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Amazon Adventures [RCT2]

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I started on a new park in RCT2 recently. It started as a jungle themed park called Mystery Jungle, but at the moment it looks a bit more like a theme park with some jungle theming. If anyone can come up with a good name that sounds a bit exotic, please post it.


Comments on the screenshots is also appriciated.


Overview of the park so far. Down by the river is a skycoaster. All comments/suggestions are welcome! =)


The main street with a souvenir shop, game building, snack building, theater and pizza restaurant. Im quite proud of this one! =)


The entrance plaza and the parks wooden coaster called "The Rumbler"

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Ive done some more work on my park. Heres some pictures:


And heres another picture of the entrance plaza just because I felt like posting one =)


The entrance area to the pizza restraurant is complete.


The very unfinished skycoaster area. I built a platform into the river for spectators ;)


I extended the wooden coaster and more stuff has been added around it. Its somewhat slower towards the end now, but the middle part is much better and the excitement rating is pretty good!

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You said you wanted an exotic language, eh? well, my language (afrikaans, same that Charlize Theron speaks ) is kinda exotic seeing that its spoken in SA.


How about : 'Eksotiese Wegbreek' -> Exotic Getaway...


Kinda corny, but its another language!

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More stuff is being added to the park and theres tons of small details to add everywhere...


And finally an overview of what the park looks like so far!


Since this park had no looping coasters I decided to build a small B&M inverted coaster. Im planning to build some extensive theming around it!


Wild Train island is pretty much done!


Another view of the "Animal Show" Stadium. It has one main stand with two levels and two smaller single-level stands.

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Its Intamin track converted to scenery objects. I also used it to support the stadium roof and to build the skycoaster. I got it when I downloaded parks with custom scenery.



But you don't have the slanted supports? Like these?


P.S. Good Park!!!


A square is surrounding the supports

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Alot of work has been done on the park, but I still have alot of work left. Filling all these small spaces is alot harder than it looks like!


Backstage area! Stay tuned for more updates in the next weeks!


I added more trees and bushes around the wooden coaster. I also built a kiddie coaster, but so far only the station has theming!


A different look at the ride.


Heres the station and queue line for the inverted coaster, which has been named Vampire.

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