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Finally found out how to obtain the BBCode from my photos on imgur, so I decided to re-post, and I have a couple new photos to share anyway.


This set is from my trip to the Syracuse Gun Show a couple of weeks ago.























The next batch is miscellaneous pictures I took this year so far.










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I'm quite an amateur photographer but recently have started to take lots of pictures. I use my iPhone 4S which has a very good camera in my opinion. How does it shape up in comparison to professional cameras? Does anyone else use the iPhone 4S as their main camera? I may be crazy but it's the best that I can afford for the moment.


Enjoy the shots:



My lovely acoustic guitar. I still have to name it...


This is the Empire State Building of Glasgow!


My best shot at a flower!

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While the iPhone is a great beginner camera, its uses are very limited. The newest iPhones have good image quality in the best lighting conditions but beyond that, get really bad, fast. Unless of course, you are just shooting for facebook and stuff then it won't matter (small jpegs). They are good replacements for carrying a point and shoot around though.


A SLR will offer much more uses including autofocus speeds, frames per second shooting, low light performance, ability to use many different types of lenses from ultra wide to telephoto, depth of field control, servo tracking, ergonomics and of course image quality. And no, I am not talking about "megapixels", which is JUST a marketing term for cameras. For example, a 30 megapixel "iPhone" sensor will never look nearly as good as a 12 megapixel full-frame SLR sensor. No way, no how. The microcontrast, detail and high ISO images will look so much better. The quality of those pixels will always dominate over the quantity of them.


You can get into an SLR setup with as little as $400 or 500 with a kit lens. I started with a Rebel XSI years ago and upgraded and evolved from that as I learned. Went to the T1i, then the 7D, 5D "classic" and 5D Mark II. Currently I am using a 5D Mark III. My dream camera spec wise. I love it, but it comes at a very steep price. You can basically get a starter SLR kit for the price as more advanced point and shoots, I highly recommend going right to the SLR. You can upgrade/evolve with a body for years.


The iPhone camera is good if you just point and shoot... If you have a desire to do more then that, you need to get something better. In a nutshell, the iPhone can't compete even with the cheapest of SLR's today. People who are "iPhone shooters" may get bitter about that comment, but I have first hand experience with both and there really is no comparison.


The iPhone is a great "on the fly" camera phone, though.

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I'd love to save up to get a Nikon D800.


I've seen reviews where the D800 actually outperforms the 5D Mark III in terms of high ISO. I still have a lot of money to save up lol.


The D800 noise levels are actually higher then the 5D Mark III... Plus the 5D III also shoots up to 25,600 native ISO where the D800 only goes up to 6400 natively. According to Dpreview which has tested both cameras, side by side:


"The 5D Mark III's raw noise levels are, compared to its predecessor 5D Mark II, and its most direct rival, the Nikon D800, lower across the ISO range."


You can compare the cameras noise levels here: http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/canon-eos-5d-mark-iii/18



The D800 looks excellent for those who shoot Nikon. But to switch from Canon to Nikon or Nikon to Canon is just silly. The D800 has the better dynamic range and resolution, but the 5D III excels with a better AF system (more cross-type points with wider spread), FPS, buffer, LCD, video noise and a few other features. Just depends what you like though. Both are amazing cameras. I simply hate Nikon ergonomics and how they feel in the hand, while Canon's just feel perfect to me. Big deal when you use it for hours on end.

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Ok. I will take your beautiful flower scape and raise you...





These 2 are Storm and DontHaveAnameYet. Storm is the little grey tiger-print female. The orange male - cant find a good name yet. Wife wants Max, I say its too common. But Storm...yea...shes as unpredictable and erratic as a crazy tornado so Storm works. And then her being a female coorelates to the XMen character. She also instigates 90% of the battles they have but he finishes 90% of them. Usually with her screaming till he lets her go. Hes already sizeably larger.


I should add, they are now 9 weeks old. Got them Monday night.


And for anyone whos going to go the "should have gotten a dog" route, my apartment complex doesnt allow dogs. If they did, we'd have a siberian husky by now. But then Id feel bad because that kind of dog needs a lot of room. Soon as we find a house, thats one of the first additions. Hopefully the cats tolerate him by then, lol.







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Huskies don't need THAT much room. As long as you have a yard and such and walk them to burn off some energy. I have a purebread red/white Siberian Husky and is by far the best dog I have ever had (although I have loved them all). He has the biggest personality, which I know many people say, but it is SO true for him. Sweetest dog ever, as well. Now that it's hot he does basically nothing, but I try to walk him when I can during cool mornings. He has spurts of energy where he just runs all over the house like crazy and outside as well. So they do like their energy surge space...


