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Photo TR:SFMW 6-17-06

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I've been on V2 before and after the change, and it's quite different. Now, te first couple of rows don't go all the way verticle on the back spike (it's very close, but they don't make it). Also, on the first and last times it goes forward, it stops in the twist and you hang upside down. When it does go all the way through the twist, it's still very far from the end. I think it's a fun ride this way, definately top 2 at the park.

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It really doesn't suprise me that Roar! derailed last fall. I only made it down to Marine World once last year, but both of my rides on Roar! were absolutely brutal. I think they were getting very close to Psyclone levels of roughness.


As for the GCI trains vs. the PTC's that Roar! East runs... I think I might like the PTC's slightly better. The GCI trains track too nicely on the curvey track (last year was an exception) while the PTC's have this insane shuffling that make the ride feel out of control. Sure its rougher, but I think it ups the thrills on the ride.

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PLEASE tell me that line when you said "ooh its a snake! a snake!!" was from the "badger badger" video online?!?!



you would get 92034234 cool points if it's true..


Yep, lol that's where I got it from!


"mushroom, MUSHROOM!!!"


I say that snake quote all the time at school.

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