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Jahan's Trip to Thailand--A Photo TR!

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Hello folks.


Lets start this off right away...


I am a wimp. A big one. I have a small comfort zone. Inside of that comfort zone, you have pizza, Disneyland, Kiera Knightly Makanvand, etc. Outside of that comfort zone, you have spiders, exotic foods, and Joey Malone, etc.


So when my dad told me that I had an opportunity to tag along with him on his upcoming business trip to Thailand, I had a big decision to make! Could I make that big of a jump out of my comfort zone? After all, I had never been out of the United States before! Could I go all that way, especially since I had to fly back to the U.S. by myself?




Well, I pondered, and soon afterwards, accepted the proposal. I was going to Thailand. I hoped to hang out with my dad, expirence a new culture first hand, and of course, perhaps widen that comfort zone of mine.


So without further adeui, the photo trip report...






Day 0--Getting There


The day started with a simple drive to the Van Nuys flyaway, where we were then bussed to LAX. This was the day immediately[/i after my Disneyland Grad Nite, so I was utterly exhausted. I even slept on the bus! There, once at LAX, we checked in the luggage, got our tickets, and headed for the terminal.



Once at the terminal I began to show my dad some of my Grad Nite pictures, when all of a sudden everybody got up and headed to the window behind us. We turned around and saw a HUGE ass plume of smoke! It was massive! The area actually darkened because of it!


Fire!!!! Whats the number for 911?!



We dont know what caused the fire, but whatever it was, it was out in a matter of 45 seconds due to an amazing response by LAX fire crews.


Lets go get it boys!



Literally it took about 45 seconds from conception to extinguisheption!


Anyway, we dont know if this was fire related or not, but we were soon moved to another terminal, where we met up with my Dad's coworker, Shawn...interestingly enough, my dad's name is Shawn too. Anyway, we boarded our Japan Airlines flight after hours of waiting around.



Yay...we made it to the plane!



The first leg of the flight was aproximately 10 hours, to Narita (Tokyo) Airport



Thank God we didn't stop in Oregon!



We had this cool downwards camera on the airplane! Unfortunately it was disabled during the takeoff/landing, rendering it sorta pointless!



The flight was veeeerry long. Wait...how did I take this picture if I was really sleeping?!



I gotta hand it to you Guy...Your girlfriends even cute in Japanese!



....continued in the next post....

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....continued from the last post.


Yay! This stupid flight is finally over!



Trying to figure out where the hell we go in order to connect.



Once we landed at Narita, we connected switched planes, and again was off on a 6 hour flight to Bangkok! Yuck!



I slept the whole flight, which was nice. .....again, how did I take this picture?!



Yay! We finally made it to Thailand! (The KING of duty-free, BTW).



Anyway, as soon as we left the airport, the humidity hit us like a wall! It was the worst humidity I've ever felt, and it was at 11:30 at night! We caught a rip-off private car, and went to our hotel. I didn't even pay much attention to the hotel, as I was so damn tired. We got to our bedroom, plopped into the rock-hard beds (injuring our backs in the process!), and went right to sleep after over 24 hours of "traveling", from packing to arriving.


Stay tuned for my first day in Thailand at a local marketplace!

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Day 1--The Weekend Market


Alright folks...we woke up the next day, Sunday, and I finally realized that I was in Thailand. Despite still being tired from traveling, we didn't want to waste a whole day, so we decided to go to the Weekend Market.



On the way to the Weekend Market.



The Weekend Market is an endless row of 6' by 6' shops...these little tiny shops that are only opened on the weekends...hence the name. These shops are owned by normal people, who want to sell goods that they have grown, caught, bought, or made. Its basically a swap meet. And they had everything. I almost thought of buying a pirated movie for the flight back, but I dont think that they flight crew would appreciate me watching Flight 93 on the plane!



Taadaa! The Weekend Market!



All of the shops were located around this cool tower thing.



If you were a lamp, and you were looking at me...this is what I would look like!



It didn't take long for that damn heat & humidity to kick in!



This should cool me off! I actually prefer Thai coke to US coke.



Dried Squid......Yuuuuummmmyyy.



Why in hell is there a Marines sweatshirt here? For one, this is Thailand, and for two, its 100 degrees out!



