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Oh my goodness, that's Olmsted Falls, isn't it! I live right up the street from that park. It is so pretty in the autumn.


Yep, that is Olmsted Falls! Funny you live so close. My job route takes me right through the area and great northern once a week. We stopped by and loved it. Can't wait to go back again, beautiful park!

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Here are a couple of my favorite photos that I've taken.


Backstage Photo of Scream during Westcoast Bash. (That event is awesome. Buy your tickets now.)


Dolphins @ SFDK


Top Gun (Flight Deck)


The Ventura Pier


The Moon


California Screamin


Pepsi Orange Streak


Fun at the City Museum


The Gateway Arch


Fun on Tidal Wave's Bridge




World of Color




2010 Lunar Eclipse. (The damn clouds blocked out the moon.)


Superman's new paint job


Thunderstorm from the TPR Bridge Party at Six Flags Great America.


My dog Rosie.

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I've always liked taking photos, and when I can, I'm going to take a photography class at school. Here are a couple pictures I've taken recently, I used my phone with the Vignette app, it adds a bunch of cool effects that can make a picture look really cool. The pictures are really large, so I'm just going to link to the page that has it, instead of posting them.

My friend Annica, in one of the computer labs, after class. I used PhotoShop and took out a few people in the background


No PhotoShop here, just the Vignette app. I really like the timing I got on this one

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So a random question, but I was wondering if anyone has any good suggestions for a DSLR camera. I have a Sony point-and-shoot that's nice, but I'd like a nice, decently-priced DSLR to use as well. I pretty much know the basics for them, I took an intro photo class a few years ago with SLR film cameras, and I really enjoyed it. Any info on something I could look into would be great.

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Ideally maybe in the $600-800 range, if not lower. I'm poor and didn't realize how much they cost, so I may have to wait a little bit before I get one. Nothing really fancy though, probably just the basic/standard lens - I don't need one of those giant telescope lenses.

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Not sure if I posted these or not, but here are some of my favorites.


I took this picture while standing in troop hatch of a moving Armor Personnel Carrier.


Only in Oregon do we get such dark clouds and such bright sunlight at the same time.


Looks are decieving. My brother and his two kids are actually far enough away that they did not get wet.


I love watching things blow up!!!

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Hey all, I've always liked photography and I'm looking into purchasing a DSLR.

I won't be able to afford a new one, so I've been looking for secondhand ones on craigslist.

I have around 400 bucks to spend, (though that doesn't really matter) I'm just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for any cameras to look out for

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