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Elissa's got a "son" and he's an idiot

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Having actually watched the video and reading the comments... I can't believe how ignorant the situation is. Not neccessarily the plagarism of the video, which is definately a dumb move... but the immature comments.


Let those idiots represent themselves as such, but we're better than that here, right? There's a coward on there insulting Robb personally, who obviously has been banned here before, so he doesn't need any more attention. Let's represent TPR maturely... well at least respectively.


Before you know it, it will be a virtual Revolutionary War...


Just my .02

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Now the binary soup folks are on this now! Yep, the whole crew, all two of them!

Seriously though, this is becoming a lot more than it started as. I mean, I wonder what that kid thinks when he's reading all these...then some random people from BS start defending them. That must be really weird...he doesn't know ANY of these people!!!!

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Let me break it down for ya Spook, I've seen a lot of it.


Some people come here and make complete asses out of themselves, and end up getting banned. Since, Robb and Elissa run the site, they're going to be targetted when they find another outlet to distribute their stupidity.


They turn to unmoderated forums and places like youtube where they can say whatever they feel like just for the sake of being a dick.


Then there's the jealous people that can't figure out why they (The Alveys) get to enjoy so many theme parks, and so much travel to places they themselves will never get to see.


Lastly, there's the fat internet kids with nothing better to do than this kind of stuff, and somehow find it to be entertaining. Just think, somewhere in England is a mom not paying attention to her kid's internet use. I don't think that family wants to be represented by such rubbish.


Further proof that there is, in fact, no God.

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Let's not leave nasty comments on the kid's profile page. What he did was lame, but TPR should be better than that. Also, please don't argue with the two commenters who don't like Robb. It only causes more trouble.


Remember, TPR is a friendly place. Let's all hold hands and sing songs and fly on rainbows or whatever.

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Do we get to build a bonfire (perhaps in a 6 Flags $15 parking lot..lol) and sing Kumbaya? Also, if food is served at the singing congregation what is on the menu?


1. Donkey stew with rodents and cornbread

2. Waffles, Belgian-style, with vanilla-bean ice cream and chocolate-covered rodents

3. McDonalds Happy meals with Vegan appetizers?

4. Poi (a Hawaiian thing..lol)

5. "Homemaid" meatloaf

6. Lentil soup with garlic croutons

7. Southern-fried steak with grits and baked apples-n-cinnamon

8. Chinese? (how the heck they get ALL of that food into those tiny boxes?)

9. Hire a professional chef/caterer

10. Freeze-dried food entre

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Okay I commented with this


Okay guys, enough fighting, its a video, chill out. And whatever problems you have with TPR can be said elsewhere, the kid posted the video as his own here, big deal Im sure any mature person would know who's in the right here.


And they left 3 more comments in respose, just let them have the last word, because theres no way they would be mature enough to drop it themselfs.


Colin C

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Here is an email response from him after I question his motive to claim it was "his" video and he didn't provide a credit to the author.


Quote below:



June 22, 2006, 09:25 AM

Subject: Not a good sign


smexisix wrote:





Apparently others are not impressed by his actions either:



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