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LOL I saw your name as the newest post in here and I KNEW it was about the 5D. That looks extremely impressive. I want to see examples of the 102400 ISO.


NVM - looking at examples now. didnt know DPReview already had one.


WOW. Seriously, theres literally no noise in 6400. Thats ridiculous.

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Yeah it is... The samples that came out on Canon's website flat out suck. Way excessive noise reduction. The ones Digital Rev did at the announcement look fantastic. ISO 12,800 looks really, really good. He said 12,800 is almost like 3200 on the current 5D. That is just awesome. I really hope it is 1.5-2 stop improvement!




Sold my 35L and 5D II grip already... Once this this does ship, I have to unload my 5D2... I can't wait!

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I've been playing around with using some Tilt-Shift effects in my Photography.


Rip Ride Rockit


Adventureland Entrance


Main Street

I've been using a Internet application for it. Is there a better editing program (thats relatively easy to use and compatible for my Mac) that I could use? Thanks!

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^As far as those shots go, I'm not really a fan. They're just too blurred for my liking.


I really love getting different and odd angles for my shots...


Here's some decent shots I took during West Coast Bash:


Drive to the Mountain (There's just so much in this shot!)


Batman (New Favorite Picture I've taken)


Tatsu (Love the angle)


Supreme Scream (Hard to get just this ride in a shot)


You can't normally get this shot, even during a WCB tour. :p


Windseeker seeking wind.

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Tilt Shift via software wont really get you that great of an effect. Its something that I see trying to be done a lot in software applications but hard to pull off.


See, one thing is that for a Tilt Shift photo to be pulled off, it has to have the right subject, composition and framed properly. You cant just apply that effect to anything. Even if you had a piece of glass that does it, it wont look good in just any application.


I think it looks best when overhead or at a 3/4 view to your subject. Youll notice in the link below thats how its typically used.




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Yea, saw those. It looks like an incredible piece of hardware. If I wasnt so tied up on sports/long range stuff I would look into it. Maybe one day if I get into doing non-sports Ill keep my 7D and grab one of these used or something. The results are just so freakin impressive.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Had my wife not shown up with food, I would have easily sat there for about an hour. The light show did not stop. It lasted for several hours since the nasty part was to our east but the back end trailed right by our place giving us that incredible light show. No thunder either.


However earlier in the day the storms hit where I worked and a few blasts shook our building which was a bit interesting. Either way, looking forward to putting thousands more clicks on the shutter doing this. Which is the only negative, means Ill have to replace that sooner but I can see myself doing more of this. Already scouting great sunrise/sunset locations. Toledo has some beautiful places, they just arent easy to find.

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I love lightning/thunder though, as long as no other destructive force is present

Like, um, lightning?


Cool video, but it's not something I'd ever attempt. After growing up in the "lightning capital of the world," I've seen enough go bad to abide by the rule of thumb for lightning......if you can see it, it's close enough to f up your world. I've had my close encounters with it, and it's the one thing I take absolutely no chances with anymore.


So exactly how many frames was that anyway?

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Assuming you grew up in Florida by that comment?? lol.


Most, if not all the lightning that night was upper atmosphere, very few if any were reaching down. Plus, it was several miles to my east - moving east - but I know and respect what you just said. Its all truth. It can reach beyond a storm and if you happen be where it chooses, have fun.


It was something like...400-500 frames? Its only 15 or so minutes of footage. I think I shot like every 5 seconds.



I will say, I was sitting on a concrete porch about 2feet from a door when I took that. The camera I setup about 5ft away and I sat back on the porch. There are plenty of other things it would go for before me (multiple light poles, the apartment itself with rods on top, camera (though Id be pissed)).


I can get you more exact numbers when I get home. All images were the same length, aperture and time apart. Though Ive already refined the process a little after doing a little more research. We have more possible thunderstorms moving in tonight/tomorrow so maybe Ill have a chance to do some more timelapse. Its rather fun!

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^ Interesting process, with really cool results!


Yeah, I grew up in Fort Lauderdale. When I worked at a golf course, I had several close calls with lightning, and saw some weird things happen too. I've seen rouge bolts from storms seemingly ten miles off, and I even watched one bolt bounce off three items (tree, pop-up tent, golf cart) about 15 feet from me....which was scary as hell. There was even a news story with witnesses who saw a guy on the beach watching a storm well off shore when a rogue bolt picked him up and threw him 20 feet.


Lightning really is awesome to watch, but that stuff scares the crap out of me these days. I'll never forget hauling arse off of Dollywood's ropes course a couple years back when a storm suddenly rolled in. Talk about walking around on a lightning rod! lol


Anyway, if you do happen to get more, definitely post it.

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Here are few taken with my new 5D Mark III... This camera is absolutely sick... Canon hit a home run in my eyes with it. I could not be any happier.


Now I just can't wait to do some real shooting... Might stop at the airport tomorrow if the skies are nice in the morning. These are just a few test shots from the last few days:


(click on the pictures to see them higher quality... TPR compresses them and softens them up a bit...)


ISO 1600 by invertalon, on Flickr


6M3C0858 by invertalon, on Flickr


6M3C0874 by invertalon, on Flickr


6M3C0983 by invertalon, on Flickr


This is another panoramic... Click on it and view at 100%... It's huge... Sad the lighting/skies were not better though... Another time though.


Panoramic Pittsburgh by invertalon, on Flickr



I also can't wait for Adobe to release an update so I can actually edit RAW files... I can with Canon's software but I don't like it and CS5 is a pain when you have a lot of photos.

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Beauties. That will probably be the camera I somehow find a way to add to the collection once the 40D has run its course.


Havent gotten much inspiration lately. Ive just been wanting to take my Scooby out, drive it really hard but gas prices and not fully broken it in yet keep me from doing that. I also want race season to start so I can run to autocross events and make my way down south to Mid Ohio.


Larger version - click on for more detail

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Tis the season. Lots of color out there to be captured.


Id love to see the 5:1 Macro lens on that Mark 3. I forget the model name, but the one used mostly for insects. Would love to see what kind of detail that thing would pull.

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Oh yes, I know which lens you are talking about, the MP-E 65mm f/2.8... Would be pretty crazy to shoot with!


Rumor has it Adobe is going to release LR4 capability this week sometime we we can finally really play with the RAW files... CS5 is driving me nuts!


I am so happy spring is finally here... Although it almost felt like Fall never ended with how mild our winter was this year! (not complaining one bit!)

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