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Six Flags over Japan

will the new coaster (as seen on the bottom of page 3) be a invertigo or a déjà vu-clone?  

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  1. 1. will the new coaster (as seen on the bottom of page 3) be a invertigo or a déjà vu-clone?

    • invertigo
    • déjà vu-clone

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No offense, because I love the park and I think it's great, but real original, with Steel Dragon 2000 and Eejanaika both with the same names as other roller coasters from different parks! I think that's unoriginal, unless this is the only major major major park in Japan in RCT2 World, then it's fine.

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^yeah I now. But I do this because I really suck at finding names for my coasters, not to mention japanese names (my deja vu has the very original name "Boomerang"; how pathetic is that!). What name would you give to a 4D from Japan, or all the other coasters?

But I only take names that I really like and that suit my rollercoasters. Steel Dragon 2000 is based on the real, as is Eejanaika and Superman - The Escape, So it's only natural that I choose these. And who cares about the names of the coaster, as long as they are great it's fine. And besides, in RCT2 world there is no Fuji-Q or Nagashima Spa land (unless someone deceides to recreate those. No, using those names isn't a crime IMO

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Wow, this is a great park! =O I really like the japanese theming (I love Japan, maybe that's why? )


About names... Maybe they don't fit in with any of the coaster you got (yet), but I think Tsuki no Kage would be a nice name (Tsuki no Kage means (the) Moons Shadow.)

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Well testing of Eejanaika was done today. Here are some testing pics as well as other pics of the updated park, after the huge investement Six Flags made to reattract the crowd following the crash of Dueling Samurai's.


Please let me know what you guys think about it!!!


New theming, to bad SD2k is in the way


The new spooky haunted house


Oservation tower, monorail and enterprise added


New ultra twister


New theming


Birdman: new kiddie flyer


Pretty theming around the boomerang


Another turnover. Hitting the brakes and ride's over


Going out of the outside raven turn


The seats adjust themselves in the outside raven turn so that riders will never get upside down.


Going into the outside raven turn






Going out of the full-full


Begin of the full-full


Going up while making a forward flip


Falling horizontally


Ready for the big drop


Going up the lifthill




Log flume

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^Well if you want the cars to spin, you have to make sure you take multiple track pieces for that. If you for example have a 0° spin on one trackpiece, and a 360° on the next then the spin would be too abrupt and unrealistic. If you want to make them spin a full 360°,try to make the first piece 0°, the next 90°, then 180°, 270° and finally 360°. That way the cars will have made a nice, realistic full rotation. Remember to apply that 360° to the next pieces, or the cars will rotate back! For more info, check my video: the cars make a 360° rotation on the lifthill using the methode of the 0,90,180,270 and 360° on following pieces.




EDIT: just saw that you can't open the vids. Have you got media player classic? For me it opens in that player

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Dude, your park looks really really great! I've been working on my RCT2 park "Six Flags Terricona" for a very very long time....why? (Besides working and classes) Well it's funny...I own every RCT game and exspansion pack...but I just recently found out how to make buildings and things of that sort. Now looking at how great your themeing is in your park, I don't even want to upload mines But I will later tonight..it's not quite finish though...Really awesome looking park you got there...keep up the great work!

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Well this is it, the park is complete.


I really had a great time building it and I'd like to thank everyone who took a look at this thread ( more then 3250 people ) and esspacially those who replied.


I also uploaded a save game wich still has the Dueling Samurai's coaster, 'cause I know alot of you like it.


There's just one last funny thing I'd like to say: even though the answer was given directly beneath it, people would still vote on the poll and even vote the wrong answer


Thanks guys, you gave me a great time!

Six Flags over Japan Dueling Samurai's.rar

Park with DS

Six Flags over Japan.rar

The park

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