The only thing cooler than seeing another culture, is seeing another culture's take on your culture! You know what the sad part is? The were actually pretty good! Reminds me of that 'Hey Arnold' episode!




Alright folks...I'm sorry this is taking so long, but I dont have a lot of time this week, so I'm squeezing in pieces of the report where I can. I should have the next section up soon. Until then, enjoy!

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Day 2--Bang Pa'in


Yes...the name of the town is really Bang Pain. But its pronounced Pa-ene.




Today is Monday, and my Dad had to go to his work. He is a software engineer for a company back home in Valencia. He programs the functions for a machine which sorts between good and bad disk-drive heads, which for those who know what I'm talking about, is not an easy thing to do!


But I wont bore you with that...lets get to the actual TR!


For some reason I only started taking pictures once we went to lunch. I guess I didn't get that "Oh I have to take a picture" impulse until then!




Well, this is where we ate lunch! Supposedly it was the nicest place in the area, a special treat as I was there.



I'm totally diggin the table cloth!



These guys are the kind Thai representatives working with my dad, showing us around.



Even though Thai food is like, the ethnic-food-of-choice in America right now, I had never tried it before today....



....But I definitely enjoyed it! I'll have to try it back in the States now!



Hi, my name is Jahan, and I approve of this restaurant!



Ok...once lunch was over we went back to work!


One of the largest disk-drive manufacturers in the world...yay!



Going into the clean room, they made us wear fancy doctor suits! ...mint?



We even got these cool shoe thingies!



This picture in no-way depicts it, but this company employs tens of thousands of female-workers to operate the computers and machines, 24-7. When you get caught in a shift-change, you are literally in a sea of women!


I dont know why they use only female operators (other than the fact they're probably cheaper labor), but the conditions weren't bad! I know that might have popped in your head, so I'll tell you know, the conditions weren't bad! I would have opened my big mouth if the conditions were bad.






Later that night, we went to dinner at a steak-house that prided itself too much on the fact that they serve cow. If you don't believe me, look at whats in front of the restaurant...










Thais really love Ketchup, no lie! It was everywhere. And yes, it says "57 Varieties" on the bottle in Thai!



Lastly, we finished off a day of work with....going to one of the representatives house and doing more work!



Me sweating at night! At this point, I was rather bored. It was very interesting to find out what my dad actually did, but not being able to contribute due to my own lack of knowledge kind of made it boring!


Well, another day is done...lets see if I can actually finish the PTR! By the way folks, don't worry...we will be getting to the Thai-culture/scenery stuff soon!


-Jahan "But before that...a "Thai" theme park!" Makanvand

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Jahan! This is awesome! Dude! I was born in Thailand. Haven't been back since I was 1 and some change. But it looks the same in pictures.


Have you seen tha chicks that shoot ping pong balls out of their Va-JJs yet? Dude! I remember that like it was 38 years ago.


Have you gone to a strip club yet? A lap dance costs like a dollar. It's awesome! Just remember to keep a barrier between you and the dancer. I find a rain poncho to make an adequate body condom. You don't know what those chicks have been rubbing their privates against but they sure have the sores to prove it.


Oh, and lastly...



Get your shots when you get back man!


Kim thanks you for the shout out. She thinks the slut that does her voice in Japaneese is too piercing!


Mostly have a great time! The pictures are awesome! Are you gonna get any Thai coaster creds?


Guy "Have a great time." Koepp

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Great PTR!!! I've been to Thailand twice, and I miss it in the worst way...this brought back some fun memories (although some memories of Thailand, not directly inspired by this TR, are not so appropriate for this family-friendly site - oops, maybe I should keep that to myself ).


^ Guy, I'm WAY jealous! Born in Thailand???

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Hey Guy!


I happen to already be back in the States! I am just super late at posting the trip report and have a habit of posting it as if I just expirenced it! My bad!



Unfortunately, I didn't get my shot at a strip club, on account of me being stuck with two software engineers, and how often do software engineers go to strip clubs.










Oh....dont answer that.


As for the Bird Flu....yea, who knows! I dont think my trips going to go over well with the Red Cross on friday when I try to donate blood! Of course, I do work at SFMM, and I dont think thats going to go down well with them either! Thats like the most diseased place!


Well, I might as well get the next day knocked out of the way, so I can get to the theme park for you guys!





Day 3--Rama Gardens


I almost didn't post this days worth of photos.


