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Here's my skyline shots of Vancouver, from yesterday's sunset.


Far shot, from our property.


A bit closer, with the zoom.


The tree looks a little Hell-ish, hmmm?


Over to the business section of the city.


Out towards the gulf islands, including Vancouver Is.


Pulling back, to the first shot. (o:

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Speaking of pink (sort of), here's a photo I took at Tivoli park, during the TPR 2014 Scandi Tour.

Some nice beautiful landscaping there, especially around the lake in the park itself.


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I lurk these forums wayyyy tooo much..... time to contribute I have gotten pretty serious with my automotive photography here is some from my latest shoot. Im not going to crowd up the boards if anyone would like to view more all of it can be found at https://www.facebook.com/BGKSTL

21106994731_29333da79e_h.jpg_DSC0244 by Brett K, on Flickr

20911199230_2cb2ba1ba3_h.jpg_DSC0251 by Brett K, on Flickr

20911376948_16adccae3d_h.jpg_DSC0334-2 by Brett K, on Flickr


Anddddd a Hellcat

19336033543_9b76ce0f6d_h.jpgDodge Hellcat On 1/4 mile. by Brett K, on Flickr




Really hoping for fall to get here and take effect fast to jump more on the landscape game definitely making a picture trip report for SFSTL just to do it lol.

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A couple of shots I took, while being driven home from the bar, by my David.

It's our Science World, which was originally part of the 1986 World's Fair we held, back then.

It still has it's IMAX-OMNI max film screen in the dome, for cool science-related films.



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This has become a personal favourite of mine.


This was taken from the AMTRAK Coast Starlight train, heading north from Los Angeles to Seattle.


This was definitely taken in California, before we got to Sacramento that evening. But I still can't

remember where, sort of.


Still. When I got back home, I was very impressed how I caught what I wanted, and at speed,

and through a train window... woo hoo!



Happy All Hallows' Eve, Everybody!


Taken Sept.16, 2016. 2:47pm PST (o:

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I was browsing through past vacation photos, and found this amazing set of photos that David took,

from the plane, on our way home to Vancouver, from Tokyo and the 2013 TPR Japan Tour.


This is, I am pretty sure, photos of a sunset AND sunrise, all within three minutes from the first shot.


And of course, when we landed, we'd regained several hours of time, ready to re-use again, lol!


Or - I could be totally wrong about all this. But still, it's a pretty nice set of shots.













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