


I will upload some after I do them. I will probably start with my home, park Six Flags Marine World.

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(SW Orl, FL June 2006 - US Orl, FL June 2006)


A slightly more complete file, with food markers, stores, colors ...


(The previous files are still available if you prefer them)


Disney Land Paris will be updated soon


Work in progress

Asterix Paris

Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Port Aventura

and then

Disney Land & Disney World


If someone has a Universal Studios Orlando map with restaurants code and spots, i'm interested, leave me a message.


Thanks & Enjoy

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Woo first post Had nothing better to do so I did my local park, Thorpe Park in Surrey, UK


All the rides are in their area folders, so you can view each separate area by checking the box next to the area name. Also, ride icons are colour coded. Eg, check Lost City and all the rides there will display, with a lime green icon.


Restaurants and shops are included in their own folder and are colour coded to which area they are in (because this is Thorpe Park where its difficult to tell where one area ends and another begins!)


The lakes are also marked too. Enjoy!




// Mod Edit: It is easier to save from a "real" link.


DOWNLOAD URL: http://members.aol.com/cdj54321/ThorpePark.kmz

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