I only did for continuity reasons.


Due to the massive boredom I faced at my dad's work and the fact I had nothing planned for today, I stayed at the hotel. I know, I know! I've been given this opportunity to explore another country, another culture, and its wrong that I am waisting away in a hotel room! But I sure as hell wasn't going to go venturing out on my own! I still didn't know my way around!


So here I am chillin at the hotel (which is named Rama Gardens)...


Lets go down to breakfast.


"OTIS" is sure as hell a lot longer in Thai!



I see your Schwartz is as big as mine!



Yay for free breakfast buffets!



A western breakfast...nice! Well...a Jahan breakfast, which is better! I was told to load up on breakfast as you never know what you'll be eating later in the day!



After breakfast, I went back to the room to get some computer action in. Now now, I know I'm in a totally different country, but that doesn't mean I cant still go on the computer! In fact, it was nice to be able to give my friends a status update, hear from the coaster community, etc.



Ok...maybe I am waisting my time!



It also gave me a good chance to hammer out my Disneyland Grad Nite TR. Here's me making it and talking to Julie. We figured out that we were exactly 1/2 way around the world, as far as time is concerned. Thats the first time I talked to someone exactly 1/2 way around the world! I'm so happy you were my first Julie!


Unfortunately, we forgot to account for daylight savings time, which Thailand doesn't practice....but whatever, it was still cool!


Before you knew it, it was time for lunch! Yes, I have a habit of spending that much time on the computer!


Anyway, I went down to lunch, and looked through the menu. I KNEW that I should get something Thai, but my eyes caught the word "burger" and my mouth immediately began to water! I could really use a burger! But at the same time, my mind was telling me to get something Thai! It was my chance to try something new! Eventually I compromised...I decided to get a Thai appetizer with a burger!



Here's my Thai appetizer. Its just rice cakes with a shrimp and pork dip, I guess.



Me deciding if I like it or not. It was alright, but I prefered the heavily fried Thai food, from the other day.



My burger! Yes!!!! You know, suprisingly the burger went well with the appitiezer!



After lunch, I decided to opt out of more computer time, and instead search the hotel, you know...check it out. The hotel was very nice. It definitely would be 200+ dollars a night, here in the US, but probably topped out to 80 bucks a night, there.



The fancy-pantcy lobby. I couldn't get a clear shot, but it took me like an hour just to take that one, so I'm going to damn right post it!



A really cool pool area. Of course, whenver they have hoops, they never have the balls to play with! And when ever they have balls, they never have the hoops!



They had one of those poolside bars, where you can be in the water and get your drink. BTW...I dont believe that there's a drinking age in Thailand. That would be beneficial if I drank.



They had this cool shrine thing in front of the hotel, as well as throughout the streets we traveled. From what I hear, the Buddhist drivers nod to it as they drive by for good luck, safety, business, etc. I may be wrong.



I definitely approve of the attention to detail!


After my little, hotel walk, I came back to the room and waited for my dad to show up.



I took this because I thought it looked like Cloud City!



Ok folks! Thank you for reading! I'll post the next part, my trip to Dreamworld (a Thai theme park) next! See you then!



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Great TR! Thailand is a lot of fun! But make sure not to go to down far south. We were advised (As my dad's in the Navy, that americans [or any tourist for that matter] shouldn't travel too far south, as there are many terrorist attacks).


Seriously loved the photo's, wish I could go back. I was 11 when I went so I was at that age where it was exciting, but I wasn't really mature enough to take in the greatness and appriciate Thailand more.

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Yeah, best to stay in the hotel. Wouldn't want to catch anything. Why didn't you mosey up to that chick by tha pool? Give her a little taste of the hype! As in Hypoteneuse.


Oh, anytime your above the legal drinking age is a good time to start drinking. You gotta get your practice on for college.


Can't wait to see the theme park pics. Is that where the Vekoma tilt coaster of death is located?

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Great pics Jahan! And hey, nothing wrong with staying in the hotel, I'd probably be too intimidated to go wandering around a completely new country on my own too, and in a way you still experienced the culture! Looks like a gorgeous part of the world.

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Is that where the Vekoma tilt coaster of death is located?

No thats in Tawain, Not Thailand. Did you ever go to Bangkok, because thats where 5 of the parks are.

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