Cute kittens! I am severely allergic though... I like cats, sad I can never own them unless I get me one of them hypoallergenic cats.

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How much was yours? Thats my dream dog. Yours sounds like a friend of mines huskie. He spazs for like 20min then hes calm and collected. But beautiful, smart and full of personality.


Either way, this place doesnt allow dogs. But i still want some yard for him. Oh and yea, he said during winter he begged to go outside but in the summer hes so hot he stays in. Lol. I can relate. Sounds like me. Screw the 94 degrees this sunday!

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We found a local AKC registered breeder, which basically means we have paperwork verifying his breed as well as his parents and so on. He was $300 and we got him when he was 8 weeks old. He is now five years old!


ISO 1600 by invertalon, on Flickr


ISO 12800 by invertalon, on Flickr


Yeah, that is exactly how my dog is. When it is cool, he LOVES to be outside. Their coats are good for something to like -75*F or something crazy, so even when they have those winter-pet weather advisories, he just lays out in the snow as much as he can. It is NEVER too cold for him. It is hard to get him in sometimes. But in summer it is the total opposite. He goes out, does his business and comes right back to come back inside. He then lays on cold tile and wherever he can find coolest in the house. Although we have central AC, I leave my room AC on for him during the day so its extra cool for him up there. So he generally hangs out up there quite a bit.


Such a cool breed though. He is not too social, very careful around new people. He will sit back and watch more then anything. Huskies are supposed to love everyone, but mine doesn't. He is picky!


He likes to howl and sing... But very quiet dog otherwise. Does not bark at all, even at dogs passing by out the window. But like I said before, he will howl and sing if you get loud with him. As a puppy he was never destructive, although he did go through a shoe phase at one point... But it was pretty quick. Funny thing is, he never once destroyed my shoes. Everybody else though was not so lucky! He came pre-potty trained basically. I am guessing because it was an outdoor kennel he came from. He never had accidents, even as a puppy. Always rewarded him a ton when he was a puppy when he went outside, and it stuck with him I suppose. I can't recall him ever going inside the house... He has been a good boy.


I always wanted them myself and was so happy when my parents gave me permission to get one for myself (and to keep our other dog company). She got into the "mom" role really quickly, and raised him well. They can eat and drink out of the same bowl with no aggression and are really well together. He keeps her active now since she is getting older.


Huskies can be "stubborn" and self-minded though. If they don't want to do something, they will simply ignore you like you don't exist. Which is pretty funny at times. On walks of course, they always want to pull. I tried teaching him to heel but it simply does not work with him. He just gets into the "zone" when you get that leash out and nothing in the world matters to him but dragging you along. I recommend a shock-line type leash to help with the pulling!


Such great dogs though. Highly recommend them!

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That sounds like an amazing dog man, its going to be tough when hes lived his life but I think he will have contributed to your life ten-fold.


Everything you said, I either laughed or thought "exactly why I want one". They just seem like an amazing breed. What you described about not wanting to come in when its cold is exactly what my friends dog does. He has to go out into the snow/cold and drag him in. Pretty funny.

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Couple from the zoo today, testing out my new 2x III TC.


6M3C6267 by invertalon, on Flickr


6M3C6238 by invertalon, on Flickr


6M3C6240 by invertalon, on Flickr


6M3C6188 by invertalon, on Flickr


6M3C6159 by invertalon, on Flickr


6M3C6162 by invertalon, on Flickr


6M3C6148 by invertalon, on Flickr


6M3C6123 by invertalon, on Flickr

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The 2x performs extremely well, much better than expected! I thought there would be much more IQ loss to be honest, but stopped down to just f/6.3 or f/7.1 it really sharpens up well and is perfectly usable and sharp. Contrast is also good as well. AF speed is slowed down by 75% using the 2x III, but it still is basically instant as long as you are not going from minimum focus distance to infinity or so. Quick enough for most things, especially at zoo. Only if the focus distance changes a lot is it slow. Otherwise I feel it is extremely quick to lock focus.


I am really happy with it though. I was eyeballing the 100-400 and such, but with the 70-200 II already I did not want to really have both lenses. I figured the 2x III got really good reviews with the 70-200 and would basically give me a 140-400 f/5.6 with 4-stop IS, so why not try it out. I am glad I did!

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