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Best (and worst) "Sounds" on a coaster

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I've always enjoyed the old school sounds and overall ambiance of Kennywood's Thunderbolt. The classic lift, clicking anti-rollbacks on the crests of the hills, and cantankerous-sounding NAD trains ripping through the bowl section are memorable parts of the Kennywood sensory experience.



In 1996, pre-trim Mantis sounded like the most intimidating coaster on the planet. I didn't know much of Kumba then, but I remember being in awe of the powerful presence Mantis commanded through its deafening whoosh. The aura of each train disengaging the lift, teasing a low hum on the turnaround as though the whole ride is waking up, and then just ripping its signature bellow at the bottom of the drop left me speechless at a time when there wasn't much like it.



Sticking with Cedar Point, I love heading up the first hill on Millennium Force and hearing the "da-dum-da-dum-da-dum-da-dum" as the train speeds up in the middle of the ascent. That sound and the extra oomph do a great job at building suspense, and I usually see at least one apprehensive/first-time rider per visit who wishes they could squirm back to the station when it happens! Fun!

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Intamin LSM. I love the Cheetah Hunt launch sound. But my favourite must be Taron.


Short video:


But it´s much more audible in this pov, especially the second launch.



Especially when your not on the coaster, it´s also incredibly loud and adds a lot of atmosphere to the area.

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