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^ Snow's mostly all gone, now. Which is how the winter weather usually works, in Vancouver.


Here's a desk top one I just took. And so....


Happy Holidays & A Happy New Year To All of You In~At~On TPR!


Dec.20, 2016 ~ 1815/6:15pm PST ~ Vancouver, Canada ~ Peace and Happiness For all

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Some recent ones:


32254454021_680d6b71bd_b.jpg1B5A6643.jpg by Steven Franczek, on Flickr


32374502085_b245eaef4f_b.jpg1B5A6667-HDR.jpg by Steven Franczek, on Flickr


31997247050_8bed486552_b.jpg1B5A6943.jpg by Steven Franczek, on Flickr


32374495375_20410dd35f_b.jpg1B5A6571.jpg by Steven Franczek, on Flickr


31997298270_bbe2667ddb_b.jpg1B5A6996.jpg by Steven Franczek, on Flickr


32113594816_f54c1042b6_b.jpg1B5A6814.jpg by Steven Franczek, on Flickr


31576827775_44cff46280_b.jpg1B5A7568.jpg by Steven Franczek, on Flickr


30735511924_02026dd83e_b.jpg1B5A7540.jpg by Steven Franczek, on Flickr


30491147785_a901e7805d_b.jpg1B5A6768.jpg by Steven Franczek, on Flickr


30454456846_04d5a88855_b.jpg1B5A6724.jpg by Steven Franczek, on Flickr


29292014346_731e7b25ea_b.jpg1B5A6393.jpg by Steven Franczek, on Flickr

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I occasionally go trainspotting with friends. On one of the trips last summer I tried to do some panning shots with my phone and the result turned out awesome, which made me totally fall in love with the technique. It adds so much action and speed to the picture. For example both of the freight trains in the pictures are moving quite slow.






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So after a listing appointment I still had the office camera with me, and my partner found a cloud he liked, so he decided to start taking pictures of it, just playing around with the camera...








I guess they turned out pretty good. But now he has insisted that we get a nice DSLR camera. Hey, I'm okay with it! It's a tax write-off for work, and I can use it at theme parks!!

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^^ I agree about that last shot. Very nice.


This just happened a couple of hours ago. Enjoy.


Back atcha, buddy!


And then, a few minutes later, it turned and got out of the window. The End.


A bit higher up, there.


...Until you look..."through the bamboo curtain". (o;


Can't see a thing here....

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No, they're just parked there as tax write offs. Really. I work at SGF, which is a small regional airport, so there's a lot of space. The companies that own those will fire them up about once a month to keep them legal, but they never actually move from their parking spots. I've worked here almost 6 years now, and those planes were sitting there on my first day of work.

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One of my fave shots from the TPR 2013 Japan Tour.

In TDS...Raging Spirits coaster, looking the way it should, at night.... Sinister. Dangerous.


The track up there looks crazily AWESOME and about ready to fall apart! I love it! (o: Taken on July 5, 2013.

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Since this is in "The Season" (boo to you), I thought to post these great fuzzy spooky great (to me) shots

of Coaster in Playland(PNE), during my Fright Night visit, a year ago (Oct.24th, actually). And I am sure

that all that "fog" that Playland was piping into the park, and spilling out, was making "the look" of Coaster even better!


I didn't realize it at the time, but when I got on the West Coast Wheel, I saw that all the playing fields

behind Coaster, all had their overhead night lights on. And, it was making Coaster look really REALLY COOL!

And after I watched one coaster train careen through the track, I immediately had to take pix of it all!


I am hoping the lights will be on again, when I go back on the 17th. And if they aren't on... oh well, I got

some great shots last year's visit!






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^ Thanks! Unfortunately, the circumstances were not what they were, like last year.

Same number of the lights were on, behind Coaster. But the "fog" that originated in the park,

was really REALLY not there, and "not that much," compared to how it spewed out last year.


A shame.


This is the Only Photo I took, of Coaster from the Wheel.


I think "fog" would have made a big difference in this shot. Just sayin'. Oct.17,2018.

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I'm picking a new lens out - specifically for theme park stuff, any photography people have preference between a XX-200 vs XX-300 zoom lens? I want to think that having that extra reach is important with the 300mm zoom when snapping stuff like far away moving roller coasters, but I'm fearful of camera shake and loss of image quality above 200mm.

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I have used a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens for years and it’s fantastic for park photography. I often will find myself using a 1.4x converter at times to give me ~280mm when needed.


What exactly are your lens options? Because I’d take a better quality XX-200mm lens and crop over a poorer quality XX-300mm lens. Put priority into the quality of the lens itself.


Typically, the larger the zoom range, you sacrifice image quality somewhere. Not always significant anymore though, newer high end lenses from Canon/Nikon perform great on both ends of the range.


If you are taking pictures of moving coasters, typically your shutter speed is high enough anyway that camera shake is non-issue. IS still helps of course, but is not really required unless shooting at lower shutter speeds.


There are so many lens options though, which specifically are you looking at? In terms of 200mm vs 300mm though, a XX-300mm is a more useful park range. But again, I’d pick quality over zoom range.

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