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I just took this off of our front porch, looking towards downtown.

I didn't really realize after all these years in our house (35!), that

we had this great view of downtown!


Now if we could only get rid of these two city grown, European Ashes, in the way there. :p

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^ Very nice.


We've had some evenings of fog in the neighborhood,

so I snapped a couple of the Pizzeria over and across

from our street. From our front porch.


Distance shot.


A bit closer.

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^ Redwoods are amazing things to actually see.

I've always loved riding through them, in the

N.California redwood forests. Great shot!


My two were taken just a few minutes ago. Our little FAMOUS

Pizza Neopolitan restaurant does so well (w/o reservations)

that lines are in front of it, waiting for net tables. Usually

they have nicely fed those waiting, with small thinner pizza



For us here, there's no snow or ice or even rain to speak of.

But the temp. has gotten very very cold for us here. So, they

just made it easier to wait outside for their customers.


Good for them! And we don't even go there, LOL! Too noisy

now, as it is family-friendly, etc. And we get take away from

time to time, which is easy just being across the street.


Great Fireballs!!! And tonight, 'they' just made their first appearance. (o:


Close up on one. Really cool looking, and from what I see of the gp, they can get pretty close to them, too.

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I've been actively posting a lot of content on Instagram now that I finally have a legit smartphone.



Puerto Rico



Great Bear creek shot



Niagara Falls double rainbow



Another Niagara shot. This time with Sky Screamer in the background



Quebec power lines



Food & Wine



Howl O Scream



Christmas Town

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^ Yes, I had a hard time, choosing myself, which one I liked the best of those two.

And on further look, I think I prefer the darker trees in the way of the sunset.

That means for myself, the first one is preferred.


But still, I am happy with the both of them. Again, thank you for the compliment.

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Some recent ones from Pittsburgh Arboretum when they decorate it during the holidays... I should have some more park-related ones soon... Most likely going to the off-season CP tour next weekend, so I should get some cool stuff there.


5D3_4743.jpg by invertalon, on Flickr


5D3_4791.jpg by invertalon, on Flickr


5D3_4860.jpg by invertalon, on Flickr


5D3_4872.jpg by invertalon, on Flickr


5D3_4901.jpg by invertalon, on Flickr

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^ Those are beautiful decorations for the holidays. I especially love those

glass (plastic?) mushrooms in your first photo. Just lovely.


Here's a shot of downtown, taken just five minutes ago, from our front porch.

I love how the trees provide such varied "framing" and "intrusion" into a

downtown shot.


No red (sunset) in sight there. but still a pretty good evening shot, IMhO.

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Some random pictures of a few birds and my dog... Testing out a new lens I just got, so nothing terribly interesting... Yet!



6M3C5104.jpg by invertalon, on Flickr



6M3C5206.jpg by invertalon, on Flickr


6M3C5254.jpg by invertalon, on Flickr



6M3C5369.jpg by invertalon, on Flickr



6M3C5462.jpg by invertalon, on Flickr



6M3C5474.jpg by invertalon, on Flickr

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Of course this is a low resolution photo because the original is 7878 x 2103, but it's a panorama assembled with Photoshop. It's from the Galeries de La Capitale in Québec City. They have 18 rides and believe it or not, a very very decent CREDIT ! (it's a mack Family coaster)

Here's the pic :


Full res. on Flickr

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