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Going with my 7 yo next week!

We will arrive to the area around 6pm

Do the lines for the big ticket rides drop off at night?

Or are we better off just getting there early the next day (which we will do either way)?


Thanks, can't wait for my first trip to the Point!

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I visited "the Point" in 2000 when MF was only a few weeks old.


As soon as you get past the main gates you will be hit by the size of their coasters, it's "coaster heaven".


I spent 16 hours in the Park and this was not enough, it has a magical feeling to it.


All the coasters were working perfectly and the highlights where:


MF - Amazing 1st drop and it's speed and the night lift lights are unbelivable.

Magnum - Wonderful layout

Mean Streak - Lovely design but needs to have those "Trim brakes" taken off the 1st drop.

Mantis - very powerfull g's on the Inclined loop, needed a rest after 5 rides in a row.


I would love to return to Cedar Point someday, as USA coasters are far better than the ones in the UK.


Tip of the Day: As soon as the Park opens run to the the coasters at the "Back" of the Park as the Q's are always shorter.

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Night time crowds aren't really bad, it's like the morning actually. Everyone getting ready to leave rides raptor, like when everyone goes in to the park and rides it first. The people staying until close usually want to get a night ride on either Top Thrill Dragster or Millenium Force, so the rest of the coasters are usually walk-ons. The only exception to this is, strangely, Wild Cat and Iron Dragon, as they are on either side of the place where people watch the fireworks/multimedia show at closing time. If you do just one ride at night I'd do MF, as it's awsome, as long as you don't mind eating a few bugs. If you don't care to do MF or TTD at night, you can do the entire rest of the park in pretty much the time it takes you to walk (or jog/run) between the rides.

-James Dillaman

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The crowds at night depend on when you go durring the year, next weak they should go down at night. Notice i said should, anything is possible. If you were going on a saturday in august, to any park, the crowds would stay the same. Have fun anyway, the crowds shouldnt be bad. Get on Millennium if you can, amazing ride .

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We found the crowds to be lighter at night, although the lines for Millenium Force and Dragster were still around 45 minutes. Many rides were walk-ons and the rest had minimal lines.


In the morning I would recommend parking near Soak City. Just pull into the parking booth on the left and tell them you're going to Soak City, then drive around to the back of the park. Doing the front of the park later in the day is always a good idea since the crowds tend to start at Raptor/Maxair and move their way back [with the exception of Millenium Force and Dragster, those have lines no matter when you go].

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