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Official Treasure Hunters thread...

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Since the first episode aired last night, I figured a thread on this would be inevitable at some point in time, right?


So who's playing along online, who's hooked already, who's got a guess as to what and where the "treasure" is, and who could care less (to be fair, I guess)?


I'll go ahead and say that if the ex-CIA or Air Force teams don't finish 1st/2nd, then there's something wrong.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I have really enjoyed this show. Except for all the whining.


Whine! My legs hurts! Whine! My ear is itching! Whine!


I wanted to smack that Fogal girl last night. I'm just glad the rednecks from Texas are gone. (No I'm not saying all Texans are rednecks, just those 3).


Now this week they do a two-parter on us.

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Fake Fogals is all I've got to say.


I'm not saying I'm a perfect Christian or anything but I think I'd think twice before double-crossing people on national TV.


It's a terrible witness when you are backstabbing people and then praying the next second.


I'm not perfect as I said before, but come on people. I'd be looking for another church if he was my pastor!

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Last night was pretty good, I want to slap that fogal girl though. Get a grip already!


All I can say is Yes South Carolina is that hot!! They weren't faking it or anything, Charleston and Georgetown are very sticky and hot during the summer.


Looks like they must have filmed this last year or maybe early June of this year. We actually had a nice spring here for a change.


I loved how they film from the air and the similarity (from the air) how Charleston kinda looked like Boston. Both were built around the same time period of course.

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First of all, are we really the only two people in here that watch this show? Secondly, I don't watch many reality shows, although I'm somewhat familiar with many "popular" reality personalities, and I can honestly say that the Fogal girl is easily the most annoying person I've ever seen on any form of reality TV...... including all the Real Worlds combined!!


I'll say this, this show really does push the contestants hard. There's physical challenges (insert Double Dare joke here) obviously in Survivor, etc., but putting a team of 3 people in a fairly large parcel of land and forcing them to randomly dig for an object for 6 1/2 hours with one shovel is pretty daunting. I think the teams should've banned together and buried the Fogal girl when they were finished.


And the mirror thing in the theater. I consider myself pretty clever, but I would've been scratching my head over that one for awhile.


Btw, bgwfreak, are you playing along online as well? And have you made any guesses as to the final location?

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I can't access the site here at work because anything remotley related to games is banned for us. So no I haven't been.


All those little signs and billboards that keep popping up form Genworth Energy are they part of the online game?


I also couldn't believe only one team saw RED in Freedom on the door at the slave house this week. If they had only put on their RED glasses, they would have saved a ton of time searching!!!

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  • 1 month later...

Well the finale was pretty good, if a little anticlimactic.


I'm glad the Southies didn't win, to me they were a bit full of themselves.


I'm surprised this show didn't take off more than it did. I hope they bring it back next year.

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^ Yeah, the finale was sort of a letdown. I was actually kind of pulling for the Southies. Either them or Air Force. I couldn't stand that one genius kid...the blond one. Eh, at least they only walked away with $500,000 a piece after taxes. I was really thinking it would be a bit more. Maybe next season if it gets renewed, which I hope it does.


I think the reason it didn't catch on as much as we thought was because you actually had to use your brain on this show. Right away, that turns 75% of Americans away from the tv. If it doesn't involve bitching and moaning about multiple roommates, then America isn't as interested, unfortunately.

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I read somewhere on the NBC Boards that they will get their money $50,000 a year for 20 years.


Not exactly enough money for everyone to retire like they thought. lol


Not that I would complain if it was me, but 20 years is a long time to get all your money.

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