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Best (and worst) "Sounds" on a coaster

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Upstop wheels begging for mercy on woody airtime machines.. love that hrunggggggggggggggg g g g g g g noise as Phoenix hits the top of the hills..



Least favorite? The noise Talon makes. Or lack thereof. It amazes me how much they did to quiet that beast, after I heard what Great Bear sounds like.. and I'm torn between whether the ride is better, because it's silent, which lets you forget the ride more, or whether it's worse, because you don't get the "in the grip of a giant thrashing death machine" feeling so much.

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The PTC squeal of death around tight turns. Lovely. Example: American Eagle.


Stand-up trains being reset for new riders. I can just imagine a person getting his balls murdered if he was on it. Example: Iron Wolf


People who click their seatbelt on B&M coasters 200 times in a row.


The sound Gerstlauer wood coaster trains make... it sounds weird, like a piece of plastic running against wood. It's just weird, and doesn't sound good.






PTC trains on lifts


The weird sound Premier LIM's make

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I love a lot of coaster noises, particularly B:TR (@ SFStL), Mantis, Raptor, Ninja (SFStL) clinking off the lift, the roll back things on Screamin' Eagle, and the psssspsssssspsssssssspssssssspssssssss

sound Mr. Freeze's brakes releasing make right before launch. Also, I like the hum of any Intamin Rocket Coaster entering the magnetic brakes.


Sounds I dont like on a coaster...... ummmmmm........ I cant think of one.


-Justin "Did I just list about every coaster sound there is?" Seabaugh



PS- I also love the sound of woodies clanking (not the best word... they dont really clank) down the track.

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I just got to laugh at the term "Intamin Fart".


I still love working maintenance on the steel beasts and the sound is almost like music to my ears. I might need psychological help..lol


B&M roar rules! (aka Kumba's flatulence).

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I love the classic B&M roar, although most of the newer ones arent that loud. Tatsu was very quiet as was Silver Bullet, now I dont know if them being quiet has something to do with the temp., humidity, how long they are running, etc., but the older B&Ms seem to be louder, like Riddlers, Raptor, and Mantis are VERY loud all the time. I also love the smell of a wooden coaster.

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