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Do it again, but flash a stobe in the middle of the spin a few times. Dont have a strobe, you might be able to flick a light or something with the reflective metal.


Which actually on second look, looks like you did that.


What kind of camera?

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Yea, if you have a strobe, you can do all sorts of amazing time lapse stuff.


Heres an example:




If you had an external flash (I think preferably the Canon kind) you can use whats called the second curtain and what happens is instead of the flash popping when the shutter first opens, it flashes as the shutter closes. So you can get motion blur and then stop the image dead.


This is second curtain:



I have yet to work with it, but will soon.

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A shot from my trip a few weeks ago to Orlando. MIB at twilight... Wish the stroller was not where it was, but I could not wait for somebody to remove it. I hope to do some careful editing to remove it though eventually. Took my gorillapod focus with me to be able to capture some nice twilight/night shots at the parks. Such a great choice to travel with when you can not bring the large tripod.


5D Mark II

Samyang 14mm f/2.8 @ f/8


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^^I like how each two pictures of the same coaster are diagonally across from one another on option #1. That's my choice. Incidentally, I went through a similar arranging process recently with a (secondhand) group of photos including an Olympia Looping picture a lot like one of yours. I figured my walls needed more coasters.

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Nothing super cool but the first pictures from the 7D that also are my 100-400L micro adjusted. It still needs to be tweaked but at least for now, its WAY sharper at 400mm which says a lot because it was already "acceptable" by my standards. I am extremely impressed with the 7D. Once I properly micro-adjust my lenses I feel Ill have that extra little bit of sharpness that sets my shots apart as long as I nail the other parts.


JUST realized several of these I did not resize. So if you click them, prepare for pretty huge pictures at very high resolution. The last 3-4 are about 2000 wide.





Shake dat booty!


The Mandarin



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Looks like Canon might be unleashing the new 5D next week... 61pt AF, 22MP, 6+ FPS, 100% viewfinder... Sounds great. I would expect native ISO 100-25,600 expanded to 102,400. Hopefully!


Sadly, price is expected to be around $3500... Ouch. I hope its not anymore then $3200 if it does break $3000.

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102,400 FOR AN ISO?!! LOL


Hey Bob, what are you shooting at?

Im shooting at 25,600. No light out in this cave.

Oh? Just 25,600? Noob, Im at 104 billion.


Those are crazy numbers. The new cameras this year have had some incredible stats.

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Ill tell you what though, I find myself shooting at high ISO often (6400 is not uncommon for me). I have used/needed 12,800 as well before, just wishing for more. Even on sunny days I will shoot at ISO 200-800 to get enough depth of field or high enough shutter speeds to freeze fast moving subjects (coasters, for example!)


I am really excited though... Imagine a f/1.4 lens at ISO 25,600 or 51,200... Talk about being able to shoot in darkness!


Another good benefit of even higher native ISO is even cleaner lower ISO... ISO 800 on the current 5D2 should hopefully have the noise of ISO 3200 on the newer 5D. That is nice!


I am also glad they stopped pushing the megapixel as well. I was hoping it wouldn't be 30+ like Nikon did with the D800. Funny how Nikon was always sticking with lower MP (12 or whatever) and Canon was made fun of for pushing higher to 18 and 22... Now Nikon released a what, 36MP D800? While Canon stayed lower with 18 on the 1Dx and now the rumored 22MP of the 5Dx/5D3.

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Exactly right on the pixel part. You can only smash so many pixels onto the sensor based on its size before you start to lose IQ. I am anxious to see what Nikon has done to retain quality with 36mp smashed on that sensor. Even for full frame thats A LOT.


Also I hear ya on the ISO. I just never have needed more than 1600. However, that might change now that the 7D deals with noise a lot better than my 40D ever could. I suppose if I had a 5D as well I would be saying exactly what you are.

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Yeah, when I had my 7D although it *can* be noisy at higher ISO, I had NO problem using 6400/12,800... In the end, noise is only a big deal when pixel peeping... Not the full image. I mean, check this out from a Halloween party... ISO 12,800... Looks great (taken with 7D).


IMG_8161.jpg by invertalon, on Flickr


I mean sure, it has some noise and a little less detail but it still did great... The difference between the 5D2 and 7D are not that significant... About one stop and more detail at high ISO, but its not all that drastic. I only felt the lower ISO suffered a bit with the 7D... In a weird way, ISO 100/200 were fine, but 400-800 felt overly noisy and then 1600 and up were great relative to many other cameras. Shooting RAW and using lightroom, I would keep noise reduction on pretty light to avoid ruining details and just adjust sharpening and such. I try to avoid using much noise reduction regardless of ISO.


I saw some full 100% images from the D800... They looked pretty good, although it does seem to show some heavier noise then usual IMO. I would take less MP for better dynamic range, noise and detail any day. I am really excited the Canon will be under 30.


Another thing I do miss about the 7D vs. the 5D2, better metering. The 5D can be a pain sometimes. I hope the new 5D uses the new 256 zone metering and improved WB as well.

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