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The Best Terrain Coaster

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I guess it depends on what you consider a Terrain coaster. People are being pretty liberal with their definitions.


My first thought was Boulder Dash. The Beast came to mind too, the Beast is better than Boulder Dash at night and Boulder Dash is better than the Beast during the day. The Beast isn't much of a terrain coaster except for in a few spots though.


I saw a few people mention Tatsu but I don't see how that's a terrain coaster. If it is then that gets my vote. Honorable mention goes to Tennessee Tornado because it's amazing.

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Got to say the Ultimate for this. The Ultimate really is a terrain coaster.


The first and second halves are very very different rides. First lulls you into a false sense of security and then the second just beats you like crazy. It's a very strange but very fun ride to ride. Attempting to get through the duration of the second half whilst keeping your arms in the air is tricky but doable but be prepared to be bruised totally!


oh and it's a very long ride too.

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Rollo Coaster Idlewild needs a vote so I'll go with it. BD was raw enough to actually hurt my back in the cold this fall, still great, but not endlessly rerideable on that particular visit for me. I may be forced to move it down my rankings.

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