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Best (and worst) "Sounds" on a coaster

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OMG you want to hear something terrifying you should hear the Boomerang at Elitch Gardens... I am not kidding when I say that those sounds are not natural. Plus how on earth does the chain lift thrash the entire train twice when the it disengages? I really want to know... It is just the most incredibly uncomfortable thing for me.

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I've always been a fan of the loud clang that occurs when Mindbender @ SFoG engages the lift. It also kicks you in the back, but it's awesome.


Ghostrider has a sort of "screech" going around the turns. I like that too.


And Achrophobia when is hits the brakes and then huge blast of air? Heck yeses.

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The sound when Expedition Everest engages and disengages from it's lift hills.


The sound of the Georiga Scorcher coming back into the staion.


The sound of any wooden coaster



The GASM at SOFG's brakes when they transport you. *screeech*


The super loud blow-your-ears-out music that plays when a train is dispatched on Batman at SFOG

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- B&M roar. Specifically the Mantis

- The sound when TTD launches

- Chain lift on most wooden coaster

- SOund of wooden coaster cars screeching along the track

- Chain lift on Vekoma and Arrows



- Son of Beast Chain lift

- The screams of people wanting to call 911 while riding Son of beast

- Hypersonic Brakes

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I love the sounds of Arrow brake runs and the B&M roar - also when they make the faint "clackity-clack" sound at the bottom of high hills.


The sound I don't like is the constant "BANG! BANG! BANG!" of an old ride when it goes through turns... it freaks me out.

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The worst is the GRRRIINNNNDDD SMASH SMASH EEEEEKKKKK KABOOM! That Colossus at Thorpe Park is getting. Add to that the screams of pain and it's a hideous sounding ride.



My favourite is the ROARRRR that Dragon Khan has, or the sound of a Rocket's launch. VRRROOOMMMM

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I like the sound of jokers jinx when it goes through its corse. I love the sound of a wooden roller coaster going up in a chain lift.


I hate the sound of the Hypersonic's breaks.

I hate the Expedition Everest sound of the second chain lift.

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I wish to add to my original post in that:


1. Drachen Fire-station brakes. Ohhh so sweet. Even working maintenance on the thing, I never got tired of that sound (or am I deaf now?..lol)

2. Love the Arrow-style rollbacks (especially on Nessie-before the yr-2001 changes).

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The sound the chain on SFGAm's Viper makes as the train crests the hill.

The lift hill of any older wooden coaster.

The joyous screams of kids on their first big coaster.



The sound of an impulse launching. I never know which is screaming louder - the newbie rider or the LIM system.

Screeching of any kind.

The sound of the final brake run on the last coaster of the day.

Not so lovely.


EDIT: Ooh! I forgot one! I love the clicking sound of a B&M's lap bar or harness coming down